Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6634 (Kenta Kuroda et al.)

Experimental verification of the surface termination in the topological
insulator TlBiSe$_{2}$ using core-level photoelectron spectroscopy and
scanning tunneling microscopy

Kenta Kuroda, Mao Ye, Eike F. Schwier, Munisa Nurmamat, Kaito Shirai, Masashi Nakatake, Shigenori Ueda, Koji Miyamoto, Taichi Okuda, Hirofumi Namatame, Masaki Taniguchi, Yoshifumi Ueda, Akio Kimura
The surface termination of the promising topological insulator TlBiSe$_{2}$ has been studied by surface and bulk sensitive probes. Our scanning tunneling microscopy has unmasked for the first time the unusual surface morphology of TlBiSe$_{2}$ obtained by cleaving, where islands are formed by residual atoms on the cleaved plane. The chemical condition of these islands was identified using core-level spectroscopy. We observed thallium core-level spectra that are strongly deformed by a surface component in sharp contrast to the other elements. We propose a simple explanation for this behavior by assuming that the sample cleaving breaks the bonding between thallium and selenium atoms, leaving the thallium layer partially covering the selenium layer. These findings will assist the interpretation of future experimental and theoretical studies on this surface.
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