Tuesday, March 5, 2013

1108.1305 (Adam Bednorz et al.)

Noninvasiveness and time symmetry of weak measurements    [PDF]

Adam Bednorz, Kurt Franke, Wolfgang Belzig

1112.0240 (Oleksandr Kyriienko et al.)

Intersubband polaritonics revisited    [PDF]

Oleksandr Kyriienko, Ivan A. Shelykh

1303.0015 (Paolo Marconcini et al.)

Is the regime with shot noise suppression by a factor 1/3 achievable in
semiconductor devices with mesoscopic dimensions?

Paolo Marconcini, Massimo Macucci, Demetrio Logoteta, Massimo Totaro

1303.0021 (Dmitry Solenov et al.)

A universal set of gates for defect qubits in diamond and silicon

Dmitry Solenov, Sophia E. Economou, T. L. Reinecke

1303.0039 (Paolo Marconcini et al.)

Atomistic Boron-Doped Graphene Field Effect Transistors: A Route towards
Unipolar Characteristics

Paolo Marconcini, Alessandro Cresti, Francois Triozon, Gianluca Fiori, Blanca Biel, Yann-Michel Niquet, Massimo Macucci, Stephan Roche

1303.0105 (Johan Nilsson)

Trapping massless Dirac particles in a rotating saddle    [PDF]

Johan Nilsson

1303.0113 (Yuan Huang et al.)

An innovative way of etching MoS2: Characterization and mechanistic

Yuan Huang, Jing Wu, Xiangfan Xu, Yuda Ho, Guangxin Ni, Qiang Zou, Gavin Kok Wai Koon, Weijie Zhao, A. H. Castro Neto, Goki Eda, Chengmin Shen, Barbaros Özyilmaz

1303.0131 (J. P. F. LeBlanc et al.)

Effect of Dynamical Screening on Single Particle Spectral Features of
Uniaxially Strained Graphene: Tuning the Plasmaron Ring

J. P. F. LeBlanc, J. P. Carbotte

1303.0144 (K. S. Romanov et al.)

Theory of helicity-sensitive terahertz radiation detection by field
effect transistors

K. S. Romanov, M. I. Dyakonov

1303.0147 (M. A. Akhukov et al.)

Structure and magnetism of disordered carbon    [PDF]

M. A. Akhukov, M. I. Katsnelson, A. Fasolino

1303.0158 (S. Takahashi et al.)

Electrically tunable three-dimensional g-factor anisotropy in single
InAs self-assembled quantum dots

S. Takahashi, R. S. Deacon, A. Oiwa, K. Shibata, K. Hirakawa, S. Tarucha

1303.0205 (Mahmut Obol)

Dispersive Casimir Pressure Effect from Surface Plasmon Quanta by Quasi
1D Metal Wires in Ferrite Disks and The Josephson Frequencies and Currents

Mahmut Obol

1303.0211 (M. P. Nowak et al.)

Spontaneous and resonant lifting of the spin blockade in nanowire
quantum dots

M. P. Nowak, B. Szafran

1303.0220 (Vadym Apalkov et al.)

Graphene spaser    [PDF]

Vadym Apalkov, Mark I. Stockman

1303.0225 (P. Bortolotti et al.)

Parallel pumping of magnetic vortex gyrations in spin-torque

P. Bortolotti, C. Serpico, E. Grimaldi, A. Dussaux, J. Grollier, V. Cros, K. Yakushiji, A. Fukushima, H. Kubota, R. Matsumoto, S. Yuasa

1303.0297 (Yun-Pil Shim et al.)

Single-qubit gates in two steps with rotation axes in a single plane    [PDF]

Yun-Pil Shim, Jianjia Fei, Sangchul Oh, Xuedong Hu, Mark Friesen

1303.0315 (William R. French et al.)

Structural Origins of Conductance Fluctuations in Gold-Thiolate
Molecular Transport Junctions

William R. French, Christopher R. Iacovella, Ivan Rungger, Amaury Melo Souza, Stefano Sanvito, Peter T. Cummings

1303.0319 (Jeehoon Kim et al.)

Honeycomb lattice of graphite probed by scanning tunneling microscopy
with a carbon nanotube tip

Jeehoon Kim, Junwei Huang, Alex de Lozanne

1303.0375 (F. Romeo et al.)

Super-magnetoresistance effect in triplet spin valves    [PDF]

F. Romeo, R. Citro

1303.0389 (Kristian Berland et al.)

An analysis of van der Waals density functional components: Binding and
corrugation of benzene and C60 on boron nitride and graphene

Kristian Berland, Per Hyldgaard

1303.0413 (R. M. S. Pereira et al.)

