Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1212.6262 (Xintao Bi et al.)

Anomalous spin precession and spin Hall effect in semiconductor quantum

Xintao Bi, Peiru He, E. M. Hankiewicz, R. Winkler, Giovanni Vignale, Dimitrie Culcer

1307.7726 (J. Dubail et al.)

Tensor network trial states for chiral topological phases in two

J. Dubail, N. Read

1307.7728 (E. V. Gorbar et al.)

Supercritical instability in graphene with two charged impurities    [PDF]

E. V. Gorbar, V. P. Gusynin, O. O. Sobol

1307.7758 (Vittorianna Tasco et al.)

Understanding Polarization Properties of InAs Quantum Dots by Atomistic
Modeling of Growth Dynamics

Vittorianna Tasco, Muhammad Usman, Maria Teresa Todaro, Milena De Giorgi, Adriana Passaseo

1307.7764 (Cihan Kurter et al.)

Evidence for an anomalous current-phase relation of a dc SQUID with
tunable topological junctions

Cihan Kurter, Aaron D. K. Finck, Yew San Hor, Dale J. Van Harlingen

1307.7775 (Manan Mehta et al.)

A Hybrid Analog/Digital Phase-Locked Loop for Frequency Mode Non-contact
Scanning Probe Microscopy

Manan Mehta, Venkat Chandrasekhar

1307.7843 (D. S. Smirnov et al.)

Effect of exchange interaction on the spin fluctuations of localized

D. S. Smirnov, M. M. Glazov, E. L. Ivchenko

1307.7868 (R. Lipperheide et al.)

The thermoballistic approach to charge carrier transport in

R. Lipperheide, U. Wille

1307.7876 (Michael Tomka et al.)

Exceptional and regular spectra of generalized Rabi model    [PDF]

Michael Tomka, Omar El Araby, Mikhail Pletyukhov, Vladimir Gritsev

1307.7961 (Meydi Ferrier et al.)

Phase dependent Andreev spectrum in a difusive SNS junction. Static and
dynamic current response

Meydi Ferrier, Bastien Dassonneville, Sophie Gueron, Helene Bouchiat

1307.7987 (Fan Yang et al.)

Giant Faraday rotation induced by Berry phase in bilayer graphene under
strong terahertz fields

Fan Yang, Xiaodong Xu, Ren-Bao Liu

1307.7992 (Francesco Mazza et al.)

Spin filtering and entanglement detection due to spin-orbit interaction
in carbon nanotube cross-junctions

Francesco Mazza, Bernd Braunecker, Patrik Recher, Alfredo Levy Yeyati

1307.8008 (R. Seoane Souto et al.)

Electronic transport through molecular transistors in the polaronic

R. Seoane Souto, A. Levy Yeyati, A. Martín-Rodero, R. C. Monreal

1307.8010 (Ali Goker et al.)

Designer thermal switches: Effect of the contact material on
instantaneous thermoelectric transport through a strongly interacting quantum

Ali Goker, Elif gedik

1307.8056 (Juan Sebastián Ardenghi et al.)

Landau level transitions indoped graphene in a time dependent magnetic

Juan Sebastián Ardenghi, Pablo Bechthold, Paula Jasen, Estela Gonzalez, Oscar Nagel

1307.8069 (Abolhassan Vaezi)

Superconducting analogue of the parafermion fractional quantum Hall

Abolhassan Vaezi