Monday, February 11, 2013

1302.1877 (S. Pecker et al.)

Observation and Spectroscopy of a Two-Electron Wigner Molecule in an
Ultra-Clean Carbon Nanotube

S. Pecker, F. Kuemmeth, A. Secchi, M. Rontani, D. C. Ralph, P. L. McEuen, S. Ilani

1302.1881 (Christophe Texier et al.)

Wigner time-delay distribution in chaotic cavities and freezing

Christophe Texier, Satya N. Majumdar

1302.1933 (J. Medford et al.)

Self-Consistent Measurement and State Tomography of an Exchange-Only
Spin Qubit

J. Medford, J. Beil, J. M. Taylor, S. D. Bartlett, A. C. Doherty, E. I. Rashba, D. P. DiVincenzo, H. Lu, A. C. Gossard, C. M. Marcus

1302.1935 (T. Espinosa-Ortega et al.)

A Complete Architecture of Integrated Photonic Circuits based on
Semiconductor Microcavities

T. Espinosa-Ortega, T. C. H. Liew

1302.1940 (Jie Liu et al.)

Scaling Analysis of Nanowire Phase Change Memory    [PDF]

Jie Liu, Bin Yu, M. P. Anantram

1302.1985 (R. Wieser)

Comparison of quantum and classical relaxation in spin dynamics    [PDF]

R. Wieser

1302.2005 (N. Akopian et al.)

An artificial atom locked to natural atoms    [PDF]

N. Akopian, R. Trotta, E. Zallo, S. Kumar, P. Atkinson, A. Rastelli, O. G. Schmidt, V. Zwiller

1302.2012 (A. Hernandez-Cabrera et al.)

Spin polarization of electrons in asymmetric double quantum wells under
an in-plane magnetic field. Effect of abrupt barriers

A. Hernandez-Cabrera, P. Aceituno

1302.2014 (E. V. Kurganova et al.)

Quantized coexisting electrons and holes in graphene measured using
temperature dependent magneto-transport

E. V. Kurganova, S. Wiedmann, A. J. M. Giesbers, R. V. Gorbachev, K. S. Novoselov, M. I. Katsnelson, T. Tudorovsky, J. C. Maan, U. Zeitler

1302.2071 (M. -T. Rieder et al.)

Reentrant topological phase transitions in a disordered spinless
superconducting wire

M. -T. Rieder, P. W. Brouwer, I. Adagideli

1302.2075 (Martin L. R. Fürst et al.)

Matrix-valued Boltzmann equation for the non-integrable Hubbard chain    [PDF]

Martin L. R. Fürst, Christian B. Mendl, Herbert Spohn

1302.2086 (Sergey V Lotkhov)

Ultra-high-ohmic microstripline resistors for Coulomb blockade devices    [PDF]

Sergey V Lotkhov

1302.2110 (Yuxue Cai et al.)

Fully sealed metal nanoparticle film based field-effect transistor    [PDF]

Yuxue Cai, Jan Michels, Julien Bachmann, Christian Klinke

1302.2113 (Benjamin J. Wieder et al.)

Signatures of Majorana Fermions in Topological Insulator Josephson
Junction Devices

Benjamin J. Wieder, Fan Zhang, C. L. Kane

1302.2117 (F. Bottegoni et al.)

Photoinduced inverse spin Hall effect in Pt/Ge(001) at room temperature    [PDF]

F. Bottegoni, A. Ferrari, S. Cecchi, M. Finazzi, F. Ciccacci, G. Isella

1302.2124 (J. Charles et al.)

Tunable All Electric Spin Polarizer    [PDF]

J. Charles, N. Bhandari, J. Wan, M. Cahay, R. S. Newrock

1302.2138 (A. M. Alexeev et al.)

Aharonov-Bohm quantum rings in high-Q microcavities    [PDF]

A. M. Alexeev, I. A. Shelykh, M. E. Portnoi