Thursday, November 29, 2012

1211.6629 (Philippe Joyez)

Self-consistent dynamics of a Josephson junction in presence of an
arbitrary environment

Philippe Joyez

1211.6430 (Qiuzi Li et al.)

Finite temperature inelastic mean free path and quasiparticle lifetime
in graphene

Qiuzi Li, S. Das Sarma

1211.6442 (Taylor L. Hughes et al.)

Torsional Anomalies, Hall Viscosity, and Bulk-boundary Correspondence in
Topological States

Taylor L. Hughes, Robert G. Leigh, Onkar Parrikar

1211.6452 (E. Bermudez Urena et al.)

Excitation Enhancement of a Quantum Dot Coupled to a Plasmonic Antenna    [PDF]

E. Bermudez Urena, M. P. Kreuzer, S. Itzhakov, H. Rigneault, R. Quidant, D. Oron, J. Wenger

1211.6469 (F. Alexander Wolf et al.)

Dynamical correlation functions and the quantum Rabi model    [PDF]

F. Alexander Wolf, Fabio Vallone, Guillermo Romero, Marcus Kollar, Enrique Solano, Daniel Braak

1211.6477 (F. Borghi et al.)

Nanoscale roughness and morphology affect the IsoElectric Point of
titania surfaces

F. Borghi, V. Vyas, A. Podestà, P. Milani

1211.6511 (K. H. Zhang et al.)

Gate voltage controlled electronic transport through a
ferromagnet/normal/ferromagnet junction on the surface of a topological

K. H. Zhang, Z. C. Wang, Q. R. Zheng, G. Su

1211.6519 (Anthony R. Wright)

Haldane-like Chern insulators in buckled lattices with in-plane magnetic

Anthony R. Wright

1211.6546 (Matthew Pelliccione et al.)

Design of a scanning gate microscope in a cryogen-free dilution

Matthew Pelliccione, Adam Sciambi, John Bartel, Andrew Keller, David Goldhaber-Gordon

1211.6570 (F. Giazotto et al.)

Phase-tunable colossal magneto-heat resistance in ferromagnetic
Josephson thermal valves

F. Giazotto, F. S. Bergeret

1211.6591 (Rui Zhang et al.)

Growth of Large Domain Epitaxial Graphene on the C-Face of SiC    [PDF]

Rui Zhang, Yunliang Dong, Wenjie Kong, Wenpeng Han, Pingheng Tan, Zhimin Liao, Xiaosong Wu, Dapeng Yu

1211.6628 (Pierre Carmier et al.)

Competing topological phases in few-layer graphene    [PDF]

Pierre Carmier, Oleksii Shevtsov, Christoph Groth, Xavier Waintal

1211.6635 (Lorand Horvath et al.)

The vapor-liquid interface potential of (multi)polar fluids and its
influence on ion solvation

Lorand Horvath, Titus Beu, Manoel Manghi, John Palmeri

1211.6654 (Julien Gabelli et al.)

Electron-photon correlations and the third moment of quantum noise    [PDF]

Julien Gabelli, Lafe Spietz, Jose Aumentado, Bertrand Reulet

1211.6676 (R. M. Feenstra et al.)

Low-energy Electron Reflectivity from Graphene    [PDF]

R. M. Feenstra, N. Srivastava, M. Widom, Bogdan Diaconescu, Taisuke Ohta, G. L. Kellogg, J. T. Robinson, I. V. Vlassiouk

1211.6716 (S. T. Chui et al.)

Nonlocal optical generation of spin and charge currents on the surface
of magnetic insulators using total absorption and surface plasmons

S. T. Chui, Z. F. Lin, C. R. Chang, John Xiao