Friday, March 29, 2013

1303.6916 (Sebastiano Peotta et al.)

Shock waves and population inversion in collisions of ultracold atomic

Sebastiano Peotta, Massimiliano Di Ventra

1303.6950 (G. T. Hickman et al.)

Dynamically corrected gates for an exchange-only qubit    [PDF]

G. T. Hickman, Xin Wang, J. P. Kestner, S. Das Sarma

1303.6954 (B. Kulchytskyy et al.)

Local Superfluidity at the Nanoscale    [PDF]

B. Kulchytskyy, G. Gervais, A. Del Maestro

1303.6965 (Canran Xu et al.)

Full Counting Statistics of Photons Emitted by Double Quantum Dot    [PDF]

Canran Xu, Maxim G. Vavilov

1303.6994 (Tobias Meng et al.)

Strongly anisotropic spin response as a signature of the helical regime
in Rashba nanowires

Tobias Meng, Daniel Loss

1303.7003 (Mario Silveirinha)

Effective Medium Response of Metallic Nanowire Arrays with a Kerr-type
Dielectric Host

Mario Silveirinha

1303.7014 (Junhua Zhang et al.)

Post-transient relaxation in graphene after an intense laser pulse    [PDF]

Junhua Zhang, Tianqi Li, Jigang Wang, Joerg Schmalian

1303.7017 (Guang-Yu Guo et al.)

Metamaterial slab-based super-absorbers and perfect nanodetectors for
single dipole sources

Guang-Yu Guo, Vasily Klimov, Shulin Sun, Wei-Jin Zheng

1303.7019 (Kicheon Kang)

Local Geometric Phase and Quantum State Tomography in a Superconducting

Kicheon Kang

1303.7031 (Ji Chen et al.)

Spin Torque on Magnetic Textures Coupled to the Surface of a
Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator

Ji Chen, Mansoor Bin Abdul Jalil, Seng Ghee Tan

1303.7036 (Dibyendu Roy et al.)

Nature of the zero-bias conductance peak associated with Majorana bound
states in topological phases of semiconductor-superconductor hybrid

Dibyendu Roy, C. J. Bolech, Nayana Shah

1303.7042 (W. K. Hildebrand et al.)

Observation of infinite-range intensity correlations near the 3D
Anderson localization transition

W. K. Hildebrand, A. Strybulevych, S. E. Skipetrov, B. A. van Tiggelen, J. H. Page

1303.7058 (Jaya Kumar Panda et al.)

Electronic Band Structure of Wurtzite GaP Nanowires via Resonance Raman

Jaya Kumar Panda, Anushree Roy, Mauro Gemmi, Elena Husanu, Ang Li, Daniele Ercolani, Lucia Sorba

1303.7095 (L. W. van Heeringen et al.)

$\bm{k}\cdot\bm{p}$ subband structure of the LaAlO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$

L. W. van Heeringen, G. A. de Wijs, A. McCollam, J. C. Maan, A. Fasolino

1303.7104 (D. V. Khomitsky et al.)

Edge states and topological properties of electrons on the bismuth on
silicon surface with giant spin-orbit coupling

D. V. Khomitsky, A. A. Chubanov

1303.7132 (Davide Mandelli et al.)

Stick-Slip Nanofriction in Trapped Cold Ion Chains    [PDF]

Davide Mandelli, Andrea Vanossi, Erio Tosatti

1303.7148 (Randy K. Dumas et al.)

Spin wave mode coexistence on the nano-scale: A consequence of the
Oersted field induced asymmetric energy landscape

Randy K. Dumas, Ezio Iacocca, Stefano Bonetti, Sohrab Sani, Majid Mohseni, Anders Eklund, Johan Persson, Olle Heinonen, Johan Åkerman

1303.7154 (Antonio Di Lorenzo)

Quantum state tomography from sequential measurement of two variables in
a single setup

Antonio Di Lorenzo

1303.7161 (Eitan Eidelstein et al.)

Crossover from adiabatic to antiadiabatic phonon-assisted tunneling in
single-molecule transistors

Eitan Eidelstein, Dotan Goberman, Avraham Schiller

1303.7165 (Padmnabh Rai et al.)

Electrically generated surface plasmons by electroluminescence of
individual carbon nanotube field effect transistor

Padmnabh Rai, Nicolai Hartmann, Johann Berthelot, Juan Arocas, Gérard Colas des Francs, Achim Hartschuh, Alexandre Bouhelier

1303.7172 (Kirill A. Velizhanin et al.)

Low-Temperature Hopping Dynamics with Energy Disorder: Renormalization
Group Approach

Kirill A. Velizhanin, Andrei Piryatinski, Vladimir Y. Chernyak

1303.7175 (Dania Kambly et al.)

Time-dependent factorial cumulants in interacting nano-scale systems    [PDF]

Dania Kambly, Christian Flindt

1303.7193 (M. N. Chernodub)

On magnetic-field-induced dissipationless electric current in nanowires    [PDF]

M. N. Chernodub

1303.7209 (V. Y. Zaitsev et al.)

Slow relaxation and aging phenomena at nano-scale in granular materials    [PDF]

V. Y. Zaitsev, V. E. Gusev, V. Tournat, P. Richard

1303.7224 (Victor Alexandrov et al.)

Cubic Topological Kondo Insulators    [PDF]

Victor Alexandrov, Maxim Dzero, Piers Coleman