Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1201.3054 (Jiuning Hu et al.)

Existence of negative differential thermal conductance in
one-dimensional diffusive thermal transport

Jiuning Hu, Yong P. Chen

1212.6369 (S. Ajisaka et al.)

Current in coherent quantum systems connected to mesoscopic Fermi

S. Ajisaka, F. Barra, C. Mejia-Monasterio, T. Prosen

1212.6376 (G. Y. Wu et al.)

The VOI-Based Valleytronics    [PDF]

G. Y. Wu, N. -Y. Lue, Y. -C. Chen

1212.6387 (Thomas Wunderlich et al.)

Modified Li chains as atomic switches    [PDF]

Thomas Wunderlich, Berna Akgenc, Ulrich Eckern, Cosima Schuster, Udo Schwingenschlögl

1212.6396 (Martin Frimmer et al.)

Spontaneous Emission Control in a Tunable Hybrid Photonic System    [PDF]

Martin Frimmer, A. Femius Koenderink

1212.6397 (D. N. Krizhanovskii et al.)

Effect of polariton-polariton interactions on the excitation spectrum of
a non-equilibrium condensate in a periodic potential

D. N. Krizhanovskii, E. A. Cerda, S. S. Gavrilov, D. Sarkar, K. Guda, R. Bradley, P. V. Santos, R. Hey, K. Biermann, M. Sich, F. Fras, M. S. Skolnick

1212.6438 (Yevgeny V. Stadnik et al.)

Interacting spin-droplets and magnetic properties of a low-density
two-dimensional electron gas

Yevgeny V. Stadnik, Oleg P. Sushkov

1212.6441 (Yue Ma et al.)

Direct Imaging of Quantum Spin Hall Edge States in HgTe Quantum Well    [PDF]

Yue Ma, Worasom Kundhikanjana, Jing Wang, M. Reyes Calvo, Biao Lian, Yongliang Yang, Keji Lai, Matthias Baenninger, Markus König, Christopher Ames, Christoph Brüne, Hartmut Buhmann, Philip Leubner, Qiaochu Tang, Kun Zhang, Xinxin Li, Laurens W. Molenkamp, Shou-Cheng Zhang, David Goldhaber-Gordon, Michael A. Kelly, Zhi-Xun Shen

1212.6443 (José Avila et al.)

Interferometer-controlled soft X-ray scanning photoemission microscope

José Avila, Ivy Razado-Colambo, Stephane Lorcy, Jean-Luc Giorgetta, François Polack, María C. Asensio

1212.6464 (S. X. Zhang et al.)

Magneto-resistance up to 60 Tesla in Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 Thin

S. X. Zhang, R. D. McDonald, A. Shekhter, Z. X. Bi, Y. Li, Q. X. Jia, S. T. Picraux

1212.6514 (Prasun Ganguly et al.)

Electrically modulated photoluminescence in ferroelectric liquid crystal    [PDF]

Prasun Ganguly, T. Joshi, S. Singh, D. Haranath, A. M. Biradar

1212.6568 (Stefano Roddaro et al.)

Coherent edge mixing and interferometry in quantum Hall bilayers    [PDF]

Stefano Roddaro, Luca Chirolli, Fabio Taddei, Marco Polini, Vittorio Giovannetti

1212.6585 (Artur R. Davoyan et al.)

Nonreciprocal rotating power flow within plasmonic nanostructures    [PDF]

Artur R. Davoyan, Nader Engheta

1212.6620 (V. V. Pavlov et al.)

Amplification of the photocurrent in SiO2(Co)/GaAs heterostructure
induced by magnetic field in the avalanche regime

V. V. Pavlov, L. V. Lutsev, P. A. Usachev, A. A. Astretsov, A. I. Stognij, N. N. Novitskii, R. V. Pisarev

1212.6647 (G. J. Shu et al.)

Spontaneous parity symmetry breaking of pi-bonds in 2D: describing
topological insulators in real space

G. J. Shu, F. C. Chou

1212.6653 (Brian Skinner et al.)

Theory of the random potential at the surface of a topological insulator    [PDF]

Brian Skinner, B. I. Shklovskii

1212.6684 (Charles L. Fefferman et al.)

Waves in Honeycomb Structures    [PDF]

Charles L. Fefferman, Michael I. Weinstein

1212.6754 (Stefanie Thiem et al.)

Similarity of eigenstates in generalized labyrinth tilings    [PDF]

Stefanie Thiem, Michael Schreiber

1212.6759 (Justin C. W. Song et al.)

Interaction-Assisted Gap Opening in Moiré Graphene Superlattices    [PDF]

Justin C. W. Song, Andrey V. Shytov, Leonid S. Levitov

1212.6772 (Hari P. Paudel et al.)

A 3D topological insulator quantum dot    [PDF]

Hari P. Paudel, Michael N. Leuenberger

1212.6796 (X. Zhang et al.)

Shear and Layer Breathing Modes in Multilayer MoS2    [PDF]

X. Zhang, W. P. Han, J. B. Wu, S. Milana, Y. Lu, Q. Q. Li, A. C. Ferrari, P. H. Tan

1212.6835 (Kwaku Eason et al.)

Effects of lateral device size and material properties on the
ferromagnetic resonance response of spinwave eigen-modes in magnetic devices

Kwaku Eason, Maria Sabino, Michael Tran, Yun Fook Liew

1212.6924 (A. A. Vyshnevyy et al.)

Two-particle entanglement in capacitively coupled Mach-Zehnder

A. A. Vyshnevyy, A. V. Lebedev, G. B. Lesovik, G. Blatter

1212.6926 (P. D. Grigoriev)

Longitudinal interlayer magnetoresistance in quasi-2D metals    [PDF]

P. D. Grigoriev

1212.6941 (Galan Moody et al.)

Correlation and dephasing effects on the non-radiative coherence between
bright excitons in an InAs QD ensemble measured with 2D spectroscopy

Galan Moody, Rohan Singh, Hebin Li, Ilya A. Akimov, Manfred Bayer, Dirk Reuter, Andreas D. Wieck, Steven T. Cundiff

1212.6951 (Hong-Hao Tu et al.)

Momentum polarization: an entanglement measure of topological spin and
chiral central charge

Hong-Hao Tu, Yi Zhang, Xiao-Liang Qi

1212.6953 (M. Gullans et al.)

Preparation of Non-equilibrium Nuclear Spin States in Double Quantum

M. Gullans, J. J. Krich, J. M. Taylor, B. I. Halperin, M. D. Lukin

1212.6965 (Yifei Shi et al.)

Full counting statistics and the Edgeworth series for matrix product

Yifei Shi, Israel Klich