Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1212.6262 (Xintao Bi et al.)

Anomalous spin precession and spin Hall effect in semiconductor quantum

Xintao Bi, Peiru He, E. M. Hankiewicz, R. Winkler, Giovanni Vignale, Dimitrie Culcer

1307.7726 (J. Dubail et al.)

Tensor network trial states for chiral topological phases in two

J. Dubail, N. Read

1307.7728 (E. V. Gorbar et al.)

Supercritical instability in graphene with two charged impurities    [PDF]

E. V. Gorbar, V. P. Gusynin, O. O. Sobol

1307.7758 (Vittorianna Tasco et al.)

Understanding Polarization Properties of InAs Quantum Dots by Atomistic
Modeling of Growth Dynamics

Vittorianna Tasco, Muhammad Usman, Maria Teresa Todaro, Milena De Giorgi, Adriana Passaseo

1307.7764 (Cihan Kurter et al.)

Evidence for an anomalous current-phase relation of a dc SQUID with
tunable topological junctions

Cihan Kurter, Aaron D. K. Finck, Yew San Hor, Dale J. Van Harlingen

1307.7775 (Manan Mehta et al.)

A Hybrid Analog/Digital Phase-Locked Loop for Frequency Mode Non-contact
Scanning Probe Microscopy

Manan Mehta, Venkat Chandrasekhar

1307.7843 (D. S. Smirnov et al.)

Effect of exchange interaction on the spin fluctuations of localized

D. S. Smirnov, M. M. Glazov, E. L. Ivchenko

1307.7868 (R. Lipperheide et al.)

The thermoballistic approach to charge carrier transport in

R. Lipperheide, U. Wille

1307.7876 (Michael Tomka et al.)

Exceptional and regular spectra of generalized Rabi model    [PDF]

Michael Tomka, Omar El Araby, Mikhail Pletyukhov, Vladimir Gritsev

1307.7961 (Meydi Ferrier et al.)

Phase dependent Andreev spectrum in a difusive SNS junction. Static and
dynamic current response

Meydi Ferrier, Bastien Dassonneville, Sophie Gueron, Helene Bouchiat

1307.7987 (Fan Yang et al.)

Giant Faraday rotation induced by Berry phase in bilayer graphene under
strong terahertz fields

Fan Yang, Xiaodong Xu, Ren-Bao Liu

1307.7992 (Francesco Mazza et al.)

Spin filtering and entanglement detection due to spin-orbit interaction
in carbon nanotube cross-junctions

Francesco Mazza, Bernd Braunecker, Patrik Recher, Alfredo Levy Yeyati

1307.8008 (R. Seoane Souto et al.)

Electronic transport through molecular transistors in the polaronic

R. Seoane Souto, A. Levy Yeyati, A. Martín-Rodero, R. C. Monreal

1307.8010 (Ali Goker et al.)

Designer thermal switches: Effect of the contact material on
instantaneous thermoelectric transport through a strongly interacting quantum

Ali Goker, Elif gedik

1307.8056 (Juan Sebastián Ardenghi et al.)

Landau level transitions indoped graphene in a time dependent magnetic

Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Pablo Bechthold, Paula Jasen, Estela Gonzalez, Oscar Nagel

1307.8069 (Abolhassan Vaezi)

Superconducting analogue of the parafermion fractional quantum Hall

Abolhassan Vaezi

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

1307.7167 (M. J. Iqbal et al.)

Odd and even Kondo effects from emergent localisation in quantum point

M. J. Iqbal, Roi Levy, E. J. Koop, J. B. Dekker, J. P. de Jong, J. H. M. van der Velde, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck, R. Aguado, Yigal Meir, C. H. van der Wal

1307.7183 (Wei Yan et al.)

Green function surface-integral method for nonlocal response of
plasmonic nanowires in arbitrary dielectric environments

Wei Yan, N. Asger Mortensen, Martijn Wubs

1307.7196 (N. Ares et al.)

SiGe quantum dots for fast hole spin Rabi oscillations    [PDF]

N. Ares, G. Katsaros, V. N. Golovach, J. J. Zhang, A. Prager, L. I. Glazman, O. G. Schmidt, S. De Franceschi

1307.7206 (Dong-Ling Deng et al.)

Hopf Insulators and Their Topologically Protected Surface States    [PDF]

Dong-Ling Deng, Sheng-Tao Wang, Chao Shen, Lu-Ming Duan

1307.7214 (Venkatram Nalla et al.)

Graphene-enhanced, internal-magnetic-field-generated Rabi oscillations
in metal-coated Si-SiO2 photoconductive detectors

Venkatram Nalla, Kai Zhang, Kian Ping Loh, Wei Ji

1307.7228 (C. J. Lin et al.)

Parallel field magnetoresistance in topological insulator thin films    [PDF]

C. J. Lin, X. Y. He, J. Liao, X. X. Wang, V. Sacksteder IV, W. M. Yang, T. Guan, Q. M. Zhang, L. Gu, G. Y. Zhang, C. G. Zeng, X. Dai, K. H. Wu, Y. Q. Li

1307.7255 (Sergio G. Rodrigo et al.)

Theory of Absorption Induced Transparency    [PDF]

Sergio G. Rodrigo, F. J. García-Vidal, L. Martín-Moreno

1307.7269 (H. Y. Yuan et al.)

Birth, Growth and Death of an Anti-Vortex during the Propagation of a
Transverse Domain Wall in Magnetic Nanostrips

H. Y. Yuan, X. R. Wang

1307.7284 (E. S. Andrianov et al.)

Nanolaser in the selfgenerated nonequilibrium environment: quantum
fluctuations and entanglement

E. S. Andrianov, N. M. Chtchelkatchev, A. A. Pukhov

1307.7285 (L. Zhong et al.)

Squeezing with a flux-driven Josephson parametric amplifier    [PDF]

L. Zhong, E. P. Menzel, R. Di Candia, P. Eder, M. Ihmig, A. Baust, M. Haeberlein, E. Hoffmann, K. Inomata, T. Yamamoto, Y. Nakamura, E. Solano, F. Deppe, A. Marx, R. Gross

1307.7288 (Kristen Kaasbjerg et al.)

Charge-carrier-induced frequency renormalization, damping and heating of
vibrational modes in nanoscale junctions

Kristen Kaasbjerg, Tomáš Novotný, Abraham Nitzan

1307.7311 (M. Neupane et al.)

Oscillatory surface dichroism of an insulating topological insulator

M. Neupane, S. Basak, N. Alidoust, S. -Y. Xu, Chang Liu, I. Belopolski, G. Bian, J. Xiong, H. Ji, S. Jia, S. -K. Mo, M. Bissen, M. Severson, H. Lin, N. P. Ong, T. Durakiewicz, R. J. Cava, A. Bansil, M. Z. Hasan

1307.7321 (Wenchen Luo et al.)

Zeeman coupling and screening corrections to skyrmion excitations in

Wenchen Luo, R. Côté

1307.7347 (Motohiko Ezawa et al.)

Topological Phase Transition without Gap Closing    [PDF]

Motohiko Ezawa, Yukio Tanaka, Naoto Nagaosa

1307.7349 (Tie-Feng Fang et al.)

Bipolaronic blockade effect in quantum dots with negative charging

Tie-Feng Fang, Shu-Feng Zhang, Chun-Jiang Niu, Qing-feng Sun

1307.7371 (Alessandro Principi et al.)

