Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2359 (A. Bhushan et al.)

Effects of DC voltage on initiation of whirling motion of nanowire

A. Bhushan, M. M. Inamdar, D. N. Pawaskar
In-plane driven nanowire oscillators are susceptible to undergoing planar to whirling motion transition due to coupling between flexural modes of vibration. This letter reports analytical modeling of initiation of whirling motion of an electrostatically actuated nanowire oscillator which is pre-deflected by applied DC voltage. A nonlinear coupled oscillator problem has been formulated and solved using second-order averaging method. Planar to whirling motion transition has been investigated by studying bifurcation diagrams. We have quantified the effect of DC voltage on nature of whirling dynamics of the nanowire oscillator.
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