Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2525 (V. P. Adiga et al.)

Simultaneous Electrical and Optical Readout of Graphene-Coated High Q
Silicon Nitride Resonators

V. P. Adiga, R. De Alba, I. R. Storch, P. A. Yu, B. Ilic, R. A. Barton, S. Lee, J. Hone, P. L. McEuen, J. M. Parpia, H. G. Craighead
We have fabricated and tested mechanical resonators consisting of a single-atomic-layer of graphene deposited on suspended silicon nitride membranes. With the addition of the graphene layer we retain the desirable mechanical properties of silicon nitride but utilize the electrical and optical properties of graphene to transduce resonant motion by both optical and electrical means. By positioning the graphene-on-silicon-nitride drums in a tunable optical cavity we observe position dependent damping and resonant frequency control of the devices due to optical absorption by graphene.
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