Wednesday, July 31, 2013

1307.7961 (Meydi Ferrier et al.)

Phase dependent Andreev spectrum in a difusive SNS junction. Static and
dynamic current response

Meydi Ferrier, Bastien Dassonneville, Sophie Gueron, Helene Bouchiat
A long phase coherent normal (N) wire between superconductors (S) is characterized by a dense phase dependent Andreev spectrum. We investigate the current response of Andreev states of an NS ring to a time dependent Aharonov Bohm flux superimposed to a dc one. The ring is modeled with a tight binding Hamiltonian including a superconducting region with a BCS coupling between electron and hole states, in contact with a normal region with on site disorder. Both dc and ac currents are determined from the computed eigenstates and energies using a Kubo formula approach. Beside the well known Josephson current we identify different contributions to the ac response. A low frequency one related to the dynamics of the thermal occupations of the Andreev states and a higher frequency one related to microwave induced transitions between levels. Both are characterized by strongly anharmonic phase dependencies which are nearly opposite to one another. Our findings are successfully compared to the results of recent experiments.
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