Monday, January 7, 2013

1301.0658 (Chunlei Qu et al.)

Non-equilibrium spin dynamics and Zitterbewegung in quenched spin-orbit
coupled Bose-Einstein condensates

Chunlei Qu, Chris Hamner, Ming Gong, Chuanwei Zhang, Peter Engels

1301.0673 (Pei Zhao et al.)

SymFET: A Proposed Symmetric Graphene Tunneling Field Effect Transistor    [PDF]

Pei Zhao, Randall M. Feenstra, Gong Gu, Debdeep Jena

1301.0697 (Jesper Toft Rasmussen et al.)

Electronic and transport properties of kinked graphene    [PDF]

Jesper Toft Rasmussen, Tue Gunst, Peter Bøggild, Antti-Pekka Jauho, Mads Brandbyge

1301.0754 (Andrés E. Dolinko et al.)

A simulation method for determining the optical response of highly
complex photonic structures of biological origin

Andrés E. Dolinko, Diana C. Skigin

1301.0777 (Henning Schomerus)

Topologically protected midgap states in complex photonic lattices    [PDF]

Henning Schomerus

1301.0778 (Mustafa Bal et al.)

Ultrasensitive magnetic field detection using a single artificial atom    [PDF]

Mustafa Bal, Chunqing Deng, Jean-Luc Orgiazzi, Florian Ong, Adrian Lupascu

1301.0799 (Valentin N. Popov et al.)

Theoretical strain dependence of the 2D Raman band of graphene    [PDF]

Valentin N. Popov, Philippe Lambin

1301.0826 (J. P. Kestner et al.)

Noise-resistant control for a spin qubit array    [PDF]

J. P. Kestner, Xin Wang, Lev S. Bishop, Edwin Barnes, S. Das Sarma