Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6869 (Gilbert Reinisch et al.)

Coherent Nonlinear Quantum Model for Composite Fermions    [PDF]

Gilbert Reinisch, Vidar Gudmundsson, Andrei Manolescu
Originally proposed by Read [1] and Jain [2], the so-called "composite-fermion" is a phenomenological attachment of two infinitely thin local flux quanta seen as nonlocal vortices to two-dimensional (2D) electrons embedded in a strong orthogonal magnetic field. In this letter, it is described as a highly-nonlinear and coherent mean-field quantum process of the soliton type by use of a 2D stationary Schroedinger-Poisson differential model with only two Coulomb-interacting electrons. At filling factor $\nu={1}{3}$ of the lowest Landau level, it agrees with both the exact two-electron antisymmetric Schroedinger wave function and Laughlin's Jastrow-type guess for the fractional quantum Hall effect, hence providing this later with a tentative physical justification based on first principles.
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