Friday, October 5, 2012

1210.1129 (Amin Aghaei et al.)

First-Order Influence of External Load on the Transverse Acoustic Phonon
Frequencies of Single-Walled Nanotubes

Amin Aghaei, Kaushik Dayal, Ryan S. Elliott

1210.1212 (Brian Skinner et al.)

Giant capacitance of a plane capacitor with a two-dimensional electron
gas in a magnetic field

Brian Skinner, B. I. Shklovskii

1210.1247 (Sonia Buckley et al.)

Quasiresonant Excitation of InP/InGaP Quantum Dots Using Second Harmonic
Generated in a Photonic Crystal Cavity

Sonia Buckley, Kelley Rivoire, Fariba Hatami, Jelena Vuckovic

1210.1254 (A. A. Maznev et al.)

Lifetime of sub-THz coherent acoustic phonons in a GaAs-AlAs

A. A. Maznev, Felix Hofmann, Adam Jandl, Keivan Esfarjani, Mayank T. Bulsara, Eugene A. Fitzgerald, Gang Chen, Keith A. Nelson

1210.1358 (Thomas Nattermann)

A model for elasticity and pinning of domain walls in helical magnets    [PDF]

Thomas Nattermann

1210.1368 (H. Ness et al.)

Non-equilibrium transport with self-consistent renormalised contacts for
a single-molecule nanodevice with electron-vibron interaction

H. Ness, L. K. Dash

1210.1372 (H. Ness et al.)

Non-equilibrium renormalised contacts for transport in nanodevices with
interaction: a quasi-particle approach

H. Ness, L. K. Dash

1210.1377 (Tetsufumi Tanamoto et al.)

Effects of interface resistance asymmetry on local and non-local
magnetoresistance structures

Tetsufumi Tanamoto, Hideyuki Sugiyama, Tomoaki Inokuchi, Mizue Ishikawa, Yoshiaki Saito

1210.1420 (M. Glässl et al.)

Biexciton state preparation in a quantum dot via adiabatic rapid
passage: comparison between two control protocols and impact of
phonon-induced dephasing

M. Glässl, A. Barth, K. Gawarecki, P. Machnikowski, M. D. Croitoru, S. Lüker, D. E. Reiter, T. Kuhn, V. M. Axt

1210.1430 (Oscar Y. Fajardo et al.)

Surface defects and temperature on atomic friction    [PDF]

Oscar Y. Fajardo, J. J. Mazo

1210.1440 (M. N. Wilson et al.)

Extended elliptic skyrmion gratings in epitaxial MnSi thin films    [PDF]

M. N. Wilson, E. A. Karhu, A. S. Quigley, U. K. Rößler, A. B. Butenko, A. N. Bogdanov, M. D. Robertson, T. L. Monchesky

1210.1443 (M. Loretz et al.)

Radio-frequency magnetometry using a single electron spin    [PDF]

M. Loretz, T. Rosskopf, C. L. Degen

1210.1467 (E. Papp et al.)

Revisiting the derivation of spin precession effects in quasi
one-dimensional quantum wire models

E. Papp, C. Micu

1210.1493 (Yuri D. Glinka et al.)

Effect of Monolayer Thickness Fluctuations on Coherent Exciton Coupling
in Single Quantum Wells

Yuri D. Glinka, Zheng Sun, Mikhail Erementchouk, Michael N. Leuenberger, Alan D. Bristow, Steven T. Cundiff, Allan S. Bracker, Xiaoqin Li

1210.1509 (N. A. Pike et al.)

Plasmonic Waves on a Chain of Metallic Nanoparticles: Effects of a
Liquid Crystalline Host or an Applied Magnetic Field

N. A. Pike, D. Stroud

1210.1538 (A. A. Kyasov et al.)

Impact of Rotation on the Interaction of a Small Dipole Particle with
Dielectric Surface

A. A. Kyasov, G. V. Dedkov

1210.1545 (U. Patel et al.)

Coherent Josephson phase qubit with a single crystal silicon capacitor    [PDF]

U. Patel, Y. Gao, D. Hover, G. J. Ribeill, S. Sendelbach, R. McDermott

1210.1551 (J. M. Campbell et al.)

Feedback-controlled electromigration for the fabrication of point

J. M. Campbell, R. G. Knobel