Thursday, September 20, 2012

1105.5350 (Thomas Vogel et al.)

Morphological Similarities between Single-walled Nanotubes and Tubelike
Structures of Polymers with Strong Adsorption Affinity to Nanowires

Thomas Vogel, Tali Mutat, Joan Adler, Michael Bachmann

1201.0779 (Pavel A. Andreev)

Collective excitations in graphene in magnetic field    [PDF]

Pavel A. Andreev

1209.4088 (Tankut Can et al.)

Atomic Resolution Imaging of Currents in Nanoscopic Quantum Networks via
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

Tankut Can, Dirk K. Morr

1209.4121 (Manvir S. Kushwaha)

Inelastic electron and Raman scattering from the collective excitations
in quantum wires: Zero magnetic field

Manvir S. Kushwaha

1209.4153 (Mikhail Kostylev)

Asymmetry of modal profiles of dipole-exchange spin waves in thin
high-magnetic moment metallic ferromagnetic films

Mikhail Kostylev

1209.4208 (Y. Pavlyukh et al.)

Semi-classical approximation for the second harmonic generation in

Y. Pavlyukh, J. Berakdar, W. Hübner

1209.4248 (Xiongce Zhao)

A simple function for calculating the interaction between a molecule and
a graphene sheet

Xiongce Zhao

1209.4259 (J. S. Lehtinen et al.)

Coulomb blockade and Bloch oscillations in superconducting Ti nanowires    [PDF]

J. S. Lehtinen, K. Zakharov, K. Yu. Arutyunov

1209.4263 (Christoph Seibel et al.)

Single Dirac-cone on the Cs-covered topological insulator surface

Christoph Seibel, Henriette Maaß, Minoru Ohtaka, Sebastian Fiedler, Christian Jünger, Chul-Hee Min, Hendrik Bentmann, Kazuyuki Sakamoto, Friedrich Reinert

1209.4265 (Antonio Briones-Leon et al.)

Orbital and spin magnetic moments of transforming 1D iron inside
metallic and semiconducting carbon nanotubes

Antonio Briones-Leon, Paola Ayala, Xianjie Liu, Hiromichi Kataura, Kazuhiro Yanagi, Eugen Weschke, Michael Eisterer, Thomas Pichler, Hidetsugu Shiozawa

1209.4346 (Justin C. W. Song et al.)

Photo-excited Carrier Dynamics and Impact Excitation Cascade in Graphene    [PDF]

Justin C. W. Song, Klaas J. Tielrooij, Frank H. L. Koppens, Leonid S. Levitov