Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1212.4170 (Kitty Y. M. Yeung et al.)

Two-Path Solid-State Interferometry Using Ultra-Subwavelength 2D
Plasmonic Waves

Kitty Y. M. Yeung, Hosang Yoon, William Andress, Ken West, Loren Pfeiffer, Donhee Ham

1212.4183 (Tianran Chen et al.)

Anomalously small resistivity and thermopower of strongly compensated
semiconductors and topological insulators

Tianran Chen, B. I. Shklovskii

1212.4225 (J. J. Gu et al.)

III-V Gate-all-around Nanowire MOSFET Process Technology: From 3D to 4D    [PDF]

J. J. Gu, X. W. Wang, J. Shao, A. T. Neal, M. J. Manfra, R. G. Gordon, P. D. Ye

1212.4227 (J. J. Gu et al.)

20-80nm Channel Length InGaAs Gate-all-around Nanowire MOSFETs with
EOT=1.2nm and Lowest SS=63mV/dec

J. J. Gu, X. W. Wang, H. Wu, J. Shao, A. T. Neal, M. J. Manfra, R. G. Gordon, P. D. Ye

1212.4232 (Fan Zhang et al.)

Time Reversal Invariant Topological Superconductivity and Majorana
Kramers Pairs

Fan Zhang, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele

1212.4241 (Jie Ren et al.)

Braid Group and Topological Phase Transition in Nonequilibrium
Stochastic Dynamics

Jie Ren, N. A. Sinitsyn

1212.4259 (Xiaolong Zhu et al.)

Bends and splitters in graphene nanoribbon waveguides    [PDF]

Xiaolong Zhu, Wei Yan, N. Asger Mortensen, Sanshui Xiao

1212.4267 (Dmitry Golubev et al.)

Heat transport through a Josephson junction    [PDF]

Dmitry Golubev, Timothé Faivre, Jukka P. Pekola

1212.4309 (M. Ridene et al.)

Epitaxial Graphene Nanoribbons on Bunched Steps of a 6H-SiC(0001)
Substrate: Aromatic Ring Pattern and Van Hove Singularities

M. Ridene, T. Wassmann, E. Pallecchi, G. Rodary, J. C. Girard, A. Ouerghi1

1212.4323 (Alba Y Ramos et al.)

Resonance states in a cylindrical quantum dot with an external magnetic

Alba Y Ramos, Omar Osenda

1212.4324 (V. V. Kudryashov et al.)

Influence of Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interactions of equal
strengths on electron states in a circular quantum ring in the presence of a
magnetic field

V. V. Kudryashov, A. V. Baran

1212.4335 (Aki Kutvonen et al.)

Influence of nanoparticle size, loading, and shape on the mechanical
properties of polymer nanocomposites

Aki Kutvonen, Giulia Rossi, Sakari R. Puisto, Niko K. J. Rostedt, Tapio Ala-Nissila

1212.4341 (Ya. V. Terentyev et al.)

Photoluminescence studies of Zeeman effect in type-II InSb/InAs

Ya. V. Terentyev, M. S. Mukhin, A. A. Toropov, M. O. Nestoklon, B. Ya. Meltser, A. N. Semenov, V. A. Solovyev, S. V. Ivanov

1212.4353 (Bhaskaran Muralidharan et al.)

Thermoelectric spin accumulation and long-time spin precession in a
non-collinear quantum dot spin valve

Bhaskaran Muralidharan, Milena Grifoni

1212.4422 (Aymeric Delteil et al.)

Charge induced coherence between intersubband plasmons in a quantum

Aymeric Delteil, Angela Vasanelli, Yanko Todorov, Cheryl Feuillet-Palma, Margaux Renaudat St-Jean, Grégoire Beaudoin, Isabelle Sagnes, Carlo Sirtori

1212.4430 (A. De Pasquale et al.)

Selective writing and read-out of a register of static qubits    [PDF]

A. De Pasquale, F. Ciccarello, K. Yuasa, V. Giovannetti

1212.4439 (Pierre Jouy et al.)

Transition from strong to ultra-strong coupling regime in mid-infrared
metal-dielectric-metal cavities

Pierre Jouy, Angela Vasanelli, Yanko Todorov, Aymeric Delteil, Giorgio Biasiol, Lucia Sorba, Carlo Sirtori

1212.4465 (B. Béri)

Majorana-Klein hybridization in topological superconductor junctions    [PDF]

B. Béri