The impact of disorder on Dirac plasmon losses    [PDF]

Alessandro Principi, Giovanni Vignale, Matteo Carrega, Marco Polini

1307.7374 (Oleg Mitrofanov et al.)

Probing terahertz surface plasmon waves in graphene structures    [PDF]

Oleg Mitrofanov, Wenlong Yu, Robert J. Thompson, Yuxuan Jiang, Igal Brener, Wei Pan, Claire Berger, Walter A. de Heer, Zhigang Jiang

1307.7384 (H. M. Benia et al.)

Origin of Rashba-splitting in the quantized subbands at Bi2Se3 surface    [PDF]

H. M. Benia, A. Yaresko, A. P. Schnyder, J. Henk, C. T. Lin, K. Kern, C. R. Ast

1307.7426 (Keiji Saito et al.)

Kondo signature in heat transfer via a local two-state system    [PDF]

Keiji Saito, Takeo Kato

1307.7427 (Tomohiro Taniguchi et al.)

Theoretical Study of Spin-Torque Oscillator with Perpendicularly
Magnetized Free Layer

Tomohiro Taniguchi, Hiroko Arai, Hitoshi Kubota, Hiroshi Imamura

1307.7484 (Sunghun Park et al.)

Absence of Aharonov-Bohm effect of chiral Majorana fermion edge states    [PDF]

Sunghun Park, Joel E. Moore, H. -S. Sim

1307.7506 (Peter Schmitteckert et al.)

Transport through nanostructures: Finite time vs. finite size    [PDF]

Peter Schmitteckert, Sam T. Carr, Hubert Saleur

1307.7527 (E. Perfetto et al.)

Screening-induced negative differential conductance in the Franck-Condon
blockade regime

E. Perfetto, G. Stefanucci

1307.7530 (Martin Nuss et al.)

Effects of electronic correlations and magnetic field on a molecular
ring out of equilibrium

Martin Nuss, Wolfgang von der Linden, Enrico Arrigoni

1307.7532 (C. Wang et al.)

Anti-Levitation in the Integer Quantum Hall Systems    [PDF]

C. Wang, Y. Avishai, Y. Meir, X. R. Wang

1307.7535 (Yasuhiro Yamada et al.)

Universal departure from Johnson-Nyquist relation caused by limited

Yasuhiro Yamada, Masatoshi Imada

1307.7550 (Yulia E. Shchadilova et al.)

Rotation of a single acetylene molecule on Cu(001) by tunneling
electrons in STM

Yulia E. Shchadilova, Sergei G. Tikhodeev, Magnus Paulsson, Hiromu Ueba

1307.7575 (Atsushi Yao et al.)

Counter operation in nonlinear micro-electro-mechanical resonators    [PDF]

Atsushi Yao, Takashi Hikihara

1307.7576 (Marta Prada et al.)

Rectified uni-directional current in coupled nanomechanical resonators    [PDF]

Marta Prada, Gloria Platero, Daniela Pfannkuche

1307.7599 (M. Mootz et al.)

Pair-excitation energetics of highly correlated many-body states    [PDF]

M. Mootz, M. Kira, S. W. Koch

1307.7607 (Yan Zhou et al.)

Current-induced spin wave excitation in Pt|YIG bilayer    [PDF]

Yan Zhou, Hu-jun Jiao, Yan-ting Chen, Gerrit E. W. Bauer, Jiang Xiao

1307.7631 (V. Ongun Özçelik et al.)

Nanoscale Dielectric Capacitors Composed of Graphene and Boron Nitride
Layers: A First Principles Study of High-Capacitance at Nanoscale

V. Ongun Özçelik, S. Ciraci

1307.7679 (Venkat Chandrasekhar et al.)

A real-time software simulator for scanning force microscopy    [PDF]

Venkat Chandrasekhar, Manan Mehta

Monday, July 29, 2013

1307.6890 (Kitiphat Sinthiptharakoon et al.)

Investigating individual arsenic dopant atoms in silicon using
low-temperature scanning tunnelling microscopy

Kitiphat Sinthiptharakoon, Steven R. Schofield, Philipp Studer, Veronika Brázdová, Cyrus F. Hirjibehedin, David R. Bowler, Neil J. Curson

1307.6964 (Doru Sticlet et al.)

Persistent currents in Dirac-Fermion rings    [PDF]

Doru Sticlet, Balázs Dóra, Jérôme Cayssol

1307.6970 (Tetsufumi Tanamoto)

Implementation of standard quantum error correction codes for
solid-state qubits

Tetsufumi Tanamoto

1307.6983 (Søren Raza et al.)

Blueshift of the surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles:
substrate effects

Søren Raza, Wei Yan, Nicolas Stenger, Martijn Wubs, N. Asger Mortensen

1307.6990 (Heon-Jung Kim et al.)

Dirac vs. Weyl in topological insulators: Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly in
transport phenomena

Heon-Jung Kim, Ki-Seok Kim, J. F. Wang, M. Sasaki, N. Satoh, A. Ohnishi, M. Kitaura, M. Yang, L. Li

1307.7019 (Gregor Bracher et al.)

Far-field optical study of lithographically defined, subwavelength
plasmonic wires on semiconducting substrates

Gregor Bracher, Konrad Schraml, Marcus Ossiander, Simon Frederick, Jonathan J. Finley, Michael Kaniber

1307.7044 (Stefan Walter et al.)

Quantum synchronization of a driven self-sustained oscillator    [PDF]

Stefan Walter, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Christoph Bruder

1307.7046 (Fabian Donat Natterer et al.)

Distinction of Nuclear Spin States with the Scanning Tunneling

Fabian Donat Natterer, François Patthey, Harald Brune

1307.7093 (Grzegorz Rut et al.)

Pseudodiffusive conductance, quantum-limited shot noise, and
Landau-level hierarchy in biased graphene bilayer

Grzegorz Rut, Adam Rycerz

1307.7109 (Andreas V. Kuhlmann et al.)

Linewidth of single photons from a single quantum dot: key role of
nuclear spins

Andreas V. Kuhlmann, Jonathan H. Prechtel, Julien Houel, Arne Ludwig, Dirk Reuter, Andreas D. Wieck, Richard J. Warburton

Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6600 (Yun Liu et al.)

Low-Temperature Phonoemissive Tunneling Rates in Single Molecule Magnets    [PDF]

Yun Liu, Anupam Garg

1307.6615 (Andrew G. Semenov)

On the macroscopic quantization in mesoscopic rings and single-electron

Andrew G. Semenov

1307.6621 (B. Horstmann et al.)

Rate-dependent morphology of Li2O2 growth in Li-O2 batteries    [PDF]

B. Horstmann, B. Gallant, R. Mitchell, W. G. Bessler, Y. Shao-Horn, M. Z. Bazant

1307.6633 (Daniel Hurowitz et al.)

Non-equilibrium steady state and induced currents of a
mesoscopically-glassy system: interplay of resistor-network theory and Sinai

Daniel Hurowitz, Saar Rahav, Doron Cohen

1307.6634 (Kenta Kuroda et al.)

Experimental verification of the surface termination in the topological
insulator TlBiSe$_{2}$ using core-level photoelectron spectroscopy and
scanning tunneling microscopy

Kenta Kuroda, Mao Ye, Eike F. Schwier, Munisa Nurmamat, Kaito Shirai, Masashi Nakatake, Shigenori Ueda, Koji Miyamoto, Taichi Okuda, Hirofumi Namatame, Masaki Taniguchi, Yoshifumi Ueda, Akio Kimura

1307.6640 (Jean-Nicolas Longchamp et al.)

