Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0726 (Bruno Rizzo et al.)

Transport phenomena in helical edge states interferometers. A Green's
function approach

Bruno Rizzo, Liliana Arrachea, Michael Moskalets
We analyze the current and the shot-noise of an electron interferometer made of the helical edge states of a two-dimensional topological insulator within the framework of non-equilibrium Green's functions formalism. We study in detail setups with a single and with two quantum point contacts inducing scattering between the different edge states. We consider processes preserving the spin as well as the effect of spin-flip scattering. In the case of a single quantum point contact, a simple test based on the shot-noise measurement is proposed to quantify the strength of the spin-flip scattering. In the case of two single point contacts with the additional ingredient of gate voltages applied within a finite-size region at the top and bottom edges of the sample, we identify two type of interference processes in the behavior of the currents and the noise. One of such processes is analogous to that taking place in a Fabry-P\'errot interferometer, while the second one corresponds to a configuration similar to a Mach-Zehnder interferometer. In the helical interferometer these two processes compete.
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