Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1106.5754 (S. D. Jenkins et al.)

Cooperative resonance linewidth narrowing in a planar metamaterial    [PDF]

S. D. Jenkins, J. Ruostekoski

1108.4978 (L. D. Alegria et al.)

Structural and Electrical Characterization of Bi2Se3 Nanostructures
Grown by Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition

L. D. Alegria, M. D. Schroer, A. Chatterjee, G. R. Poirier, M. Pretko, S. K. Patel, J. R. Petta

1111.2920 (M. V. Ramallo)

An effective-charge model for the trapping of impurities of fluids in
channels with nanostructured walls

M. V. Ramallo

1209.3327 (Eric Charron et al.)

Non-Hermitian wave packet approximation of Bloch optical equations    [PDF]

Eric Charron, Maxim Sukharev

1209.3337 (M. Girtan)

Electronics and photonics: two sciences in the benefit of solar energy

M. Girtan

1209.3365 (Zhi-Hui Wang et al.)

Spin decoherence and electron spin bath noise of a nitrogen-vacancy
center in diamond

Zhi-Hui Wang, Susumu Takahashi

1209.3372 (M. V. Durnev et al.)

Exciton radiative decay through plasmon modes in planar
metal-semiconductor structures

M. V. Durnev, A. V. Kavokin, B. Gil

1209.3429 (Matthias S. Hofmann et al.)

Optical signatures of quantum dot excitons in carbon nanotubes    [PDF]

Matthias S. Hofmann, Jan T. Glückert, Alexander Högele

1209.3485 (Samy Merabia et al.)

Thermal conductance at the interface between crystals using equilibrium
and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics

Samy Merabia, Konstantinos Termentzidis

1209.3599 (R. Avriller et al.)

Inelastic shot noise characteristics of nanoscale junctions from first

R. Avriller, T. Frederiksen

1209.3634 (Dario Ferraro et al.)

Spin current pumping in helical Luttinger liquids    [PDF]

Dario Ferraro, Giacomo Dolcetto, Roberta Citro, Francesco Romeo, Maura Sassetti

1209.3643 (D. Fang et al.)

Electrical excitation and detection of magnetic dynamics with impedance

D. Fang, T. Skinner, H. Kurebayashi, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher, A. J. Ferguson

1209.3303 (L. V. Lutsev et al.)

Negative photoconductance in SiO2(Co)/GaAs heterostructure in the
avalanche regime

L. V. Lutsev, V. V. Pavlov, P. A. Usachev, A. A. Astretsov, A. I. Stognij, N. N. Novitskii

1209.3659 (I. J. Hamad et al.)

Transport properties of a two Co atoms system: a theoretical approach    [PDF]

I. J. Hamad, L. Costa Ribeiro, G. B. Martins, E. V. Anda

1209.3669 (T. Sebastian et al.)

Nonlinear emission of spin-wave caustics from an edge mode of a
micro-structured Co2Mn0.6Fe0.4Si waveguide

T. Sebastian, P. Pirro, T. Kubota, T. Brächer, A. A. Serga, H. Naganuma, M. Oogane, Y. Ando, B. Hillebrands

1209.3727 (Mir Vahid Hosseini et al.)

Relativistic model for electron-hole pairing in the superconducting
state of graphene-based materials

Mir Vahid Hosseini, Malek Zareyan

1209.3735 (S. J. Chorley et al.)

Tunable Kondo physics in a carbon nanotube double quantum dot    [PDF]

S. J. Chorley, M. R. Galpin, F. W. Jayatilaka, C. G. Smith, D. E. Logan, M. R. Buitelaar

1209.3748 (H. J. Mamin et al.)

Detecting External Electron Spins Using Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers    [PDF]

H. J. Mamin, M. H. Sherwood, D. Rugar

1209.3754 (B. J. Lawrie et al.)

Extraordinary optical transmission of multimode quantum correlations via
localized surface plasmons

B. J. Lawrie, P. G. Evans, R. C. Pooser