Low-energy electron holographic imaging of ultraclean graphene-supported

Jean-Nicolas Longchamp, Conrad Escher, Tatiana Latychevskaia, Hans-Werner Fink

1307.6650 (Tomoki Ozawa et al.)

Measuring geometrical and topological properties of lossy photonic

Tomoki Ozawa, Iacopo Carusotto

1307.6675 (Xi Chen et al.)

Tuning the Conductance of Monatomic Carbon Chain    [PDF]

Xi Chen, Chen Ming, Fan-Xin Meng, Jing-Tian Li, Jun Zhuang, Xi-Jing Ning

1307.6552 (H. Flayac et al.)

An all-optical spin selective quantum router with frequency elevation    [PDF]

H. Flayac, I. G. Savenko

1307.6718 (A. K. Geim et al.)

Van der Waals heterostructures    [PDF]

A. K. Geim, I. V. Grigorieva

1307.6723 (N. Clement et al.)

Water Electrolysis and Energy Harvesting with 0D Ion-Sensitive
Field-Effect Transistors

N. Clement, K. Nishiguchi, J. F. Dufreche, D. Guerin, A. Fujiwara, D. Vuillaume

1307.6745 (J. Gonzalez)

Magnetic and Kohn-Luttinger instabilities near a Van Hove singularity:
monolayer versus twisted bilayer graphene

J. Gonzalez

1307.6746 (Fernando Gargiulo et al.)

Topological Aspects of Charge-Carrier Transmission across Grain
Boundaries in Graphene

Fernando Gargiulo, Oleg V. Yazyev

1307.6782 (P. J. Heikkinen et al.)

Relaxation of Bose-Einstein Condensates of Magnons in Magneto-Textural
Traps in Superfluid 3He-B

P. J. Heikkinen, S. Autti, V. B. Eltsov, J. J. Hosio, M. Krusius, V. V. Zavjalov

1307.6790 (Samarth Trivedi et al.)

Negative differential resistance with graphene channels, interfacing
distributed quantum dots in Field-Effect Transistors

Samarth Trivedi, Haim Grebel

1307.6833 (M. Cerkaski et al.)

Geometrical crossover in two-body systems in a magnetic fiel    [PDF]

M. Cerkaski, R. G. Nazmitdinov

1307.6834 (C. A. Perroni et al.)

Noise-assisted Thouless pump in elastically deformable molecular

C. A. Perroni, F. Romeo, A. Nocera, V. Marigliano Ramaglia, R. Citro, V. Cataudella

Thursday, July 25, 2013

1307.6221 (F. Guinea et al.)

Many body renormalization of the minimal conductivity in graphene    [PDF]

F. Guinea, M. I. Katsnelson

1307.6230 (E. V. Gorbar et al.)

Engineering Weyl nodes in Dirac semimetals by a magnetic field    [PDF]

E. V. Gorbar, V. A. Miransky, I. A. Shovkovy

1307.6260 (D. I. Golosov et al.)

Resistance asymmetry of a two-dimensional electron gas caused by an
effective spin injection

D. I. Golosov, I. Shlimak, A. Butenko, K. -J. Friedland, S. V. Kravchenko

1307.6299 (M. L. Latimer et al.)

Realization of Artificial Ice Systems for Magnetic Vortices in a
Superconducting MoGe Thin-film with Patterned Nanostructures

M. L. Latimer, G. R. Berdiyorov, Z. L. Xiao, F. M. Peeters, W. K. Kwok

1307.6306 (A. V. Galaktionov et al.)

Current-biased Andreev interferometer    [PDF]

A. V. Galaktionov, A. D. Zaikin

1307.6309 (Limin She et al.)

Kondo-effect protected topological surface states on Sb(111)    [PDF]

Limin She, Yinghui Yu, Gengyu Cao

1307.6312 (Danil W. Boukhvalov et al.)

Origin of Anomalous Water Permeation through Graphene Oxide Membrane    [PDF]

Danil W. Boukhvalov, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, Young-Woo Son

1307.6315 (Seon-Myeong Choi et al.)

Anomalous Optical Phonon Splittings in Sliding Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Seon-Myeong Choi, Seung-Hoon Jhi, Young-Woo Son

1307.6337 (G. Stefanucci et al.)

Kondo effect in the Kohn-Sham conductance of multiple levels quantum

G. Stefanucci, S. Kurth

1307.6405 (Uttam Singisetti)

Surface optical phonon scattering in N-polar GaN quantum well channels    [PDF]

Uttam Singisetti

1307.6418 (Yago Ferreiros et al.)

Domain Wall Motion in Thin-Film Magnets/ Topological Insulator Junctions    [PDF]

Yago Ferreiros, Alberto Cortijo

1307.6419 (Benoit Gaury et al.)

Numerical simulations of time resolved quantum electronics    [PDF]

Benoit Gaury, Joseph Weston, Matthieu Santin, Manuel Houzet, Christoph Groth, Xavier Waintal

1307.6479 (N. Vernier et al.)

Measurement of magnetization using domain compressibility in CoFeB films
with perpendicular anisotropy

N. Vernier, J. P. Adam, S. Eimer, G. Agnus, T. Devolder, T. Hauet, B. Ockert, D. Ravelosona

1307.6492 (Thomas Häberle et al.)

High-dynamic-range imaging of nanoscale magnetic fields using optimal
control of a single qubit

Thomas Häberle, Dominik Schmid-Lorch, Khaled Karrai, Friedemann Reinhard, Jörg Wrachtrup

1307.6493 (Eduardo Mascarenhas et al.)

A quantum optical diode in a nonlinear-linear resonators junction    [PDF]

Eduardo Mascarenhas, Daniel Valente, Simone Montangero, Alexia Auffeves, Dario Gerace, M. Franca Santos

1307.6550 (Ashley M DaSilva et al.)

Photonic density of states enhancement in graphene multilayers    [PDF]

Ashley M DaSilva, You-Chia Chang, Ted Norris, Allan H MacDonald

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1212.6277 (F. Closa et al.)

Transport properties of overheated electrons trapped on a Helium surface    [PDF]

F. Closa, E. Raphael, A. D. Chepelianskii

1307.5872 (Damian Krychowski et al.)

Kondo effect of cobalt adatom on zigzag graphene nanoribbon    [PDF]

Damian Krychowski, Jakub Kaczkowski, Stanislaw Lipinski

1307.5914 (Rui He et al.)

Observation of Low Energy Raman Modes in Twisted Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Rui He, Ting-Fung Chung, Conor Delaney, Courtney Keiser, Luis A. Jauregui, Paul M. Shand, C. C. Chancey, Yanan Wang, Jiming Bao, Yong P. Chen

1307.5972 (Kazuhiro Hosono et al.)

Dielectric Environment Effect on Carrier Mobility of Graphene
Double-Layer Structure

Kazuhiro Hosono, Katsunori Wakabayashi

1307.5974 (P. Di Pietro et al.)

Observation of Dirac plasmons in a topological insulator    [PDF]

P. Di Pietro, M. Ortolani, O. Limaj, A. Di Gaspare, V. Giliberti, F. Giorgianni, M. Brahlek, N. Bansal, N. Koirala, S. Oh, P. Calvani, S. Lupi

1307.6007 (P. Peddibhotla et al.)

Harnessing nuclear spin polarization fluctuations in a semiconductor

P. Peddibhotla, F. Xue, H. I. T. Hauge, S. Assali, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, M. Poggio

1307.6032 (Jani Tuorila et al.)

Charge qubit driven via the Josephson nonlinearity    [PDF]

Jani Tuorila, Matti Silveri, Mika Sillanpää, Erkki Thuneberg, Yuriy Makhlin, Pertti Hakonen

1307.6062 (Julia Hildmann et al.)

Fidelity of optically induced single-spin rotations in semiconductor
quantum dots in the presence of nuclear spins

Julia Hildmann, Guido Burkard

1307.6067 (Sebastian Rémi et al.)

Charge tuning of non-resonant magneto-exciton phonon interactions in

Sebastian Rémi, Bennett B. Goldberg, Anna K. Swan

1307.6096 (Yusong Tu et al.)

Inherent fluctuation-mediated equavalent force drives directional
motions of nanoscale asymmetric particles -- Surf-riding of asymmetric
molecules in thermal fluctuations

Yusong Tu, Nan Sheng, Rongzheng Wan, Haiping Fang

1307.6097 (Hagai Eshet et al.)

The Electronic Structure of CdSe/CdS Core/Shell Seeded Nanorods: Type-I
or Quasi-Type-II?

Hagai Eshet, Michael Grunwald, Eran Rabani

1307.6113 (F. Matteini et al.)

Untangling the role of oxide in Ga-assisted growth of GaAs nanowires on
Si substrates

F. Matteini, G. Tutuncuoglu, D. Rüffer, E. Alarcon-Llado, A. Fontcuberta i Morral

1307.6115 (G. Grabecki et al.)

Nonlocal resistance and its fluctuations in microstructures of
band-inverted HgTe/(Hg,Cd)Te quantum wells

G. Grabecki, J. Wróbel, M. Czapkiewicz, Ł. Cywiński, S. Gierałtowska, E. Guziewicz, M. Zholudev, V. Gavrilenko, N. N. Mikhailov, S. A. Dvoretski, W. Knap, F. Teppe, T. Dietl

1307.6128 (Gia-Wei Chern et al.)

Dynamically generated flat-band phases in optical kagome lattices    [PDF]

Gia-Wei Chern, Chih-Chun Chien, Massimiliano Di Ventra

1307.6138 (N. M. Chtchelkatchev et al.)

Universality and quantization of the power to heat ratio in
nano-granular systems

N. M. Chtchelkatchev, A. Glatz, I. S. Beloborodov

1307.6152 (Daniel Valente et al.)

Frequency cavity pulling induced by a single semiconductor quantum dot    [PDF]

Daniel Valente, Jan Suffczyński, Tomasz Jakubczyk, Adrien Dousse, Aristide Lemaître, Isabelle Sagnes, Loïc Lanco, Paul Voisin, Alexia Auffeves, Pascale Senellart

1307.6203 (Luiz Felipe C. Pereira et al.)

Thermal conductivity of one-, two- and three-dimensional carbon    [PDF]

Luiz Felipe C. Pereira, Ivana Savić, Davide Donadio

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

1307.5353 (Kaihui Liu et al.)

High-throughput Imaging and Spectroscopy of Individual Carbon Nanotubes
in Devices with Light Microscopy

Kaihui Liu, Xiaoping Hong, Qin Zhou, Chenhao Jin, Jinghua Li, Weiwei Zhou, Jie Liu, Enge Wang, Alex Zettl, Feng Wang

1307.5358 (Li Zhang et al.)

Weak Localization Effects as Evidence for Bulk Quantization in Thin
Films Bi2Se3

Li Zhang, Merav Dolev, Qi I. Yang, Robert H. Hammond, Bo Zhou, Alexander Palevski, Yulin Chen, Aharon Kapitulnik

1307.5422 (D. Ebert et al.)

Pseudopotential model for Dirac electrons in graphene with line defects    [PDF]

D. Ebert, V. Ch. Zhukovsky, E. A. Stepanov

1307.5427 (D. Bucheli et al.)

Phase diagrams of voltage-gated oxide interfaces with strong Rashba

D. Bucheli, M. Grilli, F. Peronaci, G. Seibold, S. Caprara

1307.5429 (O. V. Sukhostavets et al.)

Probing the anharmonicity of the potential well for magnetic vortex core
in nanodot

O. V. Sukhostavets, B. Pigeau, G. de Loubens, V. V. Naletov, O. Klein, K. Mitsuzuka, S. Andrieu, F. Montaigne, K. Y. Guslienko

1307.5446 (A. Di Marco et al.)

Leakage Current of a Superconductor-Normal Metal Tunnel Junction
Connected to a High-Temperature Environment

A. Di Marco, V. F. Maisi, J. P. Pekola, F. W. J. Hekking

1307.5470 (Bahram Mashhoon et al.)

Spin Precession in Inertial and Gravitational Fields    [PDF]

Bahram Mashhoon, Yuri N. Obukhov

1307.5475 (Yaohua Liu et al.)

An Emergent Spin-Filter at the interface between Ferromagnetic and
Insulating Layered Oxides

Yaohua Liu, F. A. Cuellar, Z. Sefrioui, J. W. Freeland, M. R. Fitzsimmons, C. Leon, J. Santamaria, S. G. E. te Velthuis

1307.5485 (M. Neupane et al.)

Tunneling Tuned Spin Modulations in Ultrathin Topological Insulator

M. Neupane, A. Richardella, J. Sanchez-Barriga, S. -Y. Xu, N. Alidoust, I. Belopolski, Chang Liu, G. Bian, D. M. Zhang, D. Marchenko, A. Varykhalov, O. Rader, M. Leandersson, T. Balasubramanian, T. -R. Chang, H. -T. Jeng, S. Basak, H. Lin, A. Bansil, N. Samarth, M. Z. Hasan

1307.5488 (M. Medvedyeva et al.)

Spatiotemporal buildup of the Kondo screening cloud    [PDF]

M. Medvedyeva, A. Hoffmann, S. Kehrein

1307.5489 (Inti Sodemann et al.)

Theory of Native Orientational Pinning in Quantum Hall Nematics    [PDF]

Inti Sodemann, Allan H. MacDonald

1307.5506 (Teemu Ojanen)

Majorana states and devices in magnetic structures    [PDF]

Teemu Ojanen

1307.5557 (Feng Bi et al.)

Room-Temperature Electronically-Controlled Ferromagnetism at the
LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Interface

Feng Bi, Mengchen Huang, Chung-Wung Bark, Sangwoo Ryu, Chang-Beom Eom, Patrick Irvin, Jeremy Levy

1307.5578 (T. Uchida et al.)

Magnetic induction dependence of the dispersion of magnetoplasmon in a
two-dimensional electron gas with finite layer thickness

T. Uchida, N. Hiraiwa, K. Yamada, M. Fujita, T. Toyoda

1307.5590 (Qing Ai et al.)

Clustered Geometries Exploiting Quantum Coherence Effects for Efficient
Energy Transfer in Light Harvesting

Qing Ai, Tzu-Chi Yen, Bih-Yaw Jin, Yuan-Chung Cheng

1307.5603 (Masamitsu Hayashi)

Analytical expression for the harmonic Hall voltages in evaluating spin
orbit torques

Masamitsu Hayashi

1307.5622 (Juzar Thingna et al.)

Spin rectification in thermally driven $XXZ$ spin chain    [PDF]

Juzar Thingna, Jian-Sheng Wang

1307.5627 (Yin Zhong et al.)

Topological quantum phase transition in Kane-Mele-Kondo lattice model    [PDF]

Yin Zhong, Yu-Feng Wang, Han-Tao Lu, Hong-Gang Luo

1307.5638 (Martin Horsch et al.)

Molecular simulation of nano-dispersed fluid phases    [PDF]

Martin Horsch, Hans Hasse

1307.5643 (Nam-Chol Kim et al.)

Single Plasmon Switching with n Quantum Dots System Coupled to
One-Dimentional Waveguide

Nam-Chol Kim, Myong-Chol Ko, Song-Jin Im, Qu-Quan Wang

1307.5663 (Da Wei et al.)

Tuning inter-dot tunnel coupling of an etched graphene double quantum
dot by adjacent metal gates

Da Wei, Hai-Ou Li, Gang Cao, Gang Luo, Zhi-Xiong Zheng, Tao Tu, Ming Xiao, Guang-Can Guo, Hong-Wen Jiang, Guo-Ping Guo

1307.5670 (Selman Hershfield et al.)

Non-linear thermoelectric transport: A class of nano-devices for high
efficiency and large power output

Selman Hershfield, K. A. Muttalib, Bradley J. Nartowt

1307.5681 (Soumya Bera et al.)

Stabilizing Spin Coherence Through Environmental Entanglement in
Strongly Dissipative Quantum Systems

Soumya Bera, Serge Florens, Harold U. Baranger, Nicolas Roch, Ahsan Nazir, Alex W. Chin

1307.5739 (A. Komnik et al.)

Full counting statistics of persistent current    [PDF]

A. Komnik, G. W. Langhanke

1307.5744 (Daniel Walgraef)

Self-Assembled Nanostructure Formation in Chemical Vapor Deposition    [PDF]

Daniel Walgraef

1307.5762 (Rulin Wang et al.)

Time-dependent density-functional theory for real-time electronic
dynamics on material surfaces

Rulin Wang, Dong Hou, Xiao Zheng

1307.5810 (Ting Fung Chung et al.)

Synthetic Graphene Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition on Copper Foils    [PDF]

Ting Fung Chung, Tian Shen, Helin Cao, Luis A. Jauregui, Wei Wu, Qingkai Yu, David Newell, Yong P. Chen

1307.5811 (I. S. Burmistrov et al.)

Tunneling into the localized phase near Anderson transitions with
Coulomb interaction

I. S. Burmistrov, I. V. Gornyi, A. D. Mirlin

Monday, July 22, 2013

1307.5075 (Arijeet Pal et al.)

Driven nonlinear dynamics of two coupled exchange-only qubits    [PDF]

Arijeet Pal, Emmanuel I. Rashba, Bertrand I. Halperin

1307.5104 (A. F. Young et al.)

Tunable symmetry breaking and helical edge transport in a graphene
quantum spin Hall state

A. F. Young, J. D. Sanchez-Yamagishi, B. Hunt, S. H. Choi, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, R. C. Ashoori, P. Jarillo-Herrero

1307.5155 (Jérémie Druge et al.)

Damping and non-linearity of a levitating magnet in rotation above a

Jérémie Druge, Oscar Laurent, Marie-Aude Méasson, Ivan Favero

1307.5159 (Y. Kumamoto et al.)

Spontaneous exciton dissociation in carbon nanotubes    [PDF]

Y. Kumamoto, M. Yoshida, A. Ishii, A. Yokoyama, T. Shimada, Y. K. Kato

1307.5181 (Alessandro Ridolfo et al.)

Ultra-strong optical nonlinearities    [PDF]

Alessandro Ridolfo, Elena del Valle, Michael J. Hartmann

1307.5183 (A. Ferdinand et al.)

Critical behavior of nanocrystalline gadolinium: Evidence for a new
universality class

A. Ferdinand, A. -C. Probst, A. Michels, R. Birringer, S. N. Kaul

1307.5190 (D. Moldovan et al.)

Electronic states in a graphene flake strained by a Gaussian bump    [PDF]

D. Moldovan, M. Ramezani Masir, F. M. Peeters

1307.5206 (Stefano Azzini et al.)

Stimulated and spontaneous four-wave mixing in silicon-on-insulator
coupled photonic wire nano-cavities

Stefano Azzini, Davide Grassani, Matteo Galli, Dario Gerace, Maddalena Patrini, Marco Liscidini, Philippe Velha, Daniele Bajoni

1307.5214 (Daniel Walgraef)

Elasticity effects on the stability of growing films    [PDF]

Daniel Walgraef

1307.5219 (Pei Wang et al.)

Randomly Fluctuating Potential Controlled Multistable Resonant Tunneling
Current through a Quantum Dot

Pei Wang, Gao Xianlong, Shaojun Xu

1307.5257 (Claire Wahl et al.)

Interactions and charge fractionalization in an electronic
Hong-Ou-Mandel interferometer

Claire Wahl, Jérôme Rech, Thibaut Jonckheere, Thierry Martin

1307.5309 (Andreas Kronwald et al.)

Arbitrarily large steady-state bosonic squeezing via dissipation    [PDF]

Andreas Kronwald, Florian Marquardt, Aashish A. Clerk

1307.5311 (Nicolas Didier et al.)

Dissipation-induced perfect squeezing by damping modulation in circuit
quantum electrodynamics

Nicolas Didier, Farzad Qassemi, Alexandre Blais

Sunday, July 21, 2013

1307.4433 (Young-Shin Park et al.)

Influence of the Core/Shell Interface on Biexciton Auger Recombination
in Individual Nanocrystal Quantum Dots

Young-Shin Park, Wan Ki Bae, Lazaro A. Padilha, Jeffrey M. Pietryga, Victor I. Klimov

1307.4434 (Wan Ki Bae et al.)

The influence of Auger recombination on the performance of quantum-dot
light-emitting diodes

Wan Ki Bae, Young-Shin Park, Jaehoon Lim, Donggu Lee, Lazaro A. Padilha, Hunter McDaniel, Istvan Robel, Changhee Lee, Jeffrey M. Pietryga, Victor I. Klimov

1307.4548 (Markus Sproll et al.)

Low-amplitude magnetic vortex core reversal by non-linear interference
between azimuthal spin waves and the vortex gyromode

Markus Sproll, Matthias Noske, Hans Bauer, Matthias Kammerer, Ajay Gangwar, Georg Dieterle, Markus Weigand, Hermann Stoll, Christian H. Back, Gisela Schütz

1307.4559 (Xuetao Zhu et al.)

Electron-Phonon Coupling on the Surface of Topological Insulators    [PDF]

Xuetao Zhu, Colin Howard, Jiandong Guo, Michael El-Batanouny

Friday, July 19, 2013

1307.4797 (Alexander A. Balandin)

Review of the Low-Frequency 1/f Noise in Graphene Devices    [PDF]

Alexander A. Balandin

1307.4833 (Christian Bergenfeldt et al.)

Hybrid Microwave Cavity Heat Engine    [PDF]

Christian Bergenfeldt, Peter Samuelsson, Björn Sothmann, Christian Flindt, Markus Büttiker

1307.4862 (Andreas Pfeffer et al.)

Sub-Gap Structure in the Conductance of a Three-Terminal Josephson

Andreas Pfeffer, Jean Eudes Duvauchelle, Hervé Courtois, Régis Mélin, Denis Feinberg, François Lefloch

1307.4869 (Stephan Geprägs et al.)

Comment on "Pt magnetic polarization on Y3Fe5O12 and magnetotransport

Stephan Geprägs, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein, Marc Schneider, Fabrice Wilhelm, Katharina Ollefs, Andrei Rogalev, Matthias Opel, Rudolf Gross

1307.4946 (S. Sergeenkov et al.)

Analog of Fishtail Anomaly in Plastically Deformed Graphene    [PDF]

S. Sergeenkov, F. M. Araujo-Moreira

1307.4970 (Jong Soo Lim et al.)

Non-equilibrium spin-current detection with a single Kondo impurity    [PDF]

Jong Soo Lim, Rosa Lopez, Laurent Limot, Pascal Simon

1307.5012 (Christopher B. McKitterick et al.)

Graphene microbolometers with superconducting contacts for terahertz
photon detection

Christopher B. McKitterick, Heli Vora, Xu Du, Boris S. Karasik, Daniel E. Prober

1307.5032 (Chung-Chiang Wu et al.)

Elucidating the photoresponse of ultrathin MoS2 field-effect transistors
by scanning photocurrent microscopy

Chung-Chiang Wu, Deep Jariwala, Vinod K. Sangwan, Tobin J. Marks, Mark C. Hersam, Lincoln J. Lauhon

1307.5036 (Anand P. S. Gaur et al.)

Optical Properties and Raman Studies of Partially Edge Terminated
Vertically Aligned Nanocrystalline MoS2 Thin Film

Anand P. S. Gaur, Satyaprakash Sahoo, Majid Ahmadi, Maxime J-F Guinel, Sanjeev K. Gupta, Ravindra Pandey, Sandwip K Dey, Ram S. Katiyar

Thursday, July 18, 2013

1307.4684 (Jan Gieseler et al.)

Thermal nonlinearities in a nanomechanical oscillator    [PDF]

Jan Gieseler, Lukas Novotny, Romain Quidant

1307.4403 (Roger S. K. Mong et al.)

Universal topological quantum computation from a superconductor/Abelian
quantum Hall heterostructure

Roger S. K. Mong, David J. Clarke, Jason Alicea, Netanel H. Lindner, Paul Fendley, Chetan Nayak, Yuval Oreg, Ady Stern, Erez Berg, Kirill Shtengel, Matthew P. A. Fisher

1307.4408 (F. Amet et al.)

Gate control of spin and valley polarized quantum Hall edge states in

F. Amet, J. R. Wiliams, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, D. Goldhaber-Gordon

1307.4426 (Fuxiang Li et al.)

Nonequilibrium spin noise spectroscopy    [PDF]

Fuxiang Li, Yuriy V. Pershin, Valeriy A. Slipko, Nikolai A. Sinitsyn

1307.4483 (Keith Slevin et al.)

Critical exponent for the Anderson transition in the three dimensional
orthogonal universality class

Keith Slevin, Tomi Ohtsuki

1307.4495 (Jun-Qiang Lu et al.)

Nanoscale capacitance: a classical charge-dipole approximation    [PDF]

Jun-Qiang Lu, Jonathan Gonzalez, Carlos Sierra, Yang Li

1307.4506 (Moumita Dey et al.)

Spin-orbit interaction induced spin selective transmission through a
multi-terminal mesoscopic ring

Moumita Dey, Santanu K. Maiti, Sreekantha Sil, S. N. Karmakar

1307.4528 (A. V. Dolbin et al.)

Sorption of 4He, H2, Ne, N2, CH4 and Kr impurities in graphene oxide at
low temperatures. Quantum effects

A. V. Dolbin, V. B. Esel'son, V. G. Gavrilko, V. G. Manzhelii, N. A. Vinnikov, R. M. Basnukaeva, V. V. Danchuk, N. S. Mysko, E. V. Bulakh, W. K. Maser, A. M. Benito

1307.4539 (Sujit S. Datta et al.)

Spatial Fluctuations Of Fluid Velocities In Flow Through A
Three-Dimensional Porous Medium

Sujit S. Datta, Harry Chiang, T. S. Ramakrishnan, David A. Weitz

1307.4549 (J. Azema et al.)

Hund and pair-hopping signature in transport properties of degenerate
nanoscale devices

J. Azema, A. -M. Daré, P. Lombardo

1307.4597 (Tianhan Liu et al.)

Anisotropic Quantum Spin Hall Effect, Spin-Orbital Textures and Mott

Tianhan Liu, Benoît Douçot, Karyn Le Hur

1307.4606 (Tobias Stauber et al.)

Optical conductivity, Drude weight and plasmons in twisted graphene

Tobias Stauber, Pablo San-Jose, Luis Brey

1307.4615 (C. Gaul et al.)

Feshbach-type resonances for two-particle scattering in graphene    [PDF]

C. Gaul, F. Domínguez-Adame, F. Sols, I. Zapata

1307.4668 (Marco O. Hachiya et al.)

Non-monotonic spin relaxation and decoherence in graphene quantum dots
with spin-orbit interactions

Marco O. Hachiya, Guido Burkard, J. Carlos Egues

1307.4680 (Viet-Hung Nguyen et al.)

Interplay between Aharonov-Bohm interference and parity selective
tunneling in zigzag graphene nanoribbon rings

Viet-Hung Nguyen, Yann-Michel Niquet, Philippe Dollfus

1307.4693 (D. Mishra et al.)

Growth modes of nanoparticle superlattice thin films    [PDF]

D. Mishra, D. Greving, G. A. Badini Confalonieri, J. Perlich, B. P. Toperverg, H. Zabel, O. Petracic

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

1307.4096 (Yuliy V. Bludov et al.)

Unusual reflection of electromagnetic radiation from a stack of graphene
layers at oblique incidence

Yuliy V. Bludov, Nuno M. R. Peres, Mikhail I. Vasilevskiy

1307.4134 (Ricardo Gutierrez-Jauregui et al.)

Non linear magnetotransport theory and Hall induced resistance
oscillations in graphene

Ricardo Gutierrez-Jauregui, Manuel Torres

1307.4151 (K. Shinokita et al.)

Large Enhancement of the Photoluminescence Emission of Photoexcited
Undoped GaAs Quantum Wells Induced by an Intense Single-Cycle Terahertz Pulse

K. Shinokita, H. Hirori, K. Tanaka, T. Mochizuki, C. Kim, H. Akiyama, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West

1307.4168 (Sutirtha Mukherjee et al.)

Enigmatic 4/11 State: A Prototype for Unconventional Fractional Quantum
Hall Effect

Sutirtha Mukherjee, Sudhansu S. Mandal, Arkadiusz Wójs, Jainendra K. Jain

1307.4176 (V. F. Maisi et al.)

Full counting statistics of Andreev tunneling    [PDF]

V. F. Maisi, D. Kambly, C. Flindt, J. P. Pekola

1307.4185 (Audrey Cottet et al.)

Squeezing light with Majorana fermions    [PDF]

Audrey Cottet, Takis Kontos, Benoit Douçot

1307.4206 (Dirk Honecker et al.)

Analysis of magnetic neutron-scattering data of two-phase ferromagnets    [PDF]

Dirk Honecker, Charles D. Dewhurst, Kiyonori Suzuki, Sergey Erokhin, Andreas Michels

1307.4225 (A. V. Kudrin et al.)

Anomalous Hall effect in two-phase semiconductor structures: the crucial
role of ferromagnetic inclusions

A. V. Kudrin, A. V. Shvetsov, Yu. A. Danilov, D. A. Pavlov, A. I. Bobrov, N. V. Malekhonova, A. A. Timopheev, N. A. Sobolev

1307.4344 (Gábor Mándi et al.)

Arbitrary tip orientation in STM simulations: 3D WKB theory and
application to W(110)

Gábor Mándi, Norbert Nagy, Krisztián Palotás

1307.4361 (Adam P. Kajdos et al.)

Two-dimensional electron gas in a modulation-doped SrTiO3/Sr(Ti,Zr)O3

Adam P. Kajdos, Daniel G. Ouellette, Tyler A. Cain, Susanne Stemmer

1307.4374 (Young I. Jhon et al.)

Electron Transport Properties of Graphene-Graphyne-Graphene Transistors:
First Principles Study

Young I. Jhon, Myung S. Jhon

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1307.3565 (Justin Wu et al.)

Self-Assembly of Semiconducting Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes into
Dense, Aligned Rafts

Justin Wu, Liying Jiao, Alexander Antaris, Charina L. Choi, Liming Xie, Yingpeng Wu, Shuo Diao, Changxin Chen, Yongsheng Chen, Hongjie Dai

1307.3569 (Mahmoud Lababidi et al.)

Anomalous edge states and topological phases of a kicked quantum Hall

Mahmoud Lababidi, Indubala I. Satija, Erhai Zhao

1307.3594 (C. H. Wong et al.)

Quasiparticle Berry curvature and Chern numbers in spin-orbit coupled
bosonic Mott insulators

C. H. Wong, R. A. Duine

1307.3601 (Michal Bajcsy et al.)

Non-classical three-photon correlations with a quantum dot strongly
coupled to a photonic-crystal nanocavity

Michal Bajcsy, Armand Rundquist, Arka Majumdar, Tomas Sarmiento, Kevin Fischer, Konstantinos G. Lagoudakis, Sonia Buckley, Jelena Vuckovic

1307.3609 (Hiroshi Frusawa et al.)

Electric moulding of dispersed lipid nanotubes into a nanofluidic device    [PDF]

Hiroshi Frusawa, Tatsuhiko Manabe, Eri Kagiyama, Ken Hirano, Naohiro Kameta, Mitsutoshi Masuda, Toshimi Shimizu

1307.3618 (Pei Wang et al.)

The numerical operator method to the real time dynamics of currents
through the nanostructures with different topologies

Pei Wang, Xuean Zhao, Ling Tang

1307.3631 (Jian-Hao Li et al.)

Plasmonic excitations in quantum-sized sodium nanoparticles studied by
time-dependent density functional calculations

Jian-Hao Li, Michitoshi Hayashi, Guang-Yu Guo

1307.3670 (Vittorio Peano et al.)

Quantum fluctuations in modulated nonlinear oscillators    [PDF]

Vittorio Peano, M I Dykman

1307.3697 (Tanmoy Das)

Weyl semimetals and superconductors designed in an orbital selective

Tanmoy Das

1307.3732 (Sejoong Kim et al.)

Scattering Theory Approach to Inelastic Transport in Nanoscale Systems    [PDF]

Sejoong Kim, Young-Woo Son

1307.3742 (Eui-Sup Lee et al.)

Evaluating the Seebeck effect at the atomic scale    [PDF]

Eui-Sup Lee, Sanghee Cho, Ho-Ki Lyeo, Yong-Hyun Kim

1307.3774 (You Zhou et al.)

Voltage-triggered Ultra-fast Metal-insulator Transition in Vanadium
Dioxide Switches

You Zhou, Xiaonan Chen, Changhyun Ko, Zheng Yang, Chandra Mouli, Shriram Ramanathan

1307.3792 (A. Satou et al.)

Transient stimulated emission from multi-split-gated graphene structure    [PDF]

A. Satou, F. T. Vasko, T. Otsuji, V. V. Mitin

1307.3814 (Ying Wang et al.)

Local Electron Field Emission Study of Two-dimensional Carbon    [PDF]

Ying Wang, Yumeng Yang, Zizheng Zhao, Chi Zhang, Yihong Wu

1307.3825 (Bin Hu et al.)

On the Instabilities of the Walker Propagating Domain Wall Solution    [PDF]

Bin Hu, Xiangrong Wang

1307.3826 (A. Kashuba)

Critical phenomena in the bifurcation line's perspective    [PDF]

A. Kashuba

1307.3828 (Kun-Rok Jeon et al.)

Thermal spin injection and accumulation in n-type Si with CoFe/MgO
tunnel contacts through Seebeck spin tunneling

Kun-Rok Jeon, Byoung-Chul Min, Seung-Young Park, Kyeong-Dong Lee, Hyon-Seok Song, Youn-Ho Park, Sung-Chul Shin

1307.3829 (E. Burzurí et al.)

Quantum interference oscillations of the superparamagnetic blocking in
an Fe8 molecular nanomagnet

E. Burzurí, F. Luis, O. Montero, B. Barbara, R. Ballou, S. Maegawa

1307.3842 (K. Zberecki et al.)

Thermoelectric effects in silicene nanoribbons    [PDF]

K. Zberecki, M. Wierzbicki, J. Barnaś, R. Swirkowicz

1307.3870 (B. Peropadre et al.)

Nonequilibrium and nonperturbative dynamics of ultrastrong coupling in
open lines

B. Peropadre, D. Zueco, D. Porras, J. J. Garcia-Ripoll

1307.3878 (M. B. Kenmoe et al.)

Landau-Zener transitions between two and three decaying levels    [PDF]

M. B. Kenmoe, S. C. Kenfack, A. J. Fotue, A. B. Tchapda, M. Tchoffo, L. C. Fai, J. E. Danga, M. E. Ateuafack, M. P. Djemmo

1307.4008 (Benedikt Scharf et al.)

Magneto-optical conductivity of graphene on polar substrates    [PDF]

Benedikt Scharf, Vasili Perebeinos, Jaroslav Fabian, Igor Žutić

1307.4012 (N. A. Pike et al.)

Theory of plasmonic waves on a chain of metallic nanoparticles in a
liquid crystalline host

N. A. Pike, D. Stroud

1307.4022 (Tian Liang et al.)

Evidence for massive bulk Dirac Fermions in Pb$_{1-x}$Sn$_x$Se from
Nernst and thermopower experiments

Tian Liang, Quinn Gibson, Jun Xiong, Max Hirschberger, Sunanda P. Koduvayur, R. J. Cava, N. P. Ong

1307.4039 (Felix Hoehne et al.)

Time Constants of Spin-Dependent Recombination Processes    [PDF]

Felix Hoehne, Lukas Dreher, Maximilian Suckert, David P. Franke, Martin Stutzmann, Martin S. Brandt

Monday, July 15, 2013

1112.0925 (Mathias Cabrera Cano et al.)

Magnetotransport in the Kondo model with ferromagnetic exchange

Mathias Cabrera Cano, Serge Florens

1307.3245 (Jaehoon Lee et al.)

Algebra of Majorana Doubling    [PDF]

Jaehoon Lee, Frank Wilczek

1307.3252 (Rahul Nandkishore et al.)

Dirty Weyl fermions: rare region effects near 3D Dirac points    [PDF]

Rahul Nandkishore, David A. Huse, S. L. Sondhi

1307.3260 (Samuel G. Carter et al.)

Strong Hyperfine-Induced Modulation of an Optically-Driven Hole Spin in
an InAs Quantum Dot

Samuel G. Carter, Sophia E. Economou, Alex Greilich, Edwin Barnes, Timothy M. Sweeney, Allan S. Bracker, Daniel Gammon

1307.3320 (M. Ishida et al.)

Observation of Longitudinal Spin Seebeck Effect with Various Transition
Metal Films

M. Ishida, A. Kirihara, H. Someya, K. Uchida, S. Kohmoto, E. Saitoh, T. Murakami

1307.3333 (P. P. Aseev et al.)

Spin injection from topological insulator tunnel-coupled to metallic

P. P. Aseev, S. N. Artemenko

1307.3362 (Paul Soulé et al.)

Many-body study of a quantum point contact in the fractional quantum
Hall regime at v=5/2

Paul Soulé, Thierry Jolicoeur, Philippe Lecheminant

1307.3416 (C. P. Moca et al.)

Fermi liquid theory of resonant spin pumping    [PDF]

C. P. Moca, A. Alex, A. Shnirman, G. Zarand

1307.3421 (Mikito Koshino)

Electronic transmission through AB-BA domain boundary in bilayer

Mikito Koshino

1307.3432 (Peng Yan et al.)

Angular and Linear Momentum of Excited Ferromagnets    [PDF]

Peng Yan, Akashdeep Kamra, Yunshan Cao, Gerrit E. W. Bauer

1307.3485 (Eliot Kapit et al.)

3- and 4-body Interactions from 2-body interactions in Spin Models: A
Route to Abelian and Non-Abelian Fractional Chern Insulators

Eliot Kapit, Steven H. Simon

1307.3504 (M. Brasse et al.)

Enhanced quantum oscillatory magnetization and non-equilibrium currents
in an interacting two-dimensional electron system in MgZnO/ZnO with repulsive

M. Brasse, S. M. Sauther, J. Falson, Y. Kozuka, A. Tsukazaki, Ch. Heyn, M. A. Wilde, M. Kawasaki, D. Grundler

1307.3505 (Benjamin M. Fregoso et al.)

Electrical detection of topological phase transitions in disordered
Majorana nanowires

Benjamin M. Fregoso, Alejandro M. Lobos, S. Das Sarma

1307.3512 (F. Giazotto et al.)

Coherent diffraction of thermal currents in Josephson tunnel junctions    [PDF]

F. Giazotto, M. J. Martinez-Perez, P. Solinas

Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.2909 (Z. Papić et al.)

Topological Phases in the Zeroth Landau Level of Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Z. Papić, D. A. Abanin

1307.2947 (M. Obstbaum et al.)

Inverse Spin Hall Effect in NiFe / Normal Metal Bilayers    [PDF]

M. Obstbaum, M. Härtinger, T. Meier, F. Swientek, C. H. Back, G. Woltersdorf

1307.2955 (Tasuku Chiba et al.)

In-plane magnetic field dependence of cyclotron relaxation time in a Si
two-dimensional electron system

Tasuku Chiba, Ryuichi Masutomi, Kentarou Sawano, Yasuhiro Shiraki, Tohru Okamoto

1307.2960 (Norio Ota)

Stable Spin State Analysis of Fe, Co, Ni-modified Graphene-ribbon    [PDF]

Norio Ota

1307.2961 (Dahai Wei et al.)

Experimental observation of a large ac-spin Hall effect    [PDF]

Dahai Wei, Martin Obstbaum, Christian Back, Georg Woltersdorf

1307.3058 (D. V. Vlasov)

PVC composite internal process of current-voltage time delay formation
and conductivity levels lifetimes origin

D. V. Vlasov

1307.3112 (V. A. Benderskii et al.)

Vibrational energy transport in molecular wires    [PDF]

V. A. Benderskii, A. S. Kotkin, I. V. Rubtsov, E. I. Kats

1307.3154 (Philippe Ben-Abdallah et al.)

Phase-change radiative thermal diode    [PDF]

Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Svend-Age Biehs

1307.3161 (H. Flayac et al.)

Input-output theory of the unconventional photon blockade    [PDF]

H. Flayac, V. Savona

1307.3191 (Oleksiy Kashuba et al.)

The quench dynamics of a dissipative quantum system: a renormalization
group study

Oleksiy Kashuba, Dante M. Kennes, Mikhail Pletyukhov, Volker Meden, Herbert Schoeller

1307.3240 (Pallab Goswami et al.)

Axionic superconductivity in three dimensional doped narrow gap

Pallab Goswami, Bitan Roy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2577 (Kevin A. Madsen et al.)

Topological equivalence of crystal and quasicrystal band structures    [PDF]

Kevin A. Madsen, Emil J. Bergholtz, Piet W. Brouwer

1307.2594 (Jerry M. Chow et al.)

Microwave-activated conditional-phase gate for superconducting qubits    [PDF]

Jerry M. Chow, Jay M. Gambetta, Andrew W. Cross, Seth T. Merkel, Chad Rigetti, M. Steffen

1307.2596 (A. T. Dellis et al.)

Spin Noise Exchange in Coupled Alkali-Metal Vapors    [PDF]

A. T. Dellis, M. Loulakis, I. K. Kominis

1307.2597 (Wayne M. Witzel et al.)

Converting a real quantum bath to an effective classical noise    [PDF]

Wayne M. Witzel, Kevin Young, Sankar Das Sarma

1307.2602 (E. S. Andrianov et al.)

Can losses be compensated by spasers?    [PDF]

E. S. Andrianov, A. V. Dorofeenko, A. A. Pukhov, A. P. Vinogradov, A. A. Lisyansky

1307.2616 (Yu Zhu et al.)

Nonequilibrium Green's function theory for predicting device-to-device

Yu Zhu, Lei Liu, Hong Guo

1307.2628 (S. Grothe et al.)

Quantifying many-body effects by high-resolution Fourier transform
scanning tunneling spectroscopy

S. Grothe, S. Johnston, Shun Chi, P. Dosanjh, S. A. Burke, Y. Pennec

1307.2673 (Yi Zheng et al.)

Seeding ice growth at ambient conditions using nano graphene oxide    [PDF]

Yi Zheng, C. L. Su, Jiong Lu, Kian Ping Loh

1307.2698 (Carmine Ortix et al.)

Absence of helical surface states in bulk semimetals with broken
inversion symmetry

Carmine Ortix, Jörn W. F. Venderbos, Roland Hayn, Jeroen van den Brink

1307.2703 (Luca Esposito et al.)

Topological aspects in the photonic crystal analog of single-particle
transport in quantum Hall systems

Luca Esposito, Dario Gerace

1307.2717 (D. Biolek et al.)

Reliable SPICE Simulations of Memristors, Memcapacitors and Meminductors    [PDF]

D. Biolek, M. Di Ventra, Y. V. Pershin

1307.2744 (D. Dixit et al.)

Spintronic Oscillator Based on Magnetic Field Feedback    [PDF]

D. Dixit, K. Konishi, C. V. Tomy, Y. Suzuki, A. A. Tulapurkar

1307.2745 (K. Konishi et al.)

RF amplification property of the MgO-based magnetic tunnel junction
using field-induced ferromagnetic resonance

K. Konishi, D. K. Dixit, A. A. Tulapurkar, S. Miwa, T. Nozaki, H. Kubota, A. Fukushima, S. Yuasa, Y. Suzuki

1307.2764 (James Jun He et al.)

BDI Class Topological Superconductors and Generating Entangled Spin
Currents in Quantum Anomalous Hall Insulators

James Jun He, Jiansheng Wu, T. P. Choy, Xiong-Jun Liu, Y. Tanaka, K. T. Law