Friday, February 22, 2013

1302.5107 (G. L. Klimchitskaya et al.)

Van der Waals and Casimir interactions between two graphene sheets    [PDF]

G. L. Klimchitskaya, V. M. Mostepanenko

1302.5113 (Rahul Nandkishore et al.)

Superconductivity of disordered Dirac fermions    [PDF]

Rahul Nandkishore, Joseph Maciejko, David A. Huse, S. L. Sondhi

1302.5123 (Vladimir V. Arsoski et al.)

Strain and band-mixing effects on the excitonic Aharonov-Bohm effect in
In(Ga)As/GaAs ringlike quantum dots

Vladimir V. Arsoski, Milan Ž. Tadić, François M. Peeters

1302.5147 (J. P. Groen et al.)

Partial-measurement back-action and non-classical weak values in a
superconducting circuit

J. P. Groen, D. Ristè, L. Tornberg, J. Cramer, P. C. de Groot, T. Picot, G. Johansson, L. DiCarlo

1302.5157 (Dongwei Xu et al.)

Stacking and electric field effects on the electronic properties of the
layered GaN

Dongwei Xu, Haiying He, Ravindra Pandey, Shashi P. Karna

1302.5185 (E. S. Tikhonov et al.)

Shot noise and a finite-size effect in a variable range hopping

E. S. Tikhonov, V. S. Khrapai, D. V. Shovkun, D. Schuh

1302.5190 (Chuanle Zhou et al.)

Driving Perpendicular Heat Flow: Ambipolar Transverse Thermoelectrics
for Microscale and Cryogenic Peltier Cooling

Chuanle Zhou, S. Birner, Yang Tang, K. Heinselman, M. Grayson

1302.5203 (X. -D. Chen et al.)

Vector magnetic field sensing by single nitrogen vacancy center in

X. -D. Chen, F. -W. Sun, C. -L. Zou, J. -M. Cui, L. -M. Zhou, G. -C. Guo

1302.5207 (O. Cretu et al.)

Electrical conductivity measured in atomic carbon chains    [PDF]

O. Cretu, A. R. Botello-Mendez, I. Janowska, C. Pham-Huu, J. -C. Charlier, F. Banhart

1302.5218 (Pilkyung Moon et al.)

Optical Absorption in Twisted Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Pilkyung Moon, Mikito Koshino

1302.5242 (P. Lucignano et al.)

Topological rf-SQUID with a frustrating pi-junction for probing the
Majorana Bound State

P. Lucignano, F. Tafuri, A. Tagliacozzo

1302.5243 (Bartosz Slomski et al.)

Tuning of the Rashba effect in Pb quantum well states via a variable
Schottky barrier

Bartosz Slomski, Gabriel Landolt, Gustav Bihlmayer, Jürg Osterwalder, J. Hugo Dil

1302.5286 (Giacomo Dolcetto et al.)

Generating and controlling spin-polarized currents induced by a quantum
spin Hall antidot

Giacomo Dolcetto, Fabio Cavaliere, Dario Ferraro, Maura Sassetti

1302.5318 (Christophe Caillier et al.)

Chemical species generated by high-vacuum ion gauges cause strong doping
of graphene

Christophe Caillier, Dong-Keun Ki, Yuliya Lisunova, Iaroslav Gaponenko, Patrycja Paruch, Alberto F. Morpurgo

1302.5355 (Michał Gawełczyk et al.)

Optical initialization of hole spins in p-doped quantum dots:
orientation efficiency and loss of coherence

Michał Gawełczyk, Paweł Machnikowski

1302.5368 (S. Parui et al.)

Hot electron attenuation of direct and scattered carriers across an
epitaxial Schottky interface

S. Parui, P. S. Klandermans, S. Venkatesan, C. Scheu, T. Banerjee

1302.5379 (Luiz F. C. Pereira et al.)

Electronic transport on carbon nanotube networks: a multiscale
computational approach

Luiz F. C. Pereira, M. S. Ferreira

1302.5380 (Tero J. Isotalo et al.)

Statistical Characterization of Self-Assembled Colloidal Crystals by
Single-Step Vertical Deposition

Tero J. Isotalo, Yao-Lan Tian, Mikko P. Konttinen, Ilari J. Maasilta

1302.5385 (Dagoberto S. Freitas et al.)

Stochastic coupling in two modes systems: the weak-strong coupling

Dagoberto S. Freitas, M. C. Nemes

1302.5404 (S. Parui et al.)

Bias dependent features in spin transport as a probe of the conduction
band minima in Si

S. Parui, K. G. Rana, T. Banerjee