Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2495 (Vera Gramich et al.)

From Coulomb-blockade to nonlinear quantum resonances in a hybrid
superconducting circuit

Vera Gramich, Björn Kubala, Selina Rohrer, Joachim Ankerhold
Motivated by recent experiments on superconducting hybrid circuits consisting of a voltage biased Josephson junction in series with a resonator, the quantum-classical crossover in a nonlinear system far from equilibrium is investigated. This implies the transition from weak photon-charge correlations to a regime of strongly coupled sub-units with only one dynamical degree of freedom. It is shown how the charge flow can be monitored by detecting photon correlations and the nonlinear dynamics of the cavity by detecting charge fluctuations. Higher order resonances are discussed as well and provide new avenues for future experiments.
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