Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1110.0840 (Masudul Haque et al.)

Slow interaction ramps in trapped many-particle systems: universal
deviations from adiabaticity

Masudul Haque, F. E. Zimmer

1305.0825 (S. Das Sarma et al.)

Intrinsic plasmons in 2D Dirac materials    [PDF]

S. Das Sarma, Qiuzi Li

1305.0869 (Chun-Yeol You et al.)

Role of the Non-Collinear Polarizer Layer in Spin Transfer Torque
Switching Processes

Chun-Yeol You, Myung-Hwa Jung

1305.0906 (Mehmet Sahin et al.)

A new model for the recombination and radiative lifetime of trions and
biexcitons in spherically shaped semiconductor nanocrystals

Mehmet Sahin, Fatih Koc

1305.0908 (Hatice Taş et al.)

The electronic properties of a core/shell/well/shell spherical quantum
dot with and without a hydrogenic impurity

Hatice Taş, Mehmet Sahin

1305.0910 (Mehmet Sahin et al.)

The photoionization cross section of a hydrogenic impurity in a
multi-layered spherical quantum dot

Mehmet Sahin, Firdes Tek, Ahmet Erdinç

1305.0913 (Hatice Taş et al.)

The inter-sublevel optical properties of a spherical quantum dot-quantum
well with and without a donor impurity

Hatice Taş, Mehmet Sahin

1305.0940 (Zhou Shi et al.)

Focusing through random media in space and time: a transmission matrix

Zhou Shi, Matthieu Davy, Jing Wang, Azriel Z. Genack

1305.0942 (E. R. P. Novais et al.)

Effect of perpendicular uniaxial anisotropy on the annihilation fields
of magnetic vortices

E. R. P. Novais, S. Allende, D. Altbir, P. Landeros, F. Garcia, A. P. Guimarães

1305.0977 (P. Kühne et al.)

Isotropic and anisotropic Landau level transitions in epitaxial graphene
revealed by infrared optical Hall effect

P. Kühne, V. Darakchieva, J. D. Tedesco, R. L. Myers-Ward, C. R. Eddy Jr., D. K. Gaskill, R. Yakimova, C. M. Herzinger, J. A. Woollam, M. Schubert, and T. Hofmann

1305.1028 (I. A. Dmitriev et al.)

Emergence of domains and nonlinear transport in the zero-resistance

I. A. Dmitriev, M. Khodas, A. D. Mirlin, D. G. Polyakov

1305.1051 (Daniel Braun et al.)

Coherently enhanced measurements in classical mechanics    [PDF]

Daniel Braun, Sandu Popescu

1305.1086 (Haibing Peng)

A Comment on the Origin of Conductance Dips at Finite Bias in Andreev
Reflection Spectroscopy Data

Haibing Peng

1305.1097 (E. Malatsetxebarria et al.)

Dissipative Effects on the Superfluid to Insulator Transition in
Mixed-dimensional Optical Lattices

E. Malatsetxebarria, Zi Cai, U. Schollwoeck, M. A. Cazalilla

1305.1156 (E. M. Kendirlik et al.)

Anomalous resistance overshoot in the integer quantum Hall effect    [PDF]

E. M. Kendirlik, S. Sirt, S. B. Kalkan, W. Dietsche, W. Wegscheider, S. Ludwig, A. Siddiki

1305.1166 (Hengyi Xu et al.)

Andreev reflection tuned by magnetic barriers in superconductor
contacted graphene

Hengyi Xu, T. Henizel

1305.1195 (J. Nagel et al.)

Nanoscale multifunctional sensor formed by a Ni nanotube and a scanning
Nb nanoSQUID

J. Nagel, A. Buchter, F. Xue, O. F. Kieler, T. Weimann, J. Kohlmann, A. B. Zorin, D. Rüffer, E. Russo-Averchi, R. Huber, P. Berberich, A. Fontcuberta i Morral, D. Grundler, R. Kleiner, D. Koelle, M. Poggio, M. Kemmler

1305.1238 (V. A. Volkov et al.)

Cyclotron parametric resonance in microwave-irradiated two-dimensional
electron system

V. A. Volkov, A. A. Zabolotnykh

1305.1252 (G. M. Wysin et al.)

Effects of interband transitions on Faraday rotation in metallic

G. M. Wysin, Viktor Chikan, Nathan Young, Raj Kumar Dani