Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1142 (Wei-bo Gao et al.)

Quantum Teleportation from a Propagating Photon to a Solid-State Spin

Wei-bo Gao, P. Fallahi, E. Togan, A. Delteil, Y. S. Chin, J. Miguel-Sanchez, A. Imamoglu

1307.1146 (Jennifer Cano et al.)

Microwave Absorption by a Mesoscopic Quantum Hall Droplet    [PDF]

Jennifer Cano, Andrew C. Doherty, Chetan Nayak, David J. Reilly

1307.1159 (Eran Ginossar et al.)

The Properties and Light-Matter Interaction of a Superconducting
Majorana-Transmon Qubit

Eran Ginossar, Eytan Grosfeld

1307.1198 (Andreas Inhofer et al.)

On-demand source of polarized electrons    [PDF]

Andreas Inhofer, Dario Bercioux

1307.1206 (E. Wach et al.)

Charge density mapping of strongly-correlated few-electron
two-dimensional quantum dots by scanning probe technique

E. Wach, D. P. Zebrowski, B. Szafran

1307.1207 (Chunlei Qu et al.)

Topological Superfluids with Finite Momentum Pairing and Majorana

Chunlei Qu, Zhen Zheng, Ming Gong, Yong Xu, Li Mao, Xubo Zou, Guangcan Guo, Chuanwei Zhang

1307.1225 (Patrick P. Hofer et al.)

Emission of time-bin entangled particles into helical edge states    [PDF]

Patrick P. Hofer, Markus Büttiker

1307.1234 (P. D. Gorman et al.)

RKKY interaction between adsorbed magnetic impurities in graphene:
symmetry and strain effects

P. D. Gorman, J. M. Duffy, M. S. Ferreira, S. R. Power

1307.1261 (T. Kernreiter et al.)

Suppression of Coulomb exchange energy in quasi-two-dimensional hole

T. Kernreiter, M. Governale, R. Winkler, U. Zuelicke

1307.1267 (Miren Isasa et al.)

Spin Hall magnetoresistance as a probe for surface magnetization    [PDF]

Miren Isasa, Amilcar Bedoya-Pinto, Federico Golmar, Luis E. Hueso, Josep Fontcuberta, Fèlix Casanova

1307.1278 (N. M. R. Peres et al.)

Strong light-matter interaction in systems described by a modified Dirac

N. M. R. Peres, Jaime E. Santos

1307.1283 (Jian-Hui Yuan et al.)

Electronic transport in ferromagnetic barriers on the surface of a
topological insulator with $δ$ doping

Jian-Hui Yuan, Yan Zhang, Daizheng Huang, Qinhu Zhong, Xin Zhang

1307.1291 (Ajit C. Balram et al.)

Theory of Excitations of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect: Exclusion
Rules for Bound Excitons

Ajit C. Balram, Arkadiusz Wójs, Jainendra K. Jain

1307.1292 (G. J. Verbiest et al.)

Contrast Mechanism in Heterodyne Force Microscopy: Friction at Shaking

G. J. Verbiest, T. H. Oosterkamp, M. J. Rost

1307.1300 (Amretashis Sengupta et al.)

Performance Analysis of Strained Monolayer MoS$_{2}$ MOSFET    [PDF]

Amretashis Sengupta, Ram Krishna Ghosh, Santanu Mahapatra

1307.1306 (Amretashis Sengupta et al.)

Impact of intrinsic deformations on the negative differential resistance
of monolayer MoS$_2$ ultra-short channel MOSFET

Amretashis Sengupta, Santanu Mahapatra

1307.1308 (Richard Korytár et al.)

Probing Majorana fermions in the tunneling spectra of a resonant level    [PDF]

Richard Korytár, Peter Schmitteckert

1307.1328 (Orlando V. Billoni et al.)

A disorder induced mechanism for positive exchange bias fields    [PDF]

Orlando V. Billoni, Francisco A. Tamarit, Sergio A. Cannas

1307.1358 (Iman Santoso et al.)

Tunable optical absorption and interactions in graphene via oxygen

Iman Santoso, Ram Sevak Singh, Pranjal Kumar Gogoi, Teguh Citra Asmara, Dacheng Wei, Wei Chen, Andrew T. S. Wee, Vitor M. Pereira, Andrivo Rusydi

1307.1407 (Alexander Janot et al.)

Superfluid Stiffness of a Driven Dissipative Condensate with Disorder    [PDF]

Alexander Janot, Timo Hyart, Paul R. Eastham, Bernd Rosenow

1307.1421 (Matthieu Bellec et al.)

Tight-binding couplings in microwave artificial graphene    [PDF]

Matthieu Bellec, Ulrich Kuhl, Gilles Montambaux, Fabrice Mortessagne

1307.1430 (Ankit Jain et al.)

Prospects of Hysteresis-Free Abrupt Switching (0mV/dec) in Landau

Ankit Jain, Muhammad Ashraful Alam

1307.1442 (Jelena Klinovaja et al.)

Topological Superconductivity and Majorana Fermions in RKKY Systems    [PDF]

Jelena Klinovaja, Peter Stano, Ali Yazdani, Daniel Loss

1307.1457 (E. S. Sadki et al.)

Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Transport Properties of
Multilayer Graphene

E. S. Sadki, H. Okazaki, T. Watanabe, T. Yamaguchi, Y. Takano

1307.1458 (J. L. Benítez et al.)

Modulation of the Optical Transmittance in Multilayer Graphene by an
Electrical Signal

J. L. Benítez, D. Mendoza