Thursday, March 7, 2013

1303.0874 (William E. Shanks et al.)

A scanning transmon qubit for strong coupling circuit quantum

William E. Shanks, Devin L. Underwood, Andrew A. Houck

1303.1175 (Jun-Ho Lee et al.)

Antiferromagnetic ordering of dangling-bond electrons at the stepped
Si(001) surface

Jun-Ho Lee, Sun-Woo Kim, Jun-Hyung Cho

1303.1187 (Tudor D. Stanescu et al.)

Superconducting proximity effect in semiconductor nanowires    [PDF]

Tudor D. Stanescu, S. Das Sarma

1303.1199 (János. K. Asbóth et al.)

Bulk--Boundary Correspondence for Chiral Symmetric Quantum Walks    [PDF]

János. K. Asbóth, Hideaki Obuse

1303.1204 (Ryan Beams et al.)

Nanoscale fluorescence lifetime imaging with a single diamond NV center    [PDF]

Ryan Beams, Dallas Smith, Timothy W. Johnson, Sang-Hyun Oh, Lukas Novotny, Nick Vamivakas

1303.1207 (Johannes Reuther et al.)

Gate defined wires in HgTe quantum wells: from Majorana fermions to

Johannes Reuther, Jason Alicea, Amir Yacoby

1303.1245 (Motohiko Ezawa)

Quantized Conductance and Field-Effect Topological Quantum Transistor in
Silicene Nanoribbons

Motohiko Ezawa

1303.1250 (Yong Wang et al.)

A Quantum Approach of Meso-Magnet Dynamics with Spin Transfer Torque    [PDF]

Yong Wang, L. J. Sham

1303.1255 (Yasufumi Araki et al.)

Phase structure of 2-dimensional topological insulators by lattice
strong coupling expansion

Yasufumi Araki, Taro Kimura

1303.1276 (Dimitri O. Ledenyov)

Nonlinear Surface Resistance of YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconducting Thin Films
on MgO Substrates in Dielectric Resonator at Ultra High Frequencies

Dimitri O. Ledenyov

1303.1318 (D. Psiachos)

Coherent electron tunnelling dynamics in polyacetylene    [PDF]

D. Psiachos

1303.1353 (Wei Li et al.)

Highly reproducible metal/graphene contacts and stable electrical
performance by UV-Ozone treatment

Wei Li, Christina A. Hacker, Yiran Liang, Curt A. Richter, David J. Gundlach, Xuelei Liang, Lianmao Peng

1303.1357 (Johannes Schöneberg et al.)

Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of Ni/W(110): bcc and fcc properties in
the second atomic layer

Johannes Schöneberg, Alexander Weismann, Richard Berndt

1303.1363 (Guido A. Intronati et al.)

Spin-orbit effects in nanowire-based wurtzite semiconductor quantum dots    [PDF]

Guido A. Intronati, Pablo I. Tamborenea, Dietmar Weinmann, Rodolfo A. Jalabert

1303.1386 (V. M. Garc\'\ia-Suárez et al.)

Universality in the transport response of molecular wires physisorbed
onto graphene electrodes

V. M. Garc\'\ia-Suárez, R. Ferradás, D. Carrascal, J. Ferrer

1303.1410 (Andrey Kretinin et al.)

The self-actuating nanoelectromechanical Josephson junction    [PDF]

Andrey Kretinin, Anindya Das, Hadas Shtrikman

1303.1451 (O. V. Ogloblya et al.)

Nanotube Quantum Dot Transport With Spin-Orbit Coupling and Interacting

O. V. Ogloblya, G. M. Kuznetsova

1303.1453 (Mohammad H. Ansari)

Nonequilibrium quasiparticle relaxation in superconducting qubits    [PDF]

Mohammad H. Ansari