Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1301.2639 (R. L. Willett et al.)

Magnetic field-tuned Aharonov-Bohm oscillations and evidence for
non-Abelian anyons at v=5/2

R. L. Willett, C. Nayak, K. Shtengel, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West

1301.2640 (F. K. Dejene et al.)

Spin heat accumulation and spin-dependent temperatures in nanopillar
spin valves

F. K. Dejene, J. Flipse, G. E. W. Bauer, B. J. van Wees

1301.2719 (Mengxing Cheng et al.)

Quantum phase transitions in a pseudogap Anderson-Holstein model    [PDF]

Mengxing Cheng, Kevin Ingersent

1301.2726 (Alejandro Ferrón et al.)

Quantum control of a model qubit based on a multi-layered quantum dot    [PDF]

Alejandro Ferrón, Pablo Serra, Omar Osenda

1301.2727 (L. Casparis et al.)

Evidence for Disorder Induced Delocalization in Graphite    [PDF]

L. Casparis, D. Hug, D. Kölbl, D. M. Zumbühl

1301.2790 (Juergen Dietel et al.)

Semiclassical Approach to the Physics of Smooth Superlattice Potentials
in Graphene

Juergen Dietel, Hagen Kleinert

1301.2810 (Yaghoob Naimi et al.)

Oscillator strengths of the intersubband electronic transitions in the
multi-layered nano-antidots with hydrogenic impurity

Yaghoob Naimi, A. R. Jafari

1301.2813 (N. R. Pradhan et al.)

Intrinsic carrier mobility of multi-layered MoS$_2$ field-effect
transistors on SiO$_2$

N. R. Pradhan, D. Rhodes, Q. Zhang, S. Talapatra, M. Terrones, P. M. Ajayan, L. Balicas

1301.2818 (A. R. Jafari et al.)

Linear and nonlinear optical properties of multi-layered spherical
nano-systems with donor impurity in the center

A. R. Jafari, Yaghoob Naimi

1301.2819 (Dimitrios Koumoulis et al.)

NMR Probe of Metallic States in Nanoscale Topological Insulators    [PDF]

Dimitrios Koumoulis, Thomas C. Chasapis, Robert E. Taylor, Michael P. Lake, Danny King, Nanette N. Jarenwattananon, Gregory A. Fiete, Mercouri G. Kanatzidis, Louis-S. Bouchard

1301.2833 (D. Kloepfer et al.)

Bound States and Supercriticality in Graphene-Based Topological

D. Kloepfer, A. De Martino, R. Egger

1301.2838 (Yong Zhang et al.)

Breakdown of effective phonon theory in one-dimensional chains with
asymmetric interactions

Yong Zhang, Shunda Chen, Jiao Wang, Hong Zhao

1301.2843 (Daniel Boyanovsky)

Coherence and decoherence in photon spin-qubit entanglement    [PDF]

Daniel Boyanovsky

1301.2933 (B. A. Stickler et al.)

Theoretical investigation of room-temperature spin-filtering in
lattice-matched fcc GaAs/CrAs/GaAs heterostructures

B. A. Stickler, C. Ertler, W. Pötz, L. Chioncel

1301.2968 (S. D. Bennett et al.)

Phonon-induced spin-spin interactions in diamond nanostructures:
application to spin squeezing

S. D. Bennett, N. Y. Yao, J. Otterbach, P. Zoller, P. Rabl, M. D. Lukin

1301.2980 (I. Niemeyer et al.)

Broadband Excitation by Chirped Pulses: Application to Single Electron
Spins in Diamond

I. Niemeyer, J. H. Shim, J. Zhang, D. Suter, T. Taniguchi, T. Teraji, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Yamamoto, T. Ohshima, J. Isoya, F. Jelezko

1301.3012 (D. Wigger et al.)

Fluctuation properties of acoustic phonons generated by ultrafast
optical excitation of a quantum dot

D. Wigger, D. E. Reiter, V. M. Axt, T. Kuhn

1301.3036 (A. Bogdanov et al.)

Luminescence on the horseshoe nanolaser    [PDF]

A. Bogdanov, I. Fedorov, A. N. Lagarkov, G. Tartakovsky, A. K. Sarychev

1301.3052 (E. Suárez Morell et al.)

Electronic Properties of Twisted Trilayer Graphene    [PDF]

E. Suárez Morell, M. Pacheco, L. Chico, L. Brey

1301.3068 (Martin Nuss et al.)

Steady-state and quench dependent relaxation of a quantum dot coupled to
one-dimensional leads

Martin Nuss, Martin Ganahl, Hans Gerd Evertz, Enrico Arrigoni, Wolfgang von der Linden

1301.3094 (J. Lambert et al.)

Quantum Hall ferromagnetic phases in the Landau level N=0 of a graphene

J. Lambert, R. Côté

1301.3108 (J. Debus et al.)

Spin-flip Raman scattering of the neutral and charged excitons confined
in a CdTe/(Cd,Mg)Te quantum well

J. Debus, D. Dunker, V. F. Sapega, D. R. Yakovlev, G. Karczewski, T. Wojtowicz, J. Kossut, M. Bayer