Friday, March 15, 2013

1101.3711 (I. G. Savenko et al.)

Density-matrix approach for an interacting polariton system    [PDF]

I. G. Savenko, E. B. Magnusson, I. A. Shelykh

1303.3283 (J. F. Nossa et al.)

Electric control of a $\{Fe_4\}$ single-molecule magnet in a
single-electron transistor

J. F. Nossa, M. Fhokrul Islam, C. M. Canali, M. R. Pederson

1303.3300 (Dheeraj Golla et al.)

Optical thickness determination of hexagonal Boron Nitride flakes    [PDF]

Dheeraj Golla, Kanokporn Chattrakun, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Brian J. LeRoy, Arvinder Sandhu

1303.3316 (Calvin J. Tabert et al.)

Valley-Spin-Polarization in the Magneto-Optical Response of Silicene and
Other Similar 2D Crystals

Calvin J. Tabert, Elisabeth J. Nicol

1303.3325 (Ching-Tzu Chen et al.)

Ultra-Low Damage High-Throughput Sputter Deposition on Graphene    [PDF]

Ching-Tzu Chen, Emanuele A. Casu, Martin Gajek, Simone Raoux

1303.3326 (Nina Eikenberg et al.)

Fabrication and Investigation of Nitrogen doped Ultra-Nano-Crystalline
Diamond Hall-bar Devices

Nina Eikenberg, Kumar Ganesan, Kin Kiong Lee, Mark T. Edmonds, Laurens H. Willems van Beveren, Steven Prawer

1303.3352 (Wade Naylor)

Vacuum excited SPPs    [PDF]

Wade Naylor

1303.3383 (Wijnand Broer et al.)

Significance of the Casimir force and surface roughness for actuation
dynamics of MEMS

Wijnand Broer, George Palasantzas, Jasper Knoester, Vitaly B. Svetovoy

1303.3394 (Peter Rickhaus et al.)

Quantum Hall effect in graphene with superconducting electrodes    [PDF]

Peter Rickhaus, Markus Weiss, Laurent Marot, Christian Schönenberger

1303.3429 (J. Charles et al.)

Intrinsic Bistability In Quantum Point Contacts with in-plane Side Gates    [PDF]

J. Charles, M. Cahay, R. S. Newrock

1303.3433 (K. Bagani et al.)

Magnetic hysteresis loop as a probe to distinguish single layer from
many layer graphitic structure

K. Bagani, B. Ghosh, M. K. Ray, N. Gayathri, M. Sardar, S. Banerjee

1303.3435 (M. Glässl et al.)

Proposed robust and high-fidelity preparation of excitons and biexcitons
in semiconductor quantum dots making active use of phonons

M. Glässl, A. M. Barth, V. M. Axt

1303.3447 (A. A. Gangat)

In-situ monitoring and control of mechanical wavefunction collapse: an
optomechanical scheme

A. A. Gangat

1303.3476 (Y. P. Kalmykov et al.)

Magnetization reversal in the presence of thermal agitation and
spin-transfer torques

Y. P. Kalmykov, W. T. Coffey, S. V. Titov, J. E. Wegrowe, D. Byrne

1303.3486 (P. M. Shmakov et al.)

Aharonov-Bohm conductance of a disordered single-channel quantum ring    [PDF]

P. M. Shmakov, A. P. Dmitriev, V. Yu. Kachorovskii

1303.3488 (Ioannis Kleftogiannis et al.)

Edge states versus diffusion in disordered graphene flakes    [PDF]

Ioannis Kleftogiannis, Ilias Amanatidis

1303.3490 (Andrew J. Skinner)

Transmon-phonon coupling of plasma oscillations and lattice vibrations    [PDF]

Andrew J. Skinner

1303.3492 (Nicholas J. Harmon et al.)

Including fringe fields from a nearby ferromagnet in a percolation
theory of organic magnetoresistance

Nicholas J. Harmon, Ferran Macià, Fujian Wang, Markus Wohlgenannt, Andrew D. Kent, Michael E. Flatté

1303.3501 (N. Barros et al.)

Microwave-assisted switching of a nanomagnet: analytical determination
of the optimal microwave field

N. Barros, H. Rassam, H. Kachkachi

1303.3505 (Stefanie Weiler et al.)

Post-selected indistinguishable single-photon emission from the Mollow
triplet sidebands of a resonantly excited quantum dot

Stefanie Weiler, Daniel Stojanovic, Sven M. Ulrich, Michael Jetter, Peter Michler

1303.3507 (Martin Leijnse et al.)

Coupling spin qubits via superconductors    [PDF]

Martin Leijnse, Karsten Flensberg

1303.3509 (Romain Fleury et al.)

Furtive Quantum Sensing Using Matter-Wave Cloaks    [PDF]

Romain Fleury, Andrea Alu

1303.3510 (Romain Fleury et al.)

Enhanced Super-Radiance in Epsilon-Near-Zero Plasmonic Channels    [PDF]

Romain Fleury, Andrea Alu

1303.3529 (Justin C. W. Song et al.)

Hall Drag and Magnetodrag in Graphene    [PDF]

Justin C. W. Song, Leonid S. Levitov

1303.3544 (F. Buccheri et al.)

Relative Phase and Josephson Dynamics between Weakly Coupled Richardson

F. Buccheri, A. Trombettoni

1303.3558 (Erik Eriksson)

Spin-orbit interactions in a helical Luttinger liquid with a Kondo

Erik Eriksson

1303.3561 (Marinko Jablan)

Electrodynamic properties of graphene and their technological

Marinko Jablan