Friday, July 5, 2013

1307.1283 (Jian-Hui Yuan et al.)

Electronic transport in ferromagnetic barriers on the surface of a
topological insulator with $δ$ doping

Jian-Hui Yuan, Yan Zhang, Daizheng Huang, Qinhu Zhong, Xin Zhang
We investigate electron transporting through a two-dimensional ferromagnetic/normal/ferromagnetic tunnel junction on the surface of a three-dimensional topological insulator with taking into $\delta$ doping account. It is found that the conductance oscillates with the Fermi energy, the position and the aptitude of the $\delta$ doping. Also the conductance depends sensitively on the direction of the magnetization of the two ferromagnets, which originate from the control of the spin flow due to spin-momentum locked. It is found that the conductance is the maximum at the parallel configuration while it is minimum at the antiparallel configuration and vice versa, which may stem from the half wave loss due to the electron wave entering through the antiparallel configuration. These characters are very helpful for making new types of magnetoresistance devices due to the practical applications.
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