Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0249 (Yuri M. Brovman et al.)

Electric Field Effect Thermoelectric Transport in Individual Silicon and
Germanium/Silicon Nanowire

Yuri M. Brovman, Joshua P. Small, Yongjie Hu, Ying Fang, Charles M. Lieber, Philip Kim
We have simultaneously measured conductance and thermoelectric power (TEP) of individual silicon and germanium/silicon core/shell nanowires in the field effect transistor device configuration. As the applied gate voltage changes, the TEP shows distinctly different behaviors while the electrical conductance exhibits the turn-off, subthreshold, and saturation regimes respectively. At room temperature, peak TEP value of $\sim 300 \mu$V/K is observed in the subthreshold regime of the Si devices. The temperature dependence of the saturated TEP values are used to estimate the carrier doping of Si nanowires.
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