Wednesday, February 6, 2013

1302.0349 (Terry A. Loring)

Quantitative K-theory and spin Chern numbers    [PDF]

Terry A. Loring

1302.0855 (Akshay Kumar et al.)

Flat bands with Berry curvature in multilayer graphene    [PDF]

Akshay Kumar, Rahul Nandkishore

1302.0945 (Nojoon Myoung et al.)

Dirac fermion tunneling current through thin MoS$_{2}$ insulating
barriers: Novel utilities of graphene heterostructures

Nojoon Myoung, Kyungchul Seo, Seung Joo Lee, Gukhyung Ihm

1302.0967 (Leonardo C. Campos et al.)

ZnO UV photodetector with controllable quality factor and

Leonardo C. Campos, Marcos H. D. Guimaraes, Alem-Mar B. Goncalves, Sergio de Oliveira, Rodrigo G. Lacerda

1302.0983 (C. H. Yang et al.)

Spin-valley lifetimes in a silicon quantum dot with tunable valley

C. H. Yang, A. Rossi, R. Ruskov, N. S. Lai, F. A. Mohiyaddin, S. Lee, C. Tahan, G. Klimeck, A. Morello, A. S. Dzurak

1302.0993 (Guang-Xin Ni et al.)

Graphene-Ferroelectric Hybrid Structure for Flexible Transparent

Guang-Xin Ni, Yi Zheng, Sukang Bae, Chin Yaw Tan, Orhan Kahya, Jing Wu, Byung Hee Hong, Kui Yao, Barbaros Özyilmaz

1302.1003 (Yuta Sasaki et al.)

Reflection and refraction process of spinwave in a
ferromagnet/frustrated ferromagnet junction system

Yuta Sasaki, Hiroaki T. Ueda

1302.1041 (Dimpy Sharma et al.)

Transport properties and electrical device characteristics with the
TiMeS computational platform: application in silicon nanowires

Dimpy Sharma, Lida Ansari, Baruch Feldman, Marios Iakovidis, James Greer, Giorgos Fagas

1302.1057 (Dominik Bischoff et al.)

Reactive-Ion-Etched Graphene Nanoribbons on a Hexagonal Boron Nitride

Dominik Bischoff, Tobias Krähenmann, Susanne Dröscher, Michelle A. Gruner, Clément Barraud, Thomas Ihn, Klaus Ensslin

1302.1063 (B. Basu et al.)

Inertial effect on spin orbit coupling and spin transport    [PDF]

B. Basu, Debashree Chowdhury

1302.1106 (H. Soller)

FCS of superconducting tunnel junctions in non-equilibrium    [PDF]

H. Soller

1302.1140 (Daniel Platz et al.)

Interpreting motion and force for narrow-band intermodulation atomic
force microscopy

Daniel Platz, Daniel Forchheimer, Erik A. Tholén, David B. Haviland

1302.1144 (O. I. Arillo-Flores et al.)

Magnetic, electronic and vibrational properties of metal and fluorinated
metal phthalocyanines

O. I. Arillo-Flores, M. M. Fadlallah, C. Schuster, U. Eckern, A. H. Romero

1302.1151 (C. Gorini et al.)

Theory of scanning gate microscopy    [PDF]

C. Gorini, R. A. Jalabert, W. Szewc, S. Tomsovic, D. Weinmann

1302.1181 (Jianqing Qi et al.)

Unified model for conductance through DNA with the Landauer-Buttiker

Jianqing Qi, Neranjan Edirisinghe, M. Golam Rabbani, M. P. Anantram

1302.1188 (A. I. Volokitin et al.)

Tailoring the thermal Casimir forces in graphene systems: effect of
electric current

A. I. Volokitin, B. N. J. Persson