Wednesday, December 5, 2012

1111.6527 (Björn Zocher et al.)

Proposed Detection of the Topological Phase in Ring-Shaped
Semiconductor-Superconductor Nanowires Using Coulomb Blockade Transport

Björn Zocher, Mats Horsdal, Bernd Rosenow

1212.0016 (Bruno Uchoa et al.)

Superconducting States in pseudo-Landau Levels of Strained Graphene    [PDF]

Bruno Uchoa, Yafis Barlas

1212.0019 (Pierre Darancet et al.)

Quantitative Current-Voltage Characteristics in Molecular Junctions from
First Principles

Pierre Darancet, Jonathan R. Widawsky, Hyoung Joon Choi, Latha Venkataraman, Jeffrey B. Neaton

1212.0061 (Xinran. Zhou et al.)

Coulomb interaction signatures in self-assembled lateral quantum dot

Xinran. Zhou, Jihoon. Lee, Gregory. J. Salamo, Miquel. Royo, Juan. I. Climente, Matthew. F. Doty

1212.0067 (Tian Chen et al.)

Dynamic control of quantum geometric heat flux in nonequilibrium
spin-boson model

Tian Chen, Xiang-Bin Wang, Jie Ren

1212.0088 (Géraldine Haack et al.)

Glauber coherence of single electron sources    [PDF]

Géraldine Haack, Michael Moskalets, Markus Büttiker

1212.0099 (Pavel A. Andreev)

Quantum kinetics derivation as generalization of the quantum
hydrodynamics method

Pavel A. Andreev

1212.0111 (Krzysztof Kośmider et al.)

Electronic properties of the MoS2-WS2 heterojunction    [PDF]

Krzysztof Kośmider, Joaquín Fernández-Rossier

1212.0198 (Katsuhiro Nakamura et al.)

Dynamics of inertial vortices in multi-component Bose-Einstein

Katsuhiro Nakamura, Doniyor Babajanov, Davron Matrasulov, Michikazu Kobayashi

1212.0258 (Sarmita Majumder et al.)

Lateral spin injection and detection through electrodeposited Fe/GaAs

Sarmita Majumder, Bartek Kardasz, George Kirczenow, Anthony SpringThorpe, Karen L. Kavanagh

1212.0267 (A. Nocera et al.)

Nonlinear magneto-mechanical effects in a carbon nanotube nanomechanical

A. Nocera, C. A. Perroni, V. Marigliano Ramaglia, V. Cataudella

1212.0283 (Yuta Kitamura et al.)

Vertical Spin Transport in Al with Pd/Al/Ni80Fe20 Trilayer Films at Room
Temperature by Spin Pumping

Yuta Kitamura, Eiji Shikoh, Yuichiro Ando, Teruya Shinjo, Masashi Shiraishi

1212.0329 (R. G. Mani et al.)

Observation of Resistively Detected Hole Spin Resonance and Zero-field
Pseudo-spin Splitting in Epitaxial Graphene

R. G. Mani, J. Hankinson, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer

1212.0338 (K. Shizuya)

Orbital Lamb shift and mixing of the pseudo-zero-mode Landau levels in
ABC-stacked trilayer graphene

K. Shizuya

1212.0406 (M. Boström et al.)

Casimir Force between Atomically Thin Gold Films    [PDF]

M. Boström, C. Persson, Bo E. Sernelius

1212.0428 (A. A. Kyasov et al.)

Impact of Rotation on the Retarded Interaction between a Permanent
Dipole Particle and a Polarizable Surface

A. A. Kyasov, G. V. Dedkov

1212.0439 (Zhongyu Hou et al.)

An ionization sensor scheme for ultra-low voltage operation using
one-dimensional nanostructures

Zhongyu Hou, Maobo Fang

1212.0449 (Yaohong Wang et al.)

Dynamic Implicit-Solvent Coarse-Grained Models of Lipid Bilayer
Membranes : Fluctuating Hydrodynamics Thermostat

Yaohong Wang, Jon Karl Sigurdsson, Paul J. Atzberger

1212.0461 (Alexander G. Abanov)

On the effective hydrodynamics of FQHE    [PDF]

Alexander G. Abanov

1212.0491 (Hernan L. Calvo et al.)

Laser-induced effects on the electronic features of graphene nanoribbons    [PDF]

Hernan L. Calvo, Pablo M. Perez-Piskunow, Stephan Roche, Luis E. F. Foa Torres

1212.0497 (Luis A. González-Árraga et al.)

Spin polarization via decoherence in spin-orbit active media coupled to
an electron reservoir

Luis A. González-Árraga, Bertrand Berche, Ernesto Medina

1212.0524 (Andrew G. Semenov et al.)

Persistent current noise in normal and superconducting nanorings    [PDF]

Andrew G. Semenov, Andrei D. Zaikin

1212.0546 (Guy Cohen et al.)

Numerically Exact Long Time Magnetization Dynamics at the Nonequilibrium
Kondo Crossover of the Anderson Impurity Model

Guy Cohen, Emanuel Gull, David R. Reichman, Andrew J. Millis, Eran Rabani

1212.0550 (Dimitrios Toroz et al.)

Proposed alteration of images of molecular orbitals obtained using a
scanning tunnelling microscope as a probe of electron correlation

Dimitrios Toroz, Massimo Rontani, Stefano Corni

1212.0562 (Dmitry A. Abanin et al.)

Interferometric approach to measuring band topology in 2D optical

Dmitry A. Abanin, Takuya Kitagawa, Immanuel Bloch, Eugene Demler

1212.0572 (Marcos Atala et al.)

Direct Measurement of the Zak phase in Topological Bloch Bands    [PDF]

Marcos Atala, Monika Aidelsburger, Julio T. Barreiro, Dmitry Abanin, Takuya Kitagawa, Eugene Demler, Immanuel Bloch

1212.0574 (Marcos G. Menezes et al.)

Half-metallicity induced by charge injection in hexagonal boron nitride
clusters embedded in graphene

Marcos G. Menezes, Rodrigo B. Capaz

1212.0642 (M. Glässl et al.)

Polarization dependence of phonon influences in exciton-biexciton
quantum dot systems

M. Glässl, V. M. Axt

1212.0650 (Christophe Mora et al.)

Low-Frequency Admittance as Probe of Majorana Fermions    [PDF]

Christophe Mora, Karyn Le Hur

1212.0659 (François Crépin et al.)

Even-odd effects in NSN scattering problems: Application to graphene

François Crépin, Hans Hettmansperger, Patrik Recher, Björn Trauzettel

1212.0681 (Vahe Galstyan et al.)

Dynamics of the Chemical Master Equation, a strip of chains of equations
in d-dimensional space

Vahe Galstyan, David B. Saakian

1212.0708 (I. V. Protopopov et al.)

Correlations in non-equilibrium Luttinger liquid and singular Fredholm

I. V. Protopopov, D. B. Gutman, A. D. Mirlin

1212.0711 (F. Nicacio et al.)

Motional Entanglement with Trapped Ions and a Nanomechanical Resonator    [PDF]

F. Nicacio, K. Furuya, F. L. Semião

1212.0726 (C. M. Quintana et al.)

Cavity-Mediated Entanglement Generation Via Landau-Zener Interferometry    [PDF]

C. M. Quintana, K. D. Petersson, L. W. McFaul, S. J. Srinivasan, A. A. Houck, J. R. Petta

1212.0735 (A. Girschik et al.)

Topological Insulator in the Presence of Spatially Correlated Disorder    [PDF]

A. Girschik, F. Libisch, S. Rotter

1212.0755 (Martin Žonda et al.)

Asymmetric voltage noise in superconducting tunnel junctions with
electromagnetic environment

Martin Žonda, Tomáš Novotný

1212.0780 (Katarzyna Roszak et al.)

Non-Markovian effects at the Fermi-edge singularity in quantum dots    [PDF]

Katarzyna Roszak, Tomáš Novotný

1212.0805 (Michal Matuszewski et al.)

Critical scalings in nonequilibrium condensation of exciton-polaritons    [PDF]

Michal Matuszewski, Emilia Witkowska

1212.0838 (Wei Li et al.)

UV/Ozone treatment to reduce metal-graphene contact resistance    [PDF]

Wei Li, Yiran Liang, Dangmin Yu, Lianmao Peng, Kurt P. Pernstich, Tian Shen, A. R. Hight Walker, Guangjun Cheng, Christina A. Hacker, Curt A. Richter, Qiliang Li, David J. Gundlach, Xuelei Liang

1212.0847 (Annett Thøgersen et al.)

Solar induced growth of silver nanocrystals    [PDF]

Annett Thøgersen, Georg Muntingh