Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1307.0210 (A. Zazunov et al.)

Transport properties of the Coulomb-Majorana junction    [PDF]

A. Zazunov, A. Altland, R. Egger
We provide a comprehensive theoretical description of low-energy quantum transport for a Coulomb-Majorana junction, where several helical nanowires are coupled to a joint mesoscopic superconductor with finite charging energy. Including the Majorana bound states formed near the ends of superconducting wire parts, we derive and analyze the Keldysh phase action describing nonequilibrium charge transport properties of the junction. For not too large charging energy, the low-energy physics corresponds to a two-channel Kondo model with symmetry group SO(M). Transport observables, such as the conductance tensor or current noise correlations, display non-trivial temperature or voltage dependences reflecting non-Fermi liquid behavior.
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