Probing spatial correlations in a system of polarizable particles via
measuring its optical extinction spectrum

R. M. S. Pereira, P. Pereira, G. Smirnov, M. I. Vasilevskiy

1303.0421 (D. Andrew Golter et al.)

Nuclear-spin-dependent coherent population trapping of single nitrogen
vacancy centers in diamond

D. Andrew Golter, Khodadad N. Dinyari, Hailin Wang

1303.0438 (Choon How Gan)

Analysis of surface plasmon excitation at terahertz frequencies with
highly-doped graphene sheets via attenuated total reflection

Choon How Gan

1303.0488 (Yonatan Dubi)

The effect of fluctuations - thermal and otherwise - on the temperature
dependence of thermopower in aromatic chain single-molecule junctions

Yonatan Dubi

1303.0507 (Thomas Müller et al.)

A circuit analysis of an in situ tunable radio-frequency quantum point

Thomas Müller, Theodore Choi, Sarah Hellmüller, Klaus Ensslin, Thomas Ihn, Silke Schön

1303.0533 (B. Van Duppen et al.)

Multiband tunneling in trilayer graphene    [PDF]

B. Van Duppen, S. H. R. Sena, F. M. Peeters

1303.0559 (Abderrahim El Mouhafid et al.)

Transport Properties for Triangular Barriers in Graphene    [PDF]

Abderrahim El Mouhafid, Ahmed Jellal

1303.0590 (Na Wu et al.)

Inhomogeneous dynamic nuclear polarization and suppression of
electron-polarization decay in a quantum dot

Na Wu, Wenkui Ding, Anqi Shi, Wenxian Zhang

1303.0603 (Chen Ming et al.)

Continuously tunable band gaps of monatomic carbon chains in the visible
light region: A first principle study

Chen Ming, Fan-Xin Meng, Xi Chen, Jun Zhuang, Xi-Jing Ning

1303.0641 (D. N. Maksimov et al.)

Landau-Zener tunneling in 2D periodic structures in the presence of a
gauge field II: Electric breakdown

D. N. Maksimov, I. Yu. Chesnokov, D. V. Makarov, A. R. Kolovsky

1303.0661 (Yukinori Yoshimura et al.)

Perfectly conducting channel on the dark surface of weak topological

Yukinori Yoshimura, Akihiko Matsumoto, Yositake Takane, Ken-Ichiro Imura

1303.0698 (Zhuojin Xie et al.)

Direct Observation and Manipulation of Spin-Orbital Texture in a
Topological Insulator

Zhuojin Xie, Shaolong He, Chaoyu Chen, Ya Feng, Hemian Yi, Aiji Liang, Lin Zhao, Daixiang Mou, Junfeng He, Yingying Peng, Xu Liu, Yan Liu, Guodong Liu, Xiaoli Dong, Jun Zhang, Xiaoyang Wang, Qinjun Peng, Zhimin Wang, Shenjin Zhang, Feng Yang, Chuangtian Chen, Zuyan Xu, X. J. Zhou

1303.0733 (Markus Aspelmeyer et al.)

Cavity Optomechanics    [PDF]

Markus Aspelmeyer, Tobias J. Kippenberg, Florian Marquardt

1303.0740 (R. I. Shekhter et al.)

Nanoelectromechanics of shuttle devices    [PDF]

R. I. Shekhter, L. Y. Gorelik, I. V. Krive, M. N. Kiselev, A. V. Parafilo, M. Jonson

1303.0757 (M. I. Bagatskii et al.)

The specific heat and the radial thermal expansion of bundles of
single-walled carbon nanotubes

M. I. Bagatskii, M. S. Barabashko, A. V. Dolbin, V. V. Sumarokov

1303.0776 (Han Liu et al.)

Statistical Study of Deep Sub-Micron Dual-Gated Field-Effect Transistors
on Monolayer CVD Molybdenum Disulfide Films

Han Liu, Mengwei Si, Sina Najmaei, Adam T. Neal, Yuchen Du, Pulickel M. Ajayan, Jun Lou, Peide D. Ye

1303.0801 (Juntao Song et al.)

One-dimensional quantum channel in a graphene line defect    [PDF]

Juntao Song, Haiwen Liu, Hua Jiang, Qing-feng Sun, X. C. Xie

1303.0803 (Oleg V. Yazyev)

A Guide to the Design of Electronic Properties of Graphene Nanoribbons    [PDF]

Oleg V. Yazyev

1303.0804 (Yang Liu et al.)

A controllable valley polarization in Graphene    [PDF]

Yang Liu, Juntao Song, Yuxian Li, Ying Liu, Qing-feng Sun

1303.0814 (Andreas W. Schell et al.)

Probing the local density of states in three dimensions with a scanning
single quantum emitter

Andreas W. Schell, Philip Engel, Oliver Benson