Friday, June 28, 2013

1305.2217 (Z. Papic)

Fractional quantum Hall effect in a tilted magnetic field    [PDF]

Z. Papic

1306.6343 (Philippe Jacquod et al.)

Signatures of Majorana fermions in hybrid normal-superconducting rings    [PDF]

Philippe Jacquod, Markus Buttiker

1306.6356 (E. R. MacQuarrie et al.)

Mechanical spin control of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond    [PDF]

E. R. MacQuarrie, T. A. Gosavi, N. R. Jungwirth, S. A. Bhave, G. D. Fuchs

1306.6363 (K. Korzekwa et al.)

Spin dynamics in p-doped semiconductor nanostructures subject to a
magnetic field tilted from the Voigt geometry

K. Korzekwa, C. Gradl, M. Kugler, S. Furthmeier, M. Griesbeck, M. Hirmer, D. Schuh, W. Wegscheider, T. Kuhn, C. Schüller, T. Korn, P. Machnikowski

1306.6387 (Ilya G. Ryabinkin et al.)

Geometric phase effects in dynamics near conical intersections: Symmetry
breaking and spatial localization

Ilya G. Ryabinkin, Artur F. Izmaylov

1306.6400 (Mohammad Sabaeian et al.)

Size-dependent intersubband optical properties of dome-shaped InAs/GaAs
quantum dots with wetting layer

Mohammad Sabaeian, Ali Khaledi-Nasab

1306.6422 (Andrey R. Kolovsky)

Master equation approach to conductivity of bosonic and fermionic
carriers in one- and two-dimensional lattices

Andrey R. Kolovsky

1306.6425 (E. I. Baibekov)

High temperature collective spin-photon coupling in a microwave cavity    [PDF]

E. I. Baibekov

1306.6447 (Christian Franz et al.)

Influence of the magnetic material on tunneling magnetoresistance and
spin-transfer torque in tunnel junctions: Ab initio studies

Christian Franz, Michael Czerner, Christian Heiliger

1306.6459 (P. T. Murray et al.)

Evidence for Adsorbate-Enhanced Field Emission from Carbon Nanotube

P. T. Murray, T. C. Back, M. M. Cahay, S. B. Fairchild, B. Maruyama, N. P. Lockwood, M. Pasquali

1306.6477 (N. R. Ray et al.)

Room temperature operational single electron transistor on the
macroscopic surface of hydrogenated diamond like carbon

N. R. Ray, J. Datta, H. S. Biswas, P. Sen, K. Bagani

1306.6478 (B. A. Stickler et al.)

Charge transport through interfaces: a tight-binding toy model and its

B. A. Stickler, W. Pötz

1306.6491 (Salil Bedkihal et al.)

Magnetic field symmetries of nonlinear transport with elastic and
inelastic scattering

Salil Bedkihal, Malay Bandyopadhyay, Dvira Segal

1306.6522 (Wei Chen et al.)

Quantum computing through electron propagation in the edge states of
quantum spin Hall systems

Wei Chen, Zheng-Yuan Xue, Z. D. Wang, R. Shen, D. Y. Xing

1306.6558 (Sun-Yong Hwang et al.)

Magnetic-field asymmetry of nonlinear thermoelectric and heat transport    [PDF]

Sun-Yong Hwang, David Sánchez, Minchul Lee, Rosa López