Monday, October 1, 2012

1209.6364 (F. Amet et al.)

Insulating behavior at the neutrality point in dual-gated, single-layer

F. Amet, J. R. Williams, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, D. Goldhaber-Gordon

1209.6373 (Hsiang-Hsuan Hung et al.)

Vortex Lattices in the Superconducting Phases of Doped Topological
Insulators and Heterostructures

Hsiang-Hsuan Hung, Pouyan Ghaemi, Taylor L. Hughes, Matthew J. Gilbert

1209.6384 (Mariya V. Medvedyeva et al.)

Eigenfrequencies of the randomly pinned drum and conductivity of

Mariya V. Medvedyeva, Yaroslav M. Blanter

1209.6392 (Philippe Tassin et al.)

Electromagnetically Induced Transparency and Absorption in
Metamaterials: The Radiating Two-Oscillator Model and Experimental

Philippe Tassin, Lei Zhang, Rongkuo Zhao, Aditya Jain, Thomas Koschny, Costas M. Soukoulis

1209.6402 (Andrey R. Kolovsky)

Landau-Zener tunneling in 2D periodic structures in the presence of a
gauge field I: Tunneling rates

Andrey R. Kolovsky

1209.6407 (Hiroto Adachi et al.)

Theory of the Spin Seebeck Effect    [PDF]

Hiroto Adachi, Ken-ichi Uchida, Eiji Saitoh, Sadamichi Maekawa

1209.6411 (Yin Zhong et al.)

A novel topological antiferromagnetic spin-density-wave phase in an
extended Kondo lattice model

Yin Zhong, Yu-Feng Wang, Yong-Qiang Wang, Hong-Gang Luo

1209.6446 (Haijun Zhang et al.)

Topological insulators from the Perspective of first-principles

Haijun Zhang, Shou-Cheng Zhang

1209.6499 (Cyril Stark)

Simultaneous Estimation of Dimension, States and Measurements: Rigidity

Cyril Stark

1209.6519 (Pavol Banacky et al.)

Electronic structure of single-wall silicon nanotubes and silicon
nanorribons: Helical symmetry treatment and effect of dimensionality

Pavol Banacky, Jozef Noga, Vojtech Szocs

1209.6538 (Y. G. Rubo)

Mean-field description of multicomponent exciton-polariton superfluids    [PDF]

Y. G. Rubo

1209.6551 (Pouya Moetakef et al.)

Quantum oscillations from a two-dimensional electron gas at a Mott/band
insulator interface

Pouya Moetakef, Daniel G. Ouellette, James R. Williams, S. James Allen, Leon Balents, David Goldhaber-Gordon, Susanne Stemmer

1209.6597 (Jing Wang et al.)

Divergent Photon Absorption in Topological Insulator Ultra-thin Films    [PDF]

Jing Wang, Hideo Mabuchi, Xiao-Liang Qi

1209.6598 (Annett Thøgersen et al.)

An experimental study of charge distribution in crystalline and
amorphous Si nanoclusters in thin silica films

Annett Thøgersen, Spyros Diplas, Jeyanthinath Mayandi, Terje Finstad, Arne Olsen, John F. Watts, Masanori Mitome, Yoshio Bando

1209.6606 (Z. Papic et al.)

Quantum Phase Transitions and the ν=5/2 Fractional Hall State in Wide
Quantum Wells

Z. Papic, F. D. M. Haldane, E. H. Rezayi

1209.6611 (Richard G. Forbes)

Development of simple quantitative test for lack of field emission

Richard G. Forbes

1209.6623 (Annett Thøgersen et al.)

Characterization of amorphous and crystalline silicon nanoclusters in
ultra thin silica layers

Annett Thøgersen, Jeyanthinath Mayandi, Terje G. Finstad, Arne Olsen, Jens Sherman Christensen, Masanori Mitome, Yoshio Bando