Tuesday, February 19, 2013

1111.2176 (I. A. Dmitriev et al.)

Nonequilibrium phenomena in high Landau levels    [PDF]

I. A. Dmitriev, A. D. Mirlin, D. G. Polyakov, M. A. Zudov

1111.3113 (G. P. Zhang et al.)

Electronic and spin transport properties of zigzag graphene nanoribbon
mediated by metal adatom: A study by QUAMBO-NEGF approach

G. P. Zhang, Xiaojie Liu, C. Z. Wang, Y. X. Yao, Jian Zhang, K. M. Ho

1302.3895 (Piotr Kaczmarkiewicz et al.)

Double quantum dot in a quantum dash: optical properties    [PDF]

Piotr Kaczmarkiewicz, Paweł Machnikowski, Tilmann Kuhn

1302.3907 (Zelei Guo et al.)

Record Maximum Oscillation Frequency in C-face Epitaxial Graphene

Zelei Guo, Rui Dong, Partha Sarathi Chakraborty, Nelson Lourenco, James Palmer, Yike Hu, Ming Ruan, John Hankinson, Jan Kunc, John D. Cressler, Claire Berger, Walt A. de Heer

1302.3922 (Guangyu Xu et al.)

Variability Effects in Graphene: Challenges and Opportunities for Device
Engineering and Applications

Guangyu Xu, Yuegang Zhang, Xiangfeng Duan, Alexander A. Balandin, Kang L. Wang

1302.3935 (Nardeep Kumar et al.)

Observation of strong second harmonic generation in monolayer MoS2    [PDF]

Nardeep Kumar, Qiannan Cui, Frank Ceballos, Hui Zhao

1302.3939 (A. V. Kotikov et al.)

A note on an application of the method of uniqueness to reduced quantum

A. V. Kotikov, S. Teber

1302.3942 (D. N. Nath et al.)

Unipolar Vertical Transport in GaN/AlGaN/GaN Heterostructures    [PDF]

D. N. Nath, P. S. Park, Z. C. Yang, S. Rajan

1302.3944 (Santanu K. Maiti)

Conformation-dependent electron transport through a biphenyl molecule:
Circular current and related issues

Santanu K. Maiti

1302.3945 (P. P. Aseev et al.)

Electronic transport through a correlated quantum wire connected to a
superconducting lead

P. P. Aseev, S. N. Artemenko

1302.3947 (Long-Hua Wu et al.)

Proposal for Manipulation of Majorana Fermions in Nano-Patterned
Semiconductor-Superconductor Heterostructure

Long-Hua Wu, Qi-Feng Liang, Zhi Wang, Xiao Hu

1302.3959 (Hichem Eleuch et al.)

Enhancement of photon intensity in forced coupled quantum wells inside a
semiconductor microcavity

Hichem Eleuch, Awadhesh Prasad, Ingrid Rotter

1302.3967 (G. L. Yu et al.)

Interaction phenomena in graphene seen through quantum capacitance    [PDF]

G. L. Yu, R. Jalil, Branson Belle, Alexander S. Mayorov, Peter Blake, Frederick Schedin, Sergey V. Morozov, Leonid A. Ponomarenko, F. Chiappini, S. Wiedmann, Uli Zeitler, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, A. K. Geim, Kostya S. Novoselov, Daniel C. Elias

1302.3976 (J. Campos-Delgado et al.)

Twisted bi-layer graphene: microscopic rainbows    [PDF]

J. Campos-Delgado, G. Algara-Siller, U. Kaiser, J. -P. Raskin

1302.4017 (Luka Trifunovic et al.)

Long-Range Interaction of Spin-Qubits via Ferromagnets    [PDF]

Luka Trifunovic, Fabio L. Pedrocchi, Daniel Loss

1302.4025 (O. A. Tkachenko et al.)

Temperature Dependence of Conductance and Thermopower Anomalies of
Quantum Point Contacts

O. A. Tkachenko, V. A. Tkachenko

1302.4026 (A. Kechiantz et al.)

Modification of band alignment at interface of AlyGa1-ySb/AlxGa1-xAs
type-II quantum dots by concentrated sunlight in intermediate band solar
cells with separated absorption and depletion regions

A. Kechiantz, A. Afanasev, J. -L. Lazzari

1302.4027 (Han Wang et al.)

Large-scale 2D Electronics based on Single-layer MoS2 Grown by Chemical
Vapor Deposition

Han Wang, Lili Yu, Yi-Hsien Lee, Wenjing Fang, Allen Hsu, Patrick Herring, Matthew Chin, Madan Dubey, Lain-Jong Li, Jing Kong, Tomas Palacios

1302.4031 (Richard Berkovits)

Two particle excited states entanglement entropy in a one-dimensional

Richard Berkovits

1302.4033 (Thomas L. Schmidt et al.)

Microwave-controlled coupling of Majorana bound states    [PDF]

Thomas L. Schmidt, Andreas Nunnenkamp, Christoph Bruder

1302.4037 (Yuriy P. Monarkha)

The fine structure of microwave-induced magneto-oscillations in
photoconductivity of the two-dimensional electron system formed on a
liquid-helium surface

Yuriy P. Monarkha

1302.4069 (A. A. Aligia)

Universal out-of-equilibrium transport in Kondo-correlated quantum dots    [PDF]

A. A. Aligia

1302.4145 (D. Schmeltzer et al.)

Optical conductivity for the surface of a Topological Insulator    [PDF]

D. Schmeltzer, K. Ziegler

1302.4185 (Xingquan Zou et al.)

Terahertz conductivity of twisted bilayer graphene    [PDF]

Xingquan Zou, Jingzhi Shang, Jianing Leaw, Zhiqiang Luo, Liyan Luo, Chan La-o-vorakiat, Liang Cheng, Haibin Su, Jian-Xin Zhu, Yanpeng Liu, Kian Ping Loh, A. H. Castro Neto, Ting Yu, Elbert E. M. Chia

1302.4206 (M. Snelder et al.)

Andreev bound states and current-phase relations in three-dimensional
topological insulators

M. Snelder, M. Veldhorst, A. A. Golubov, A. Brinkman

1302.4299 (Titus Sandu)

Shape effects on localized surface plasmon resonances in metallic

Titus Sandu

1302.4322 (Tao Cai et al.)

Controlled coupling of photonic crystal cavities using photochromic

Tao Cai, Ranojoy Bose, Glenn S. Solomon, Edo Waks

1302.4341 (Takeshi Mizushima et al.)

Topological phases of quasi-one-dimensional fermionic atoms with a
synthetic gauge field

Takeshi Mizushima, Masatoshi Sato

1302.4362 (S. Kurth et al.)

Dynamical correction to Kohn-Sham conductances from static density
functional theory

S. Kurth, G. Stefanucci

1302.4364 (L. L. A. Adams)

A Dynamical Cross-over Regime in the Transmission and Reflection Spectra
of Evanescent Waves with 2D Arrays of Josephson Junctions

L. L. A. Adams

1302.4416 (Christian Hahn et al.)

Comparative Measurements of Inverse Spin Hall and Magnetoresistance in
YIG|Pt and YIG|Ta

Christian Hahn, Grégoire De Loubens, Olivier Klein, Michel Viret, Vladimir V. Naletov, J. Ben Youssef

1302.4422 (Christophe Blanc et al.)

Phonon Heat Conduction in Corrugated Silicon Nanowires Below the Casimir

Christophe Blanc, Ali Rajabpour, Sebastian Volz, Thierry Fournier, Olivier Bourgeois