Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0941 (Yu Song et al.)

Generation of quasi one-valley current in bulk graphene    [PDF]

Yu Song, Feng Zhai
The generation of charge current completely from one of the two valleys (one-valley current, OVC, for short) in \emph{bulk} graphene is a fundamental goal in graphene valleytronics. We propose a workable scheme by filtering unpolarized current through a strained graphene modulated by a finite magnetic superlattice. In a certain Fermi energy window, the periodic structure and the strain induce a coexistence of the transmission gap of one valley and the resonant band of the other, leading to a substantial and bulk quasi OVC from the latter valley. Due to such generation mechanism, the bulk quasi OVC survives in a wide range of edge orientation and temperature, and can be effectively tuned by the structural parameters. A valley-resolved Hall measurement configuration is also designed to measure the valley polarization degree of the filtered current.
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