Friday, November 16, 2012

1010.0908 (S. R. Power et al.)

Electronic structure of graphene beyond the linear dispersion regime    [PDF]

S. R. Power, M. S. Ferreira

1010.5248 (Chung-Hou Chung)

Nonequilibrium finite-frequency noise of a resonance-level quantum dot
close to a dissipative quantum phase transition: Functional Renormalization
Group approaches

Chung-Hou Chung

1211.3446 (Liron Korkidi et al.)

Analysis of dislocations in quasicrystals composed of self-assembled

Liron Korkidi, Kobi Barkan, Ron Lifshitz

1211.3486 (Kun-Rok Jeon et al.)

Electrical Investigation of the Oblique Hanle Effect in
Ferromagnet/Oxide/Semiconductor Contacts

Kun-Rok Jeon, Byoung-Chul Min, Youn-Ho Park, Seung-Young Park, Sung-Chul Shin

1211.3495 (Zhi-Xin Guo et al.)

Absence of Dirac Electrons in Silicene on Ag (111) Surfaces    [PDF]

Zhi-Xin Guo, Shinnosuke Furuya, Jun-ichi Iwata, Atsushi Oshiyama

1211.3517 (Zhao-Dong Chu et al.)

The Coexistence of van Hove Singularities and Superlattice Dirac Points
in a Slightly Twisted Graphene Bilayer

Zhao-Dong Chu, Wen-Yu He, Lin He

1211.3523 (M. M. Vazifeh)

Weyl Semimetal from the Honeycomb Array of Topological Insulator

M. M. Vazifeh

1211.3528 (B. S. Kandemir et al.)

Zone-Boundary Phonon Induced Mini Band Gap Formation in Graphene    [PDF]

B. S. Kandemir, A. Mogulkoc

1211.3573 (S. M. Kukhtaruk)

THz response of nonequilibrium electrons of highly doped graphene on a
polar substrate

S. M. Kukhtaruk

1211.3597 (M. B. Kenmoe et al.)

Effects of colored noise on Landau-Zener Transitions: Two and
Three-Level Systems

M. B. Kenmoe, H. N. Phien, M. N. Kiselev, L. C. Fai

1211.3611 (Milena Filipovic et al.)

Spin transport and tunable Gilbert damping in a single-molecule magnet

Milena Filipovic, Cecilia Holmqvist, Federica Haupt, Wolfgang Belzig

1211.3629 (D. Svintsov et al.)

Voltage-controlled surface plasmon-polaritons in double graphene layer

D. Svintsov, V. Vyurkov, V. Ryzhii, T. Otsuji

1211.3633 (Junren Shi et al.)

Heat Superconductivity    [PDF]

Junren Shi, Zhengqian Cheng

1211.3672 (W. E. Chickering et al.)

Thermoelectric response of fractional quantized Hall and re-entrant
insulating states in the N=1 Landau level

W. E. Chickering, J. P. Eisenstein, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West