Tuesday, October 23, 2012

0907.0632 (B. Crouzy et al.)

On magnetic interference patterns in long disordered Josephson junctions    [PDF]

B. Crouzy, D. A. Ivanov

1210.5535 (Hema C. P. Movva et al.)

Self-aligned graphene field-effect transistors with polyethyleneimine
doped source/drain access regions

Hema C. P. Movva, Michael E. Ramón, Chris M. Corbet, Sushant Sonde, Sk. Fahad Chowdhury, Gary Carpenter, Emanuel Tutuc, Sanjay K. Banerjee

1210.5555 (J. R. Schaibley et al.)

Demonstration of quantum entanglement between a single quantum dot
electron spin and a photon

J. R. Schaibley, A. P. Burgers, G. A. McCracken, L-M Duan, P. R. Berman, D. G. Steel, A. S. Bracker, D. Gammon, L. J. Sham

1210.5611 (Arya Fallahi et al.)

Design of Tunable Biperiodic Graphene Metasurfaces    [PDF]

Arya Fallahi, Julien Perruisseau-Carrier

1210.5615 (Dmitry A. Ryndyk et al.)

Many-body localized molecular orbital approach to molecular transport    [PDF]

Dmitry A. Ryndyk, Andrea Donarini, Milena Grifoni, Klaus Richter

1210.5647 (Nicolas I. Grigorchuk)

Radiative damping of surface plasmon resonance in spheroidal metallic
nanoparticle embedded in a dielectric medium

Nicolas I. Grigorchuk

1210.5684 (Kipp J. van Schooten et al.)

Spin-dependent exciton quenching and intrinsic spin coherence in
CdSe/CdS nanocrystals

Kipp J. van Schooten, Jing Huang, William J. Baker, Dmitri V. Talapin, Christoph Boehme, John M. Lupton

1210.5698 (Jinshuang Jin et al.)

Noise spectrum of a quantum dot-resonator lasing circuit    [PDF]

Jinshuang Jin, Michael Marthaler, Pei-Qing Jin, Dmitry Golubev, Gerd Schön

1210.5712 (Jean Charvolin et al.)

Ordering in dense fiber bundles, the phyllotactic solution and its
application to collagen fibrils

Jean Charvolin, Jean-François Sadoc

1210.5744 (E. Kogan)

All approaches to RKKY interaction in graphene are equal, but some
approaches are more equal than others

E. Kogan

1210.5768 (Andreas Fischer et al.)

Influence of barrier form on Fowler-Nordheim plot analysis    [PDF]

Andreas Fischer, Marwan S. Mousa, Richard G. Forbes

1210.5823 (Sang-Jun Choi et al.)

Local and Tunable Geometric Phase of Dirac Fermions in a Topological

Sang-Jun Choi, Sunghun Park, H. -S. Sim

1210.5836 (Corina Etz et al.)

Accelerating the switching of logical units by anisotropy driven
magnetization dynamics

Corina Etz, Marcio Costa, Olle Eriksson, Anders Bergman

1210.5901 (M. P. Nowak et al.)

Spin polarization anisotropy in a narrow spin-orbit-coupled nanowire
quantum dot

M. P. Nowak, B. Szafran

1210.5934 (Kelley Reaves et al.)

STM Studies of Isolated Mn12-Ph Single Molecule Magnets    [PDF]

Kelley Reaves, Kyongwan Kim, Katsuya Iwaya, Taro Hitosugi, Hanhua Zhao, Kim R. Dunbar, Helmut G. Katzgraber, Winfried Teizer

1210.5960 (Konstantin L. Metlov)

Large vortex state in ferromagnetic disks    [PDF]

Konstantin L. Metlov

1210.5982 (Behnood G. Ghamsari et al.)

High-Temperature Superconducting Multi-Band Radio-Frequency Metamaterial

Behnood G. Ghamsari, John Abrahams, Steven M. Anlage

1210.5989 (Hangwen Guo et al.)

Growth diagram of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films using pulsed laser

Hangwen Guo, Dali Sun, Wenbin Wang, Zheng Gai, Ivan Kravchenko, Jian Shao, Lu Jiang, Thomas Z. Ward, Paul C. Snijders, Lifeng Yin, Jian Shen, Xiaoshan Xu

1210.5996 (C. M. Dion et al.)

Anisotropic properties of spin avalanches in crystals of nanomagnets    [PDF]

C. M. Dion, O. Jukimenko, M. Modestov, M. Marklund, V. Bychkov

1210.6018 (Yufeng Liang et al.)

Enhanced Many-Electron Effects on Excited States of Gated Bilayer

Yufeng Liang, Li Yang

1210.6020 (L. C. Campos et al.)

Quantum and classical confinement of resonant states in a trilayer
graphene Fabry-Perot interferometer

L. C. Campos, A. F. Young, K. Surakitbovorn, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Jarillo-Herrero