Monday, July 1, 2013

1306.6940 (David A. Deen et al.)

Graphene-based quantum capacitance wireless vapor sensors    [PDF]

David A. Deen, Eric J. Olson, Mona A. Ebrish, Steven J. Koester
A wireless vapor sensor based upon the quantum capacitance effect in graphene is demonstrated. The sensor consists of a metal-oxide-graphene variable capacitor (varactor) coupled to an inductor, creating a resonant oscillator circuit. The resonant frequency is found to shift in proportion to water vapor concentration for relative humidity (RH) values ranging from 1% to 97% with a linear frequency shift of 5.7 +- 0.3 kHz / RH%. The capacitance values extracted from the wireless measurements agree with those determined from capacitance-voltage measurements, providing strong evidence that the sensing arises from the variable quantum capacitance in graphene. These results represent a new sensor transduction mechanism and pave the way for graphene quantum capacitance sensors to be studied for a wide range of chemical and biological sensing applications.
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