Thursday, October 18, 2012

1004.2688 (Taro Kimura)

Hall and spin Hall viscosity ratio in topological insulators    [PDF]

Taro Kimura

1210.4563 (Hayk Harutyunyan et al.)

Controllable Optical Negative Refraction and Phase Conjugation in

Hayk Harutyunyan, Ryan Beams, Lukas Novotny

1210.4564 (Vesna Berec)

Quantum entanglement and spin control in silicon nanocrystal    [PDF]

Vesna Berec

1210.4585 (Carlos Diaz-Pinto et al.)

AB-Stacked Multilayer Graphene Synthesized via Chemical Vapor
Deposition: A Characterization by Hot Carrier Transport

Carlos Diaz-Pinto, Debtanu De, Viktor G. Hadjiev, Haibing Peng

1210.4638 (A. Choi et al.)

Probing Spin-Charge Relation by Magnetoconductance in One-Dimensional
Polymer Nanofibers

A. Choi, K. H. Kim, S. J. Hong, M. Goh, K. Akagi, R. B. Kaner, N. N. Kirova, S. A. Brazovskii, A. T. Johnson, D. A. Bonnell, E. J. Mele, Y. W. Park

1210.4642 (Matthieu Bellec et al.)

Topological transition of Dirac points in a microwave experiment    [PDF]

Matthieu Bellec, Ulrich Kuhl, Gilles Montambaux, Fabrice Mortessagne

1210.4645 (J. I. Colless et al.)

Dispersive Readout of a Few-Electron Double Quantum Dot with Fast rf

J. I. Colless, A. C. Mahoney, J. M. Hornibrook, A. C. Doherty, D. J. Reilly, H. Lu, A. C. Gossard

1210.4656 (Koji Kobayashi et al.)

Disordered weak and strong topological insulators    [PDF]

Koji Kobayashi, Tomi Ohtsuki, Ken-Ichiro Imura

1210.4687 (T. Hakioğlu et al.)

Prediction of Measureable Casimir-like Force and Free Energy Signatures
of Exciton Condensates in DQWs

T. Hakioğlu, Ege Özgün, Mehmet Günay

1210.4741 (Yi-qun Xie et al.)

Conductance of single-atom magnetic junctions: A first-principles study    [PDF]

Yi-qun Xie, Qiang Li, Lei Huang, Xiang Ye, San-Huang Ke

1210.4743 (C. Kastl et al.)

Local photocurrent generation in thin films of the topological insulator

C. Kastl, T. Guan, X. Y. He, K. H. Wu, Y. Q. Li, A. W. Holleitner

1210.4817 (Llorens Serra)

Majorana modes and complex band structure of quantum wires    [PDF]

Llorens Serra

1210.4818 (Gabriel Autès et al.)

Controlling edge states in the Kane-Mele model via edge chirality    [PDF]

Gabriel Autès, Oleg V. Yazyev