Thursday, July 4, 2013

1307.0946 (Bing Dong et al.)

Full counting statistics of a single-molecular quantum dot    [PDF]

Bing Dong, G. H. Ding, X. L. Lei
We investigate the full counting statistics of a single quantum dot strongly coupled to a local phonon and weakly tunnel-connected to two metallic electrodes. By employing the generalized nonequilibrium Green function method and the Lang-Firsov transformation, we derive an explicit analytical formula for the cumulant generating function, which makes one to be able to identify distinctly the elastic and inelastic contributions to the current and zero-frequency shot noise. We find that at zero temperature, the inelastic effect causes upward steps in the current and downward jumps in the noise at the bias voltages corresponding to the opening of the inelastic channels, which are ascribed to the vibration-induced complex dependences of electronic self-energies on the energy and bias voltage. More interestingly, the Fano factor exhibits oscillatory behavior with increasing bias voltage and its minimum value is observed to be smaller than one half.
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