Monday, July 1, 2013

1201.0182 (A. V. Stier et al.)

Terahertz dynamics of a topologically protected state: quantum Hall
effect plateaus near cyclotron resonance in a GaAs/AlGaAs heterojunction

A. V. Stier, C. T. Ellis, H. Zhang, D. Eason, G. Strasser, B. D. McCombe T. Morimoto, H. Aoki, J. Cerne

1306.6639 (Ruoyu Chen et al.)

Electron heating in atomic-scale Au break junctions    [PDF]

Ruoyu Chen, Patrick J. Wheeler, M. Di Ventra, D. Natelson

1306.6662 (Manuel Steinbrecher et al.)

Finding the Rashba-type spin-splitting from interband scattering in
quasiparticle interference maps

Manuel Steinbrecher, Hasmik Harutyunyan, Christian R. Ast, Daniel Wegner

1306.6665 (J. E. Barrios-Vargas et al.)

Electron localization in disordered graphene: multifractal properties of
the wavefunctions

J. E. Barrios-Vargas, Gerardo G. Naumis

1306.6666 (Jian Huang et al.)

Characteristic Sign Change of the Magnetoresistance of Strongly
Correlated GaAs Two-dimensional Holes

Jian Huang, L. N. Pfeiffer, K. W. West

1306.6689 (Toshiyuki Kobayashi et al.)

Transmission-phase measurement of the 0.7 anomaly in a quantum point

Toshiyuki Kobayashi, Shoei Tsuruta, Satoshi Sasaki, Hiroyuki Tamura, Tatsushi Akazaki

1306.6691 (Zhi-Cheng Yang et al.)

Spin-current Seebeck effect in quantum dot systems    [PDF]

Zhi-Cheng Yang, Qing-Feng Sun, X. C. Xie

1306.6711 (K. Ostrikov et al.)

Plasma Nanoscience: from Nano-Solids in Plasmas to Nano-Plasmas in

K. Ostrikov, E. C. Neyts, M. Meyyappan

1306.6748 (Hai-Zhou Lu et al.)

Quantum Transport in Magnetic Topological Insulator Thin Films    [PDF]

Hai-Zhou Lu, An Zhao, Shun-Qing Shen

1306.6751 (Shijun Zhao et al.)

Gas adsorption on MoS2 monolayer from first-principles calculations    [PDF]

Shijun Zhao, Jianming Xue, Wei Kang

1306.6771 (I. V. Bobkova et al.)

In-plane FFLO instability in superconductor-normal metal bilayer system
under non-equilibrium quasiparticle distribution

I. V. Bobkova, A. M. Bobkov

1306.6780 (Abhishek Singh et al.)

Improved Efficiency of Photoconductive THz Emitters by Increasing the
Effective Contact Length of Electrodes

Abhishek Singh, Harshad Surdi, V. V. Nikesh, S. S. Prabhu, G. H. Döhler

1306.6787 (K. V. Kavokin et al.)

Dynamical polarization of nuclear spins by acceptor-bound holes in a
zinc blende semiconductor

K. V. Kavokin, A. V. Koudinov

1306.6797 (Marc Peter Westig et al.)

Improved Nb SIS devices for heterodyne mixers between 700 GHz and 1.3
THz with NbTiN striplines using a normal metal energy relaxation layer

Marc Peter Westig, Stefan Selig, Karl Jacobs, Teun M. Klapwijk, Netty Honingh

1306.6803 (M. Tymchenko et al.)

Giant Faraday rotation due to excitation of magnetoplasmons in graphene

M. Tymchenko, A. Yu. Nikitin, L. Martin-Moreno

1306.6806 (Petru Tighineanu et al.)

Decay dynamics and exciton localization in large GaAs quantum dots grown
by droplet epitaxy

Petru Tighineanu, Raphaël Daveau, Eun Hye Lee, Jin Dong Song, Søren Stobbe, Peter Lodahl

1306.6824 (A. Raoux et al.)

From dia- to paramagnetic orbital susceptibility of Dirac cones    [PDF]

A. Raoux, M. Morigi, J. N. Fuchs, F. Piéchon, G. Montambaux

1306.6831 (Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz et al.)

Spin-flip transitions and departure from the Rashba model in the Au(111)

Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz, Aitor Bergara, Evgeny Ya. Sherman, Asier Eiguren

1306.6869 (Gilbert Reinisch et al.)

Coherent Nonlinear Quantum Model for Composite Fermions    [PDF]

Gilbert Reinisch, Vidar Gudmundsson, Andrei Manolescu

1306.6875 (Guang Yang et al.)

Influence of device geometry on tunneling in $ν=5/2$ quantum Hall

Guang Yang, D. E. Feldman

1306.6940 (David A. Deen et al.)

Graphene-based quantum capacitance wireless vapor sensors    [PDF]

David A. Deen, Eric J. Olson, Mona A. Ebrish, Steven J. Koester