Thursday, November 15, 2012

1111.7309 (Chen Fang et al.)

Multi-Weyl Topological Semimetals Stabilized by Point Group Symmetry    [PDF]

Chen Fang, Matthew J. Gilbert, Xi Dai, B. Andrei Bernevig

1211.3139 (V. A. Slipko et al.)

Decay of Persistent Spin Helix due to the Spin Relaxation at Boundaries    [PDF]

V. A. Slipko, A. A. Hayeva, Y. V. Pershin

1211.3145 (Riccardo Messina et al.)

Tuning the local density of states in graphene-covered systems via
strong coupling with graphene plasmons

Riccardo Messina, Jean-Paul Hugonin, Jean-Jacques Greffet, Fran├žois Marquier, Yannick De Wilde, Ali Belarouci, Luc Frechette, Yvon Cordier, Philippe Ben-Abdallah

1211.3242 (S. Steinert et al.)

Magnetic spin imaging under ambient conditions with sub-cellular

S. Steinert, F. Ziem, L. Hall, A. Zappe, M. Schweikert, A. Aird, G. Balasubramanian, L. Hollenberg, J. Wrachtrup

1211.3243 (A. Chiesa et al.)

Many-body models for molecular nanomagnets    [PDF]

A. Chiesa, S. Carretta, P. Santini, G. Amoretti, E. Pavarini

1211.3276 (N. Locatelli et al.)

Reversal process of a magnetic vortex core under the combined action of
a perpendicular field and spin transfer torque

N. Locatelli, A. E. Ekomasov, A. V. Khvalkovskiy, Sh. A. Azamatov, K. A. Zvezdin, J. Grollier, E. G. Ekomasov, V. Cros

1211.3329 (Benedikt Scharf et al.)

Effects of optical and surface polar phonons on the optical conductivity
of doped graphene

Benedikt Scharf, Vasili Perebeinos, Jaroslav Fabian, Phaedon Avouris

1211.3369 (E. Kogan)

While calculating RKKY interaction in graphene no theorist should do a
cut-off without cause

E. Kogan