Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0926 (D. V. Vlasov et al.)

Simple approach for detection and estimation of photoactivity of silver
particles on graphene oxide in aqueous-organic dispersion

D. V. Vlasov, L. A. Apresyan, T. V. Vlasova
In the aqueous-organic (containing dimethylformamide) dispersion of graphene oxide flakes with deposited thereon Ag-particles, under the action of light in visible range, apparently for the first time, the effect of sediment flotation was observed with subsequent stabilization of the dispersion, which does not occur in the absence of Ag-particles. The main reason for such a laser light induced movement of sediment GO flakes may be explained with the appearance of small bubbles. The further development of this approach seem to be able to estimate photo activity of graphene flakes with different activation particles.
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