Wednesday, July 10, 2013

1307.2318 (Shiro Kawabata et al.)

Efficient electron refrigeration using superconductor/spin-filter

Shiro Kawabata, Asier Ozaeta, Andrey S. Vasenko, Frank W. J. Hekking, F. Sebastian Bergeret
Efficient electron-refrigeration based on a normal-metal/spin-filter/superconductor junction is proposed and demonstrated theoretically. The spin-filtering effect leads to values of the cooling power much higher than in conventional normal-metal/nonmagnetic-insulator/superconductor coolers and allows for an efficient extraction of heat from the normal metal. We demonstrate that highly efficient cooling can be realized in both ballistic and diffusive multi-channel junctions in which the reduction of the electron temperature from 300 mK to around 50 mK can be achieved. Our results indicate the practical usefulness of spin-filters for efficiently cooling detectors, sensors, and quantum devices.
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