Friday, September 14, 2012

1209.2521 (V. Jelic et al.)

The double well potential in quantum mechanics: a simple, numerically
exact formulation

V. Jelic, F. Marsiglio

1209.2730 (A. M. Jayich et al.)

Cryogenic Optomechanics with a Si3N4 Membrane and Classical Laser Noise    [PDF]

A. M. Jayich, J. C. Sankey, K. Borkje, D. Lee, C. Yang, M. Underwood, L. Childress, A. Petrenko, S. M. Girvin, J. G. E. Harris

1209.2745 (Richard E George et al.)

Coherent spin control by electrical manipulation of the magnetic

Richard E George, James P Edwards, John J L Morton, Arzhang Ardavan

1209.2756 (Shun-Tsung Lo et al.)

Insulator, semiclassical oscillations and quantum Hall liquids at low
magnetic fields

Shun-Tsung Lo, Yi-Ting Wang, G Bohra, E Comfort, T-Y Lin, M-G Kang, G Strasser, J P Bird, C F Huang, Li-Hung Lin, J C Chen, C-T Liang

1209.2767 (Gregory W. Holloway et al.)

Electron Transport in InAs-InAlAs Core-Shell Nanowires    [PDF]

Gregory W. Holloway, Yipu Song, Chris M. Haapamaki, Ray R. LaPierre, Jonathan Baugh

1209.2799 (D. H. Wei et al.)

The spin Hall effect as a probe of nonlinear spin fluctuations    [PDF]

D. H. Wei, Y. Niimi, B. Gu, T. Ziman, S. Maekawa, Y. Otani

1209.2808 (Andreas Hohenau et al.)

Analysis of damping-induced phase flips of plasmonic nanowire modes    [PDF]

Andreas Hohenau, Primoz Kusar, Christian Gruber, Joachim R. Krenn

1209.2821 (J. Gramich et al.)

Experimental verification of contact-size estimates in point-contact
spectroscopy on superconductor/ferromagnet heterocontacts

J. Gramich, P. Brenner, C. Sürgers, H. v. Löhneysen, G. Goll

1209.2834 (A. D. Chepelianskii et al.)

Long range electronic tranport in DNA molecules deposited across a
disconnected array of metallic nanoparticles

A. D. Chepelianskii, D. Klinov, A. Kasumov, S. Guéron, O. Pietrement, S. Lyonnais, H. Bouchiat

1209.2840 (Matthew Brahlek et al.)

Topological-Metal to Band-Insulator Transition in (Bi1-xInx)2Se3 Thin

Matthew Brahlek, Namrata Bansal, Nikesh Koirala, Su-Yang Xu, Madhab Neupane, Chang Liu, M. Zahid Hasan, Seongshik Oh

1209.2872 (A. Vedyayev et al.)

Artificial ferroelectricity due to anomalous Hall effect in magnetic
tunnel junctions

A. Vedyayev, N. Ryzhanova, N. Strelkov, B. Dieny

1209.2888 (Thorsten Arnold et al.)

Magnetic-field influenced non-equilibrium transport through a quantum
ring with correlated electrons in a photon cavity

Thorsten Arnold, Chi-Shung Tang, Andrei Manolescu, Vidar Gudmundsson

1209.2931 (Justin P. Bergfield et al.)

Probing Maxwell's Demon with a Nanoscale Thermometer    [PDF]

Justin P. Bergfield, Shauna M. Story, Robert C. Stafford, Charles A. Stafford

1209.2947 (D. R. da Costa et al.)

Wavepacket scattering on graphene edges in the presence of a (pseudo)
magnetic field

D. R. da Costa, A. Chaves, G. A. Farias, L. Covaci, F. M. Peeters

1209.2977 (Clive Emary et al.)

The Leggett-Garg inequality in electron interferometers    [PDF]

Clive Emary, Neill Lambert, Franco Nori

1209.2990 (Xiong-Jun Liu et al.)

Manipulating Topological Edge Spins in One-Dimensional Optical Lattice    [PDF]

Xiong-Jun Liu, Zheng-Xin Liu, Meng Cheng

1209.2997 (M. S. Rudner et al.)

Self-sustaining dynamical nuclear polarization oscillations in quantum

M. S. Rudner, L. S. Levitov