Thursday, July 11, 2013

1307.2837 (V. M. García-Suárez et al.)

Impact of Fano and Breit-Wigner resonances in the thermoelectric
properties of nanoscale junctions

V. M. García-Suárez, R. Ferradás, J. Ferrer
We show that the thermoelectric properties of nanoscale junctions featuring states near the Fermi level strongly depend on the type of resonance generated by such states, which can be either Fano or Breit-Wigner-like. We give general expressions for the thermoelectric coefficients generated by the two types of resonances and calculate the thermoelectric properties of these systems, which encompass most nanoelectronics junctions. We include simulations of real junctions where metalloporphyrin molecules bridge gold electrodes and prove that for some metallic elements the thermoelectric properties show a large variability. We find that the thermopower and figure of merit are largely enhanced when the resonance gets close to the Fermi level and reach values much higher than typical values found in other nanoscale junctions. The specific value and temperature dependence are determined by a series of factors such as the strength of the coupling between the state and other molecular states, the symmetry of the state, the strength of the coupling between the molecule and the leads and the spin filtering behavior of the junction.
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