Friday, June 28, 2013

1306.6400 (Mohammad Sabaeian et al.)

Size-dependent intersubband optical properties of dome-shaped InAs/GaAs
quantum dots with wetting layer

Mohammad Sabaeian, Ali Khaledi-Nasab
In this work, the effect of size and wetting layer on subband electronic envelop functions, eigenenergies, linear and nonlinear absorption coefficients and refractive indices of a dome-shaped InAs/GaAs quantum dot were investigated. In our model, a dome of InAs quantum dot with its wetting layer embedded in a GaAs matrix was considered. A finite height barrier potential at the InAs/GaAs interface was assumed. To calculate envelop functions and eigenenergies, the effective one electronic band Hamiltonian and electron effective mass approximation were used. The linear and nonlinear optical properties were calculated by the density matrix formalism.
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