Friday, July 26, 2013

1307.6552 (H. Flayac et al.)

An all-optical spin selective quantum router with frequency elevation    [PDF]

H. Flayac, I. G. Savenko
We propose an all-optical nonlinear exciton-polariton implement utilizing a double barrier gate connected to two periodically modulated guides. An exploited semiconductor microcavity is driven nonresonantly in the middle of a two-barrier potential pattern, and thus a localized condensate forms on a discrete state that is energetically shifted on-demand subject to tuning the input intensity. A subsequent external coherent light beam is allowed to propagate along the frame provided that the condensate energy is resonant with a miniband of the guides or it is prone to be blocked if facing a gap. While a symmetric sample can serve as an optical switch, its asymmetric counterpart behaves as a router turned to be polarization selective under ancillary applied magnetic field. Furthermore, an output frequency may be boosted or reduced by virtue of the combined effect of nonlinear interactions and the passibility of the channel.
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