Friday, June 21, 2013

1306.4693 (Maher Ahmed)

Some Properties of Bilayer Graphene Nanoribbons    [PDF]

Maher Ahmed

1306.4680 (Jacob Linder et al.)

Asymmetric Ferromagnetic Resonance, Universal Walker Breakdown, and
Counterflow Domain Wall Motion in the Presence of Multiple Spin-Orbit Torques

Jacob Linder, Mohammad Alidoust

1306.4696 (Vasudha Shivamoggi et al.)

Weyl Phases in Point-Group Symmetric Superconductors    [PDF]

Vasudha Shivamoggi, Matthew J. Gilbert

1306.4716 (John F. Dobson et al.)

How many-body effects modify the van der Waals interaction between
graphene sheets

John F. Dobson, Tim Gould, Giovanni Vignale

1306.4717 (Seogjoo Jang et al.)

Coherent quantum dynamics in donor-bridge-acceptor systems: Beyond the
hopping and super-exchange mechanisms

Seogjoo Jang, Timothy C. Berkelbach, David R. Reichman

1306.4744 (Anthony R. Wright et al.)

Berry curvature determines the angle dependence of interlayer
magnetoresistance oscillations

Anthony R. Wright, Ross H. McKenzie

1306.4771 (Isaac H. Kim)

An entropic topological invariant for a gapped one-dimensional system    [PDF]

Isaac H. Kim

1306.4784 (Philippe Ben-Abdallah et al.)

Heat superdiffusion in plasmonic nanostructure networks    [PDF]

Philippe Ben-Abdallah, Riccardo Messina, Svend-Age Biehs, Maria Tschikin, Karl Joulain, Carsten Henkel

1306.4785 (Roland Cerna et al.)

Ultrafast tristable spin memory of a coherent polariton gas    [PDF]

Roland Cerna, Yoan Léger, Taofiq K. Paraïso, Michiel Wouters, François Morier-Genoud, Marcia T. Portella-Oberli, Benoît Deveaud

1306.4787 (Dmitry O. Krimer et al.)

Route from spontaneous decay to complex multimode dynamics in cavity QED    [PDF]

Dmitry O. Krimer, Matthias Liertzer, Stefan Rotter, Hakan E. Tureci

1306.4797 (Agostino Migliore et al.)

Nonlinear charge transport in redox molecular junctions: a Marcus

Agostino Migliore, Abraham Nitzan

1306.4804 (Bumned Soodchomshom)

Pseudo spin torque induced by gravitomagnetic-like field in graphene    [PDF]

Bumned Soodchomshom

1306.4812 (Agostino Migliore et al.)

Irreversibility and hysteresis in redox molecular conduction junctions    [PDF]

Agostino Migliore, Abraham Nitzan

1306.4815 (Andrey Varlamov et al.)

Prediction of thermomagnetic and thermoelectric properties for novel
materials and systems

Andrey Varlamov, Alexey Kavokin

1306.4824 (Riccardo Messina et al.)

Fluctuational-electrodynamic theory and dynamics of heat transfer in
multiple dipolar systems

Riccardo Messina, Maria Tschikin, Svend-Age Biehs, Philippe Ben-Abdallah

1306.4851 (Yen-Chun Tseng et al.)

Heat rectification effect of serially coupled quantum dots    [PDF]

Yen-Chun Tseng, David M T Kuo, Yia-chung Chang, Yan-Ting Lin

1306.4855 (Alexander J. White et al.)

Quantum Transport With Two Interacting Conduction Channels    [PDF]

Alexander J. White, Agostino Migliore, Michael Galperin, Abraham Nitzan

1306.4858 (Michael Galperin et al.)

Cooperative effects in inelastic tunneling    [PDF]

Michael Galperin, Abraham Nitzan

1306.4876 (V. I. Sugakov)

Exciton condensation in quantum wells. Excitonic hydrodynamics.

V. I. Sugakov

1306.4879 (Habib Rostami et al.)

Electronic structure and layer-resolved transmission of bilayer graphene
nanoribbon in the presence of vertical fields

Habib Rostami, Reza Asgari

1306.4899 (C. García-Meca et al.)

Spacetime transformation acoustics    [PDF]

C. García-Meca, S. Carloni, C. Barceló, G. Jannes, J. Sánchez-Dehesa, A. Martínez

1306.4904 (Joel Gersten et al.)

Induced spin filtering in electron transmission through chiral molecular
layers adsorbed on metals with strong spin-orbit coupling

Joel Gersten, Kristen Kaasbjerg, Abraham Nitzan

1306.4950 (Z. -H. Pan et al.)

Persistent Coherence and Spin-Polarization of Topological Surface States
on Topological Insulators

Z. -H. Pan, E. Vescovo, A. V. Fedorov, G. D. Gu, T. Valla

1306.4972 (Trung V. Phan et al.)

Ballistic Heat Transfer and Energy Waves in an Electron System    [PDF]

Trung V. Phan, Justin C. W. Song, Leonid S. Levitov

1306.4976 (Daniel Varjas et al.)

Chiral Luttinger liquids and a generalized Luttinger's theorem in
fractional quantum Hall edges via finite-entanglement scaling

Daniel Varjas, Michael P. Zaletel, Joel E. Moore