Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1210.3622 (Hendrik Weimer et al.)

Collectively Enhanced Interactions in Solid-state Spin Qubits    [PDF]

Hendrik Weimer, Norman Y. Yao, Mikhail D. Lukin

1210.3643 (Y. Alhassid et al.)

Signatures of phase transitions in nuclei at finite excitation energies    [PDF]

Y. Alhassid, C. Özen, H. Nakada

1210.3649 (Davide Venturelli et al.)

Minimal self-contained quadridot quantum refrigeration machine    [PDF]

Davide Venturelli, Rosario Fazio, Vittorio Giovannetti

1210.3665 (Nupur Gupta et al.)

Temperature-dependent electron mobility in InAs nanowires    [PDF]

Nupur Gupta, Yipu Song, Gregory W. Holloway, Urbasi Sinha, Chris Haapamaki, Ray R. LaPierre, Jonathan Baugh

1210.3675 (Kevin Inderbitzin et al.)

Soft X-Ray Single-Photon Detection With Superconducting Tantalum Nitride
and Niobium Nanowires

Kevin Inderbitzin, Andreas Engel, Andreas Schilling

1210.3687 (A. L. Kuzemsky)

To the problem of the intrinsic magnetism in carbon-based systems: pro
et contra

A. L. Kuzemsky

1210.3815 (Ville Kotimaki et al.)

Fractal Dynamics in Chaotic Quantum Transport    [PDF]

Ville Kotimaki, Esa Rasanen, Holger Hennig, Eric J. Heller

1210.3899 (Òscar Iglesias)

Time dependent phenomena in nanoparticle assemblies    [PDF]

Òscar Iglesias

1210.3918 (D. Cevizovic et al.)

Vibron Self--trapped States in Biological Macromolecules: Comparison of
Different Theoretical Approaches

D. Cevizovic, S. Galovic, A. Reshetnyak, Z. Ivic

1210.3982 (M. J. Schwarz et al.)

Gradiometric flux qubits with tunable gap    [PDF]

M. J. Schwarz, J. Goetz, Z. Jiang, T. Niemczyk, F. Deppe, A. Marx, R. Gross

1210.3990 (Teemu Ojanen)

Topological pi Josephson junction in superconducting Rashba wires    [PDF]

Teemu Ojanen

1210.4036 (Yong Wang et al.)

Optimal Control of Stochastic Magnetization Dynamics by Spin Current    [PDF]

Yong Wang, Fu-Chun Zhang

1210.4039 (P. Kómár et al.)

Single-photon nonlinearities in two-mode optomechanics    [PDF]

P. Kómár, S. D. Bennett, K. Stannigel, S. J. M. Habraken, P. Rabl, P. Zoller, M. D. Lukin

1210.4057 (Rakesh P. Tiwari et al.)

Majorana fermions from Landau quantization in a
superconductor--topological-insulator hybrid structure

Rakesh P. Tiwari, U. Zülicke, C. Bruder

1210.4080 (Behnood G. Ghamsari et al.)

High-Temperature Superconducting Spiral Resonator for Metamaterial

Behnood G. Ghamsari, John Abrahams, Stephen Remillard, Steven M. Anlage

1210.4147 (A. Castellanos-Gomez et al.)

Electronic inhomogeneities in graphene: the role of the substrate
interaction and chemical doping

A. Castellanos-Gomez, Arramel, M. Wojtaszek, R. H. M. Smit, N. Tombros, N. Agraït, B. J. van Wees, G. Rubio-Bollinger

1210.4151 (Philipp Treutlein et al.)

Hybrid Mechanical Systems    [PDF]

Philipp Treutlein, Claudiu Genes, Klemens Hammerer, Martino Poggio, Peter Rabl