Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1225 (Patrick P. Hofer et al.)

Emission of time-bin entangled particles into helical edge states    [PDF]

Patrick P. Hofer, Markus Büttiker
We propose a single-particle source which emits into the helical edge states of a two-dimensional quantum spin Hall insulator. Without breaking time-reversal symmetry, this source acts like a pair of noiseless single-electron emitters which each inject separately into a chiral edge state. By locally breaking time-reversal symmetry, the source becomes a proper single-particle emitter which exhibits shot noise. Due to its intrinsic helicity, this system can be used to produce time-bin entangled pairs of electrons in a controlled manner. The shot noise created by the source is related to the concurrence of the emitted state